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Monday, February 7, 2011

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - February 2011

Below you can read a list of selected new titles added to the Ames Library of South Asia in January 2011. Or click here to download a copy.

B131.I5254 2010 Indian philosophy and text science. New Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, 2010.
B132.A3 M316413 2008 Mahadevanandasarasvati. Tattvanusandhanam: edited with English translation. Chennai: Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute, 2008.
B132.A3 P46 2009 Penchalaiah, S. Counter discourses: a study on Vemana's Advaita. Kuppam: Dravidian University, 2009.
B162.l36 2009 Language and truth in Buddhism. New Delhi: Northern Book Centre, 2009.
B829.5.C43 2010 Chatterjee, Margaret. Circumstance and dharma. Shimla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study, 2010.
B3279.H49 N335 2010 Naik, Dilip. The poetics of history: a comparative study of Heidegger's discourse on historicity in relation to Judaic and Indian thought. Delhi: Shakti Book House, 2010.
BD450.R337 2010 Ray, Rabindra. In the European shadow: further essays in a philosophical anthropology. Delhi: Yash Publications, 2010.
BJ44.M67 2010 Moral language. New Delhi: Northern Book Centre, c2010.
BL65.S64 D83 2010 Dube, Saurabh. After conversion: cultural histories of modern India. New Delhi: Yoda Press, c2010.
BL1175.B433 L58 2010 The living God: a biography of Bhagavan. Kolkata: International Vedanta Society, 2010.
BL1175.S388 G35 2009 Galewicz, Cezary. A commentator in service of the empire: Sayana and the royal project of commenting on the whole of the Veda. Wien: Sammlung de Nobili, Institut fur Sudasien-, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde der Universitat Wien, 2009.
BL1215.P87 N54 2009 Nigal, Sahebrao Genu. Vedic philosophy of values. New Delhi: Northern Book Centre, c2009.
BL1216.4.H36 U88 2010 Utter, Hans. Trance, ritual, and rhythm: the cult of Mahasu Deota in the western Himalayas. Delhi: B.R. Rhythms, 2010.
BL1236.36.G87 2010 Gupta, Rohini. Mantramala: mantras to live by. Bangalore: Dronequill Publishers, c2010.
BL1239.36.P36 S43 2009 Sharma, Krishan. Anthropological dimensions of pilgrimage. New Delhi: Paragon Books, c2009.
BL1243.76.T58 G85 2009 A guide to Giripradakshina. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 2009.
BL1273.592.D38 N38 2009 Shodhak. Dayanand Saraswati: understanding his national, political, and social awakening. Jaipur, 2010.
BL1274.535.U6 M85 2010 Mullick, Sunrit. The first Hindu mission to America: the pioneering visits of Protap Chunder Mozoomdar. New Delhi: Northern Book Centre, c2010.
BL2001.2.L64 2010 Lokesvarananda, Swami. Swami Lokeswarananda's eternal wisdom of India. New Delhi: Rupa & Co., 2010.
BL2001.3.B37 2010 Barthakuria, Apurba Chandra. The religions of India as known to Gunaratna. Kolkata: Punthi Pustak, 2010.
BL2005.V47 2010 Verma, Rajiv K. Religion in society: a study of the Kalachuri inscriptions (c. A.D. 600-1200). Delhi: Shakti Book House, 2010.
BL2015.R44 B55 2010 Bigelow, Anna. Sharing the sacred: practicing pluralism in Muslim North India. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2010.
BL2017.9.R37 B35 2010 Bali, Yogendra. Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji and freedom movement of India. New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications, 2010.
BL2018.5.W65 S55 2010 Sikhism and women: history, texts, and experience. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2010.
BP48.A4 A36 2009 Ahmad, Sadaf. Transforming faith: the story of Al-Huda and Islamic revivalism among urban Pakistani women. Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 2009.
BP80.A36 Q53 2010 Qidvai, Shafe. Cementing ethics with modernism: an appraisal of Sir Sayyed Ahmed Khan's writings. New Delhi: Gyan Pub. House, 2010.
BP161.3.D39 2010 Dayal, Lakshmeshwar. The truth about Islam: a historical study. New Delhi: Anamika Publishers & Distributors, 2010.
BQ942.A38 S66 2008 Sonam Wangchuk, Shakspo. Bakula Rinpoche: a visionary lama and statesman. New Delhi: Sonam Wangchuk Shakspo, 2008.
BQ1467.K37 2010 Kapur-Fic, Alexandra R. The Jatakas: times and lives of Bodhisattva. New Delhi: Abhinav Publications, 2010.
BQ2682.E5 S57 2010 Vasubandhu. An introduction to Abhidharmakosa bhasyam, Prathama Kosasthana: Sanskrit text in Devanagari & roman script with English translation. Delhi: Vidyanidhi Prakashan, 2010.
BQ4490.K35 2009 Kalsang Dorje. The radiance of possibility within bardo. Kathmandu: Lopon Kalsang Dorje, 2009.
BQ4570.P7 K38 2010 The Karmapa prophecies. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, 2010.
BQ4890.V342 B63 2010 The Bodyless Dakini dharma, the Dakini hearing lineage of the Kagyus: the original Vajra verses, Sadhana, and Padma Karpo's thorough explanation. Kathmandu: Padma Karpo Translation Committee, 2010.
BQ7662.4.L66 2010 Longchen Nyingthig preliminaries "the excellent path to omniscience": a rich collection of texts, commentaries, and prayers for the practice. Kathmandu: Padma Karpo Translation Committee, 2010.
BQ7683.4.G93 2010 Gyalwang Drukpa XII. Walking an uncommon path: a guide to your spiritual quest. Gurgaon: Drukpa Publications, 2010.
BQ8921.M35 B35 2009 Balsys, Bodo. The I concept: the Mahamudra concerning the union of a Buddha and his Consort. Kathmandu: Vajra Publications, 2009.
CB361.R46 2010 Renaissance reborn: in search of a historical paradigm. New Delhi: Chronicle Books, in collaboration with the School of Cultural Text and Records, Jadavpur University, [Kolkata]; Bangalore: Distributed by Orient Blackswan, 2010.
CT1506.S93 2010 Swarup, Harihar. Power profiles. New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications, 2010.
D805.J3 C65 2010 Sareen, Tilak Raj. Conspiracy of silence: Japanese prisoners of war in India, 1942-1946: selected source materials. New Delhi: Life Span Publishers & Distributors, 2010.
DS57.B28 2009 Balakrsnapilla, E. Outlines of the proto-historic chronology of Western Asia: with some historic chronology of ancient India appended to it. Thiruvananthapuram: Dept. of Publications, University of Kerala, 2009.
DS371.4.P42 2010 Peace and stability in Afghanistan: the way ahead. New Delhi: Published in association with United Service Institution of India [by] Vij Books India, c2010.
DS393.8.D55 2010 Dil, Anwar S. Bangladesh, an intercultural mosaic. California: Intercultural Forum; Dhaka: Adorn Publication, 2010.
Quarto DS408.B38 2009 Batra, Sumant. The Indians: interesting aspects, extraordinary facets. New Delhi: Treepie Events Management, 2009.
DS422.C3 F755 2010 From stigma to assertion: untouchability, identity and politics in early and modern India. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, University of Copenhagen, 2010.
DS428.F53 2010 The flaws in the jewel: challenging the myths of British India. Noida: Harper Collins Publishers India, 2009.
DS432.B419 H47 2010 Herbert, Tony. A cultural journey with the Bhuiyas of Central East India. New Delhi: Indian Social Institute, c2010.
DS432.K192 M36 2009 Manda oral literature. Mysore, India: Central Institute of Indian Languages; Vadodara, India: Bhasha Research and Publication Centre, 2009.
DS432.M84 S25 2010 Salam Irene. The Muslims of Manipur. New Delhi: Kalpaz Publications, 2010.
DS432.N59 Y46 2009 Yendaro mahaanubhaavulu--of some Telugu Brahmins. Secunderabad: Niyogi Bandhu Seva Samithi, 2009.
DS435.7.M87 P68 2010 Powell, Avril A. Scottish Orientalists and India: the Muir brothers, religion, education and empire. Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK; Rochester, NY: Boydell Press, 2010.
DS436.G33 2009 Gabriel, Karen. Whose iconic mother (land)?: visualizing and theorizing national identity. New Delhi, India: Centre for Women's Development Studies, 2009.
DS450.B3 B36 2010 Bammi, Y. M. India Bangladesh relations: the way ahead. New Delhi: Vij Books India, c2010.
DS450.R8 I53 2010 India-Russia strategic partnership: challenges and prospects. New Delhi: Academic Foundation in association with Indian Council of World Affairs, 2010.
DS450.U6 I57 2010 In search of congruence: perspectives on India-US relations under the Obama administration. New Delhi: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, 2010.
DS451.S5696 2009 Singh, Subodh Kumar. Community that changed Asia. Lalitpur: Babita Singh, 2009.
DS465.J35 2010 Jain, Meenakshi. Parallel pathways: essays on Hindu-Muslim relations, 1707-1857. New Delhi: Konark Publishers in association with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi Kendra, c2010.
DS475.2.M2 H37 2010 Harrington, Jack. Sir John Malcolm and the creation of British India. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
DS479.G54 2010 Gohain, Hiren. The contribution of the revolutionists in India's freedom struggle. New Delhi: National Book Trust, 2010.
Quarto DS480.45.R67 2010 Roy, Kulwant. History in the making: the visual archives of Kulwant Roy. Noida, India: Collins, 2010.
DS480.84.A573 2010 Adeney, Katharine. Contemporary India. Houndsmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
DS480.84.S342 2010 Sahajavala, Premacanda. Mumbai kiski & other articles. New Delhi: Diamond Books, 2010.
DS481.A65 H372 2010 Hasan, Mushirul. M.A. Ansari: Gandhi's infallible guide. New Delhi: Manohar, 2010, 1987.
DS481.M66 C43 2010 Chatterji, Prashanto K. Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee and Indian politics, 1938-1953: an account of an outstanding political leader. New Delhi: Foundation Books, 2010.
DS485.A88 B37 2010 Barman, Prateeti. Changing perception of freedom: civil society and its response to United Liberation Front of Asom. New Delhi: Akansha Pub. House, 2010.
DS485.B46 I63 2010 Iqbal, Iftekhar. The Bengal Delta: ecology, state and social change, 1840-1943. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
DS485.C362 U63 2010 Upadhyay, Garima. Political thoughts and organisation in Central India: the early medieval period. Delhi: Sharada Pub. House, 2010.
DS485.G8 S26 2010 Sanghavi, Naginadasa. Gujarat at cross-roads. Mumbai: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 2010.
DS485.K27 P65 2008 Politics of identities in Jammu and Kashmir: a contested terrain. Jammu Tawi: Jay Kay Book House, 2008.
DS485.M275 T356 2009 Tamil Nadu. Archaeological antiquities: a catalogue: with special reference to terracotta. Chennai: Dept. of Archaeology, Govt. of Tamilnadu, 2009.
DS485.M348 K86 2008 Kumbhojkar, Shraddha. Nationalism, literature, and creation of memory: Maharashtra in the nineteenth century. Pune: Sugawa Prakashan, 2008.
DS485.M684 B43 2010 Bhatia, Lakshmi. Education and society in a changing Mizoram: the practice of pedagogy. New Delhi: Routledge, 2010.
DS485.M684 P33 2009 Pachuau, Rintluanga. Mizoram: a study in comprehensive geography. New Delhi: Northern Book Centre, c2009.
DS485.O655 P32 2010 Padhi, Himansu Sekhar. History and culture of Orissa: a comprehensive study on Khinjali Mandala. Kolkata: Punthi Pustak, 2010.
DS485.T8 A34 2010 Adhikari, Udainarayan. Socio-cultural relations among states in pre-independence India: a study of Tripura & Manipur. New Delhi: Akansha Pub. House, 2010.
DS485.U693 B83 2010 Budhwar, Prem K. The call of the mountains: Uttrakhand explored. New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications, 2010.
DS486.A775 S26 2010 Sangra, Sapna K. Sociological dimensions of conflict in Jammu and Kashmir: international border at a glance. Jammu Tawi: Jay Kay Book House, 2010.
DS486.M78 S25 2010 Saili, Ganesh. Mussoorie medley: tales of yesteryear. New Delhi: Niyogi Books, 2010.
DS489.25.T3 L33 2010 Ladduwahetty, Neville S. Sri Lanka's national question: a collection of articles. Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2010.
DS494.8.J3 S53 2010 Sharma, Jan. Nepal-Japan relations: time for strategic partnership. Kathmandu: Shree-Basudev Guthi, c2010.
DS495.58.I48 2010 International relations and foreign affairs. Kathmandu: Sopan Monthly: Distributors, Makalu Publication House, 2010.
DS495.58.U67 2010 Upreti, Trilochan. Nepal at crossroads. Lalitpur: Sajha Prakashan, 2010.
DS495.8.N95 2010 Nyima Dondrup, Khenpo. Guide to the hidden land of the Yolmo snow enclosure and its history. Kathmandu: Vajra Publications: Distributed by Vajra Book Shop, 2010.
DS498.7.G666 2010 Gomes, Olivinho. Francisco Luis Gomes. New Delhi: National Book Trust, 2010.
DS688.D88 2010 Dutt, Vijay. Times by the Thames: an Indian cruise. New Delhi: Konark Publishers, c2010.
Quarto DS786.I518 Fifth International Conference of Tibet Support Groups: Brussels, 11-14 May, 2007: a report. Dharamshala: Dept. of Information and International Relations, Central Tibetan Administration and Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung fur die Frieheit, Germany 2008.
GN635.I4 S34 2010 Scheduled tribes of North-east India and development. Delhi: B.R. Pub. Corp., 2010.
GR305.7.K436 S26 2010 Sandhu, Tertia. Lengdon's legacy: Tai Khamti folktales from Arunachal Pradesh. New Delhi: National Book Trust, 2010.
GT2650.D67 2009 Dorji Penjore. Love, courtship and marriage in rural Bhutan: a preliminary ethnography of wamling village in Zhemgang. Thimphu: Galing Printers and Publishers, 2009.
Quarto HB1046.8.A3 S65 2009 Sri Lanka: demographic and health survey 2006/07. [Colombo]: Dept. of Census and Statistics, [Govt. of Sri Lanka], 2009.
Quarto HB1323.C52 I4 2009 District level estimates of child mortality in India based on the 2001 census data. New Delhi: Office of the Registrar General, India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, [2009]
Quarto HB1470.6.A3 R37 2009 Report on sample vital registration system, 2008. Dhaka: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Planning Division, Ministry of Planning, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, 2009.
HC59.72.I55 I38 2010 ICTs, community access and development: case studies from six developing countries. Delhi: Aakar Books, 2010.
HC79.P6 J34 2010 Jahana, Selima. Deprivation & development: essays in development analysis and policies. Dhaka: Shahitya Prakash, 2010.
HC430.6.S224 2010 SAARC, emerging challenges. New Delhi: Foundation for Peace and Sustainable Development, c2010.
HC432.5.M44 D47 2010 Desai, S. D. Dreams, envisioned, and realised: the journey of Rohit C. Mehta. New Delhi: Rupa & Co., 2010.
HC435.3.C664 2010 The concise Oxford companion to economics in India. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2010.
HC435.3.I62436 2010 India's economy and growth: essays in honour of V.K.R.V. Rao. New Delhi, India; Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage, 2010.
HC435.3.S93 2010 Swamy, Subramanian. Economic development and reforms in India and China: a comparative perspective. Delhi: Har-Anand Publications, 2010.
HC437.K37 R35 2010 Rajasekhar, D. Growing rural-urban disparity in Karnataka. Hyderabad: National Institute of Rural Development; New Delhi, India: Serials Publications, 2010.
HC437.T75 S557 2010 Sinha, Amitabha. Reflections on economy and society of Tripura. New Delhi: Akansha Pub. House, 2010.
HC440.E44 D482 2010 Development concerns in the 21st century: felicitation volume in honour of Dr. K.V. Sundaram. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2010.
HC440.8.Z9 P6142 2009 Kabir, Nurun Nahar. Coping poverty: a psychological perspective. Comilla, Bangladesh: Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development, 2009.
HD62.4.R57 2010 The rise of Indian multinationals: perspectives on Indian outward foreign direct investment. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
Quarto HD879.A55 C46 2008 Census of land holdings 2005-06: agricultural census 2005-06, Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad: Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Government of Andhra Pradesh, [2008]
HD879.C33 R69 2010 Roy, Debashish. The Mirasdar: a study in their emergence, development, and role in South Assam. Kolkata: Towards Freedom, 2010.
HD2346.I4 I56 2010 Innovation and competitiveness of small and medium enterprises. New Delhi: Kalpaz Publications, 2010.
HD2741.M35 2010 Malla, Praveen B. Corporate governance: history, evolution and India story. New Delhi; London: Routledge, 2010.
Quarto HD3872.I4 S56 2010 Singh, Harsh. Creating vibrant public-private-panchayat partnership (PPPP) for inclusive growth through inclusive governance. New Delhi: Academic Foundation in association with International Management Institute, National Platform of Promote Decentralisation, 2010.
HD4875.I5 N38 2010 Contractual employment in Indian labour market: emergence and expansion. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2010.
Quarto HD5819.I46 2010 India's employment challenge: creating jobs, helping workers. New Delhi; New York: Oxford University Press, 2010.
HD6054.4.I4 M57 2010 Mishra, Prerna Kaul. 8 successful business women. New Delhi: Vitasta Pub., 2010.
HD6182.8 D4 2009 De Silva, Nilani. Global trends, migration, & social transformations: an explorative study on the caste-based occupational structure of Indian Tamil plantation women in Sri Lanka. Colombo: Social Scientists' Association, 2009.
HD6189.N44 2009 Neetha, N. Women's work in the post reform period: an exploration of macro data. New Delhi, India: Centre for Women's Development Studies, 2009.
HD6475.A1 B593 2011 Biyanwila, S. Janaka. The labour movement in the global south: trade unions in Sri Lanka. London; New York, NY: Routledge, 2011.
Quarto HD8039.A42 I4 2010 JRD: as air Indians remember. New Delhi, India: Himalayan Books: Distributed by English Book Store, 2010.
HD9016.B352 D37 2009 Database on food situation. Dhaka: Food Planning and Monitoring Unit, Ministry of Food and Disaster Management, 2009.
HD9016.I43 M897 2010 Sinha, Archana. Food security matters: social dynamics and determinants of food security. New Delhi: Indian Social Institute, c2010.
HD9672.I52 M35 2010 Malhotra, Prabodh. Impact of TRIPS in India: an access to medicines perspective. Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
Quarto HD9674.I6 M398 2009 Mazumdar, Mainak. A comparative analysis of efficiency and productivity of the Indian pharmaceutical firms: a malmquist-meta-frontier approach. Bangalore: Institute for Social and Economic Change, c2009.
HD9685.N352 P69 2009 Power crisis survey in Nepal: survey report-2009. Kathmandu: Independent Power Producers' Association Nepal, 2009.
HD9698.I4 J43 2010 Jha, Saurav. The upside down book of nuclear power: with musings on energy. Noida, India: HarperCollins Publishers India, a joint venture with The India Today Group, 2010.
HD9743.I42 D44 2010 Srinivas, V. N. Defence offsets: international experience and implications for India. New Delhi: KW Publishers, in association with Centre for Air Power Studies, c2010.
HE8374.L34 2010 Lahiri Choudhury, Deep Kanta. Telegraphic imperialism: crisis and panic in the Indian Empire, c.1830. Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
HF486.E6 S88 2010 Sutton, Jean. The East India Company's maritime service 1746-1834: masters of the Eastern seas. Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK; Rochester, NY: Boydell Press, 2010.
HG178.33.I4 T37 2010 Tapan, Neeta. Micro credit, self-help groups (SHGs) and women empowerment. New Delhi: New Century Publications, 2010.
HG178.33.I4 V44 2009 Veerashekharappa. Has the SHG-Bank linkage helped the poor gain access to capital?: a comparative study between Karnataka and Gujarat. Bangalore: Institute for Social and Economic Change, 2009.
HG1220.8.S67 2009 Sri Lanka Economic Association. Session. (2008: Centre for Banking Studies) Inflation, competitiveness, and growth. Colombo: Sri Lanka Economic Association, c2009.
HG1615.25.S46 2010 Sen, Mitali. Liability structure of Indian commercial banks. New Delhi: Northern Book Centre, c2010.
HG3729.I42 S832 2010 Sudarsan, K. Financing micro, small & medium enterprises. Ambala City: Associated Publishers, 2010.
HG5732.S29 2010 Savings of the poor: how they do it-. Bangalore: Books for Change, 2010.
HJ1334.C43 2010 Chauhan, Pradeep S. Fiscal policy, decentralization, and economic growth in India. New Delhi: New Century Publications, 2010.
HJ1338.S87 2010 Sury, M. M. Finance Commissions and Fiscal Federalism in India First Finance Commission, 1952-53 to 1956-57 to Thirteenth Finance Commission, 2010-11 to 2014-15. New Delhi: Indian Tax Foundation in association with New Century Publications, 2010.
HM753.W67 2008 Experiencing, exploring, expanding selves: a Workshop on Identity, Conflict, and Coexistence: a report. New Delhi: Women in Security, Conflict Management, and Peace, Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, 2009.
HN655.2.C6 R866 2009 Rural development report, 2009: changing rural livelihoods, constraints, and opportunities. Dhaka: Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific, 2009.
HN683. 5.I584 2008 Interrogating social development: global perspectives and local initiatives. New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2010.
HN683.5.H864 2010 Human development in India: challenges and policies. New Delhi: P.G. Dept. of Economics, Dr. SRK Govt. Arts College, Pondicherry University in association with New Century Publications, 2010.
HN686.B53 2010 Bhattacharya, Alak. Nivedita: synthesis of East and West. New Delhi: Northern Book Centre, 2010.
HN690.A5 D57 2008 District-wise socio economic indicators, 2008. Hyderabad: Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, 2008.
Quarto HN690.A6 S35 2009 Selected socio economic indicators: Andhra Pradesh & other major states, 2008. Hyderabad: Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, 2008.
HN690.J34 D33 2010 Dabla, Bashir A. Sociological papers on Kashmir. Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir: Jaykay Books, 2010.
Quarto HN690.K855 S75 2009 Srikant, Patibandla. Tribal movement in Orissa: a struggle against modernisation?. Bangalore: Institute for Social and Economic Change, c2009.
HN690.Z9 C6 2010 Purnima Devi, Th. Information support system in rural Manipur. Delhi: B.R. Pub. Corp., 2010.
HN690.Z9 G567 2010 Pandey, Manisha Tripathy. Globalization and the Indian urban middle class: the emerging trend. New Delhi: Uppal Pub. House, 2010.
HQ777.S96 2008 Girls and girlhoods at threshold of youth & gender: VACHA initiative. Delhi: Women Press; Navi Mumbai: Distributed by R.S. Publishers Distributors, 2010.
HQ799.B49 T37 2009 Tashi Dhendup. Prism of youth: of how Bhutanese youths come home. Thimphu: Tashi Dhendup, c2009.
HQ1064.5. K35 2009 Kakar, S. C. Senior citizen's handbook. Kolkata: Mark-Age Services, 2009.
HQ1236.5.N35 R43 2010 A research report on gender vulnerability to trafficking in the context of discrimination and denial of economic, social and cultural rights in mid and far Western Region, Nepal, 2009. Kathmandu: National Human Rights Commission, Office of the Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Persons, Nepal, 2010.
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JQ629.A91 M35 2011 Malik, Anas. Political survival in Pakistan: beyond ideology. London; New York: Routledge, 2011.
JS7025.D44 D56 2010 Dimri, Anil K. Dynamics of decentralised development and administration in backward regions. New Delhi: Hirmoli Press, 2010.
JZ5665.L345 2010 Lahiri, Dilip. Obama's global zero roadmap: wake up call for India. New Delhi: Observer Research Foundation, 2010.
KNS856.A67 E26 2010 Economic analysis of law in India: theory and application. New Delhi; New York: Oxford University Press, 2010.
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