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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

South Asia Courses, Spring 2010

The courses on South Asia offered for the Spring Semester, 2010 at the U of MN are listed below. They are arranged by level.

South Asia Courses

Freshman Seminar: Ramayana and Media (ALL 1905): Bali Sahota

Topics in Dance: Contemporary Indian Dance 2 (DNCE 1500): Ananya Chatterjea

Art of India (ARTH 3014W, RELS 3415W, ALL 3014W): Rick Asher

Hinduism (ALL 3671, ALL5671, RELS 3671): Indira Junghare

20th Century India (HIST 3489): Emily Rook-Koepsel

Formation of Indian Art: 2500 BCE to 300 CE (ArtH 5775): Rick Asher

The Diversity of Traditions: Indian Art 1200 to Present
(ArtH 5777): Cathy Asher

Topics: Sanskrit Drama in Early and Modern India (ALL 5900, CL 5910, CSCL 5910, TH 5950): Simona Sawhney

Seminar: Issues in the History of Art: Contemporary Art and Theory: Middle East and India (ArtH 8950): Cathy Asher

South Asian Languages

Intermediate Hindi (HNDI 3132, HNDI 4004): Ravi Prasad

Advanced Hindi (HNDI 4162): Ravi Prasad

Beginning Hindi and Urdu (HNUR 1102, 4002): Abir Bazaz, Emily Durham-Shapiro

Intermediate Urdu (URDU 3132, URDU 4004)

Courses with South Asia Connections

Introduction to the Religions of the World (RELS 1001): Jim Laine

Globalize This! Understanding Globalization through Sociology
(GLOS 4221, GLOS 4321): Michael Goldman

These have been gleaned from the online course listings. Please let me know if any additions or corrections are needed: faust011@umn.edu

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