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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

South Asia Courses -- Spring 2012

Below is a list courses on South Asia offered for the Spring Semester, 2012. They are arranged by level. Download flyer!

South Asian Topics

Art of India (ARTH 3014, ALL 3014, MEST 3610 section 007, RELS 3415): Rick Asher

Contemporary Indian Dance 2 (DNCE 3312): Ananya Chatterjea

Culture and Society of India (ANTH 3023, GLOS 3961 section 001, ALL 3676 section 001): Gloria Goodwin Raheja

Honors Seminar, Philosophies of Ethics and Peace: India (HSEM 3014H): Indira Junghare

Topics: Mumbai Calling: South Asian City as Text and Image
(ALL 3920 section 003): Sugata Ray

South Asian Languages

Beginning Hindi and Urdu (HNUR 1102, 4002): Joya John or Sucheta Kanjilal

Intermediate Hindi and Urdu (HNUR 3102, 4004): Akshya Saxena

Advanced Hindi
(HNDI 4162): Abir Bazaz

Of Related Interest

Islamic Culture (ARTH 3017): Cathy Asher

Cultural Histories of Healing (Anth 4075): Jean Langford

Nations, Empires, Feminisms (GWSS 4001): Pashmina Murthy

Topics: Language and Social Identity
(LING 5900 section 003): Indira Junghare

Topics: Colonialism and Modernity (HIST 8960 section 002): Ajay Skaria

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