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Friday, May 4, 2012

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - May 2012

Below you can read a list of selected new titles added to the Ames Library of South Asia in April 2012. Or click here to download a copy.

B132.C6 I58 2010 Spirituality and science of consciousness. Kolkata: Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, 2011.
B162.5 A58 2011 Antarkar, S. S. Recollection, recognition and reasoning: a study in the Jaina theory of paroksa-pramana. Delhi: Sri Satguru Publications, 2011.
BL410.I55 2010 Unity in diversity: the 2nd International Conference on Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue 2010. Dhaka: Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, [2010?]
BL1140.4.L562 E54 2011 Linga mahapurana: Sanskrit text and English translation with an exhaustive introduction and index of verses. Delhi: Parimal Publications, 2011.
BL1140.4.V577 T75 2010 Tripathy, Manjushree. Geographical descriptions in Visnu Purana. Tirupati: Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, 2010.
BL1243.74.A53 2011 Anantharaman, Ambujam. Temples of Western India. Chennai: Westland, 2011.
BL1375.A75 S48 2012 Sethi, Manisha. Escaping the world: women renouncers among Jains. New Delhi; New York: Routledge, 2012.
BL2032.L87 V3 2009 Vanlaltlani, T. Tribal religion, Mizo and Bru. Aizawl: Mizo Theological Association, 2009.
BP189.23.I74 2010 Irfanulhaq. Allah-hu-Sammad = Allahussamad. Lahore: Baba Publishers, 2010.
BP189.23.S35 2012 Schimmel, Annemarie. Rhine to Indus: collection of A. Schimmel's rare writings. Lahore: Pakistan Writers Cooperative Society: Sole distributors, Coopera Book Centre and Art Gallery, 2012.
BP190.5.A4 I84 2010 Islamic shariah guidance on AIDS: AIDS: the ailment, its origin, spread, symptoms, prevention & social interaction, rights of AIDS patients & society, and other medico-legal issues. New Delhi: IFA Publications, 2010.
Quarto BQ882.B36 2010 Banerjee, Utpal K. A journey with the Buddha. Gurgaon: Shubhi Publications, 2010.
BQ6331.B952 H57 2010 History of Zangdog Palri. Bylakuppe: Rigzod Editorial Committee, Ngagyur Nyingma Institute, 2010.
BV3269.D44 L67 2010 Lorenzen, David N. The scourge of the mission: Marco Della Tomba in Hindustan. New Delhi: Yoda Press, 2010.
Quarto CJ3537.N86 2011 Numismatica Indica: festschrift to Prof. D. Raja Reddy. New Delhi: Research India Press, 2011.
DS331.C668 History and sociology of South Asia. New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2010-
Quarto DS331.5.S235 2010 Sixteenth SAARC Summit, Thimphu Bhutan, April 28-29, 2010: towards a green and happy SAARC. Kathmandu: Milan Weekly Newspaper, 2010.
DS383.5.A45 K536 2012 Khan, Ijaz. Pakistan's strategic culture and foreign policy making: a study of Pakistan's post 9/11 Afghan policy change. New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc., [2012]
DS389.22.F5 R5 2011 Fida, Sohail. Soul unshackled: a harrowing and heroic autobiographical account of a prisoner. Karachi: Paramount Publishing Enterprise, [2011?]
Quarto DS392.A93 P34 2011 Pakistan occupied Kashmir: changing the discourse. New Delhi: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, 2011.
DS393.82.A36 2011 Ahmed, Abu Nasar Saied. Foundational crises in South and Southeast Asia: Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia. New Delhi: Akansha Pub. House, 2011.
DS422.C3 B48 2011 Beteille, Andre. The Andre Beteille omnibus: Caste, class and power: changing patterns of stratification in a Tanjore village, second edition; The Idea of natural inequality and other essays, second edition; Equality and universality: essays in social and political theory. New Delhi; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.
DS432.5.D58 2011 Diversities in the Indian diaspora: nature, implications, responses. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2011.
DS435.G68 2011 Gottlob, Michael. History and politics in post-colonial India. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2011.
DS435.M38 2012 Mantena, Rama Sundari. The origins of modern historiography in India: antiquarianism and philology, 1780-1880. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
DS449.S46 2010 Proceedings of Seminar on Leveraging India's Soft Power as a Strategic Resource. New Delhi: Vij Books India, c2010.
DS450.A35 E6 2008 Engaging with a resurgent Africa. New Delhi: Observer Research Foundation in association with Macmillan, 2009.
DS450.B3 R39 2011 Ray, Jayanta Kumar. India-Bangladesh relations: current perspectives. New Delhi: KW Publishers, c2011.
DS461.7.G6313 2011 Gobind Singh, Guru. Zafarnama. New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2011.
DS463.A5577 2010 Ahmed, Kamaluddin. Plassey to proclamation: a study of Indian Muslim resistance to British Colonial expansion in India. Kolkata: Mudrakar, 2010.
DS479.1.T54 C66 2006 Contribution of Lokmanya Tilak to Indian studies: proceedings of the national seminar held on July 31 and August 01, 2006. Pune: Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, 2006.
DS479.1.T54 L64 2007 Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak: "maker of modern India". Pune: Lokmanya Tilak Smarak Trust, [2007]
DS480.84.W35 2012 Waites, Bernard. South Asia and Africa after independence: post-colonialism in historical perspective. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
DS480.842.S25 2011 Sanyal, Sunanda. The sickle and the crescent: communists, Muslim league, and India's partition. Kolkata: Frontpage, 2011.
DS483.2.S37 2010 Sarma, Siddhartha. East of the sun: a nearly-stoned walk down the road in a different land. Chennai: Tranquebar Press, 2010.
DS485.B44 L54 2011 Life and culture in Bengal: colonial and post-colonial experiences. Kolkata: Progressive Publishers, 2011.
DS485.K246 B43 2011 Bhat, Fayaz Ahmad. Ethnic plurality in Jammu and Kashmir: a descriptive analysis. New Delhi: Serials Publications, 2011.
DS485.M684 L365 2010 Lalsangzuala, J. Mizoram, the land of charm: an autobiography of J. Lalsangzuala. Aizawl: Zokhumi, 2010.
DS485.O94 Y6415 2011 Yogesa Pravina. Rulers of Avadh. New Delhi: B.R. Pub. Corp., 2011.
Quarto DS486.B4 R35 2010 Rai, Raghu. Varanasi: portrait of a civilization. Noida: Collins, a joint venture with The India Today Group, 2010.
Folio DS486.D3 A658 2010 Akhtar, Sasmita S. Forgotten Dilli: -portrait of an immortal city. New Delhi: Nishcam Publication, 2010.
DS486.5.A5 M878 2011 Murthy, R. V. R. Andaman and Nicobar islands: a saga of freedom struggle. Delhi: Kalpaz Publications, 2011.
DS489.5.R63 2011 Roberts, Michael. Potency, power & people in groups. Colombo: Marga Institute, 2011.
DS490.C8 C58 2011 Coombe, Juliet. Colombo: 7 city guide. Colombo: Sri Serendipity Pub. Worldwide, 2011.
DS490.G33 T46 2011 Thompson, Mark. Galle Fort: world heritage site: a visitor's guide and illustrated walking tour. [Colombo: Mark Thompson and Karl Steinberg, 2011]
Quarto DS491.7.S58 2011 Shukla, Sneh. Bhutan: the land of dragon people. New Delhi: Winsome Books India, 2011.
DS493.8.S83 2009 Subba, Chaitanya. Empowering adivasi janajati in Nepal: experiences of Janajati Empowerment Project (JEP). Lalitpur: Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, 2009.
DS493.9.D28 D36 2009 Danuwar folklore and folklife: [a study of living cultural heritage of Danuwar people]. Kathmandu: Nepali Folklore Society, 2009.
DS493.9.G6 G67 2009 Gopali folklore and folklife: [a study of living culture heritage of Gopali people]. Kathmandu: Nepali Folklore Society, 2009.
DS493.9.R34 R39 2011 Rai, Vishnu S. The lost children of Khambuwan. Kathmandu: Vishnu S. Rai, 2011.
DS493.9.T47 T4 2009 Tharu folklore and folklife: [a study of living culture heritage of Tharu people]. Kathmandu: Nepali Folklore Society, 2009.
DS495.8.T37 C43 2011 Chaudhary, Deepak. Tarai/Madhesh of Nepal: an anthropological study. Kathmandu: Ratna Pustak Bhandar, 2011.
Quarto DS503.S77 v.26 Fontein, Jan. Entering the Dharmadhatu: a study of the Gandavyuha reliefs of Borobudur. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2012.
G156.5.H47 I58 2011 Heritagescapes and cultural landscapes. New Delhi: Shubhi Publications, 2011.
Folio G2281.F7 I543 2011 Administrative atlas of India. New Delhi: Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, c2011.
G2281.P3 I52 2011 India railway atlas & time table. Jodhpur: Indian Map Service, 2011, 2008.
G7653.L28E63 2010.H3 Trekking map of Ladakh & Zangskar. Delhi: Hanish & Co., [2010]
Quarto GB1339.V35 2011 Vaidyanathan, Sunil. Rivers of India. New Delhi: Niyogi Books, 2011.
GF661.C56 2011 Cloud, stone, and the mind: the people and environment of Darjeeling Hill Area. Kolkata: K.P. Bagchi & Co., 2011.
GF661.I55 2012 India's environmental history. Ranikhet: Permanent Black; Bangalore: Distributed by Orient Blackswan, c2012.
Quarto GN635.I4 B57 2010 Bijoy, C. R. India and the rights of indigenous peoples: constitutional, legislative and administrative provisions concerning indigenous and tribal peoples in India and their relation to international law on indigenous peoples. Chaiang Mai, Thailand: Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP), 2010.
GN635.I4 I34 2009 Identity, cultural pluralism and state: South Asia in perspective. New Delhi: Anthropological Survey of India, in association with Macmillan Publishers India, 2009.
GR307.N4 G36 2009 Gandharva folklore and folklife: [a study of living culture heritage of Gandharva people]. Kathmandu: Nepali Folklore Society, 2009.
GV923.C54 2011 Clementine, Rex. From rags to riches: memorable world cup moments of Sri Lanka. Colombo: Godage International Publishers, 2011.
Quarto HA4587.K47 P76 2011 Provisional population totals, paper 1 of 2011. [New Delhi]: Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India, [Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India], c2011.
Quarto HA4587.M86 C46 2011 Census of India, 2011. Series 28, Maharashtra. Paper. [Mumbai]: Directorate of Census Operations, Maharashtra; [New Delhi]: Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, 2011-
HB126.I43 B373 2011 Basu, Kaushik. An economist's miscellany. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2011.
HB1049.R35 2011 Rajput, Kishor Singh. Fertility and health behaviour among Hindu and Muslim women in Assam. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2011.
HB3717 2008.D37 2010 David, Kumar. Essays on the global economic crisis. Colombo: Ecumenical Institute for Study and Dialogue, 2010.
HC435.2.E88 2008 The essence of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak's economic thought. Pune: Tilak Maharashtra University, 2008.
HC435.2.G33 2011 Gadgil, D. R. The Indian economy: problems and prospects: selected writings of D. R. Gadgil. New Delhi; New York: Oxford University Press, 2011.
HC435.2.K852 2011 Kumarappa, Joseph Cornelius. Back to basics: a J.C. Kumarappa reader. Udhagamandalam, Tamil Nadu: Odyssey, 2011.
Quarto HC435.3.I39 2011 Mid-term appraisal eleventh five year plan, 2007-2012. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2011.
HC435.3.N54 2011 Nigam, Aditya. Desire named development. New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2011.
HC437.G85 P35 2011 Patel, Shivani A. Gujarat. Delhi: Aakar Books in association with Other Media, 2011.
HC437.N57 I53 2011 Industry, trade, and economic development: with special reference to North-East India. New Delhi: Mittal Publications, 2011.
HC437.O7 K86 2011 Kundan Kumar. Orissa. Delhi: Aakar Books in association with Other Media, 2011.
HC440.P6 K64 2012 Kohli, Atul. Poverty amid plenty in the new India. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012.
Quarto HC440.8.C37 2010 A case for geographic targeting of basic social services to mitigate inequalities in Bangladesh. Dhaka: UNICEF Bangladesh, 2010.
HD1289.A78 L53 2008 Liang, Lawrence. How does an Asian commons mean. Lalitpur: South Asia Partnership International, c2008.
HD2073.M36 2010 Mansata, Bharat. The vision of natural farming. Kolkata: Earthcare Books, 2010.
HD2075.A5 E54 2009 Emerging agrarian policies, programmes, and process in Andhra Pradesh: an evaluation. New Delhi: Excel Books, 2009.
Quarto HD2346.B27 E33 2010 "Efficient, proactive, and inclusive SME development in Bangladesh: issues, methodologies, and results". Dhaka: Small and Medium Enterprise Sector Development Project, 2010.
Quarto HD2346.B3 S64 2010 The SME-policy evidence-base across a semantic divide: the effect of moving from BBS definition to MOI definition. Dhaka: Small and Medium Enterprise Sector Development Project, Ministry of Industries, 2010.
HD2346.I5 A76 2011 Arora, Sant Lal. Informal sector in urban India. Delhi: Manak Publications, 2011.
HD2955.5.I4 J67 2011 Joshi, Anagha. Sambhuya samutthana: an ancient Indian form of co-operative enterprise. Delhi: New Bharatiya Book Corporation, 2011.
Quarto HD4465.B3 B365 2009 Bangladesh water utilities data book, 2006-07: benchmarking for improving water supply delivery. Dhaka: Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia, 2009.
HD5710.75.I4 P37 2010 Parasuraman, S. Economic liberalization, informalization of labour and social protection in India. Delhi: Published by Aakar Books in association with SRUTI, New Delhi, 2010.
HD5819.B38 2011 The battle for employment guarantee. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2011.
HD6060.5.P18 S24 2012 Saeed, Fouzia. Working with sharks: countering sexual harassment in our lives. Lahore: Sanjh, 2012.
Quarto HD6250.I43 I546 2011 Mishra, Deepak K. Household level determinants of child labour in North East India. Kolkata: Towards Freedom, 2011.
HD7105.35.N35 E24 2010 The effectiveness of non-contributory social pension in Nepal: participatory research report. Kathmandu: Nepal Participatory Action Network and HelpAge International, London, 2010.
Quarto HD9016.I43 B45 2009 Food security atlas of rural Bihar. New Delhi: UN World Food Programme: Institute for Human Development, c2009.
HD9502.P162 E44 2009 Emerging challenges to energy security in the Asia Pacific region. Chennai: Centre for Security Analysis; New Delhi: Macmillan Publishers India, 2010.
Quarto HD9685.I42 C66 2010 Consumer empowerment in electricity reforms: a review from South Asia. Jaipur, India: Published by CUTS Center for Competition, Investment & Economic Regulation, in cooperation with Norad, 2010.
HD9696.A3 I53 2011 Indian electronic industry: perspectives and strategies. Mumbai: Export-Import Bank of India, 2011.
Quarto HD9736.B32 T68 2010 Total factor productivity, comparative advantage, and market failures among manufacturing SMEs in Bangladesh. Dhaka: Small and Medium Enterprise Sector Development Project, Ministry of Industries, 2010.
HE269.9.Z7 L476 2010 Mahto, Bharat. Effects of road development on socio-economic aspect of the people living along the trekking route: a case study of Lete Village Development Committee, Mustang. Pokhara: Tribhuvan University, Institute of Forestry, 2010.
HF1589.K37 2010 Kapil, Kritika. The national foreign trade policy, 2004-09: general and specific reflections. Jaipur: CUTS International with the support of Norwegian Embassy & Oxfam India, c2010.
HF1590.15.C6.S56 2011 Singla, Surinder Kumar. India and China: comparative economic performance. New Delhi: New Century Publications, 2011.
HF3788.A358 W47 2011 West African region: a study of India's trade and investment potential. Mumbai: Export-Import Bank of India, 2011.
HF3788.C27 C37 2011 Caribbean community (CARICOM): a study of India's trade and investment potential. Mumbai: Export-Import Bank of India, 2011.
HF5823.B35 2011 Balachandran, Indu. Don't go away, we'll be right back: the oops and downs of advertising. Chennai: Tranquebar Press, 2011.
HG3769.I45.B37 2011 Sen, Alok. Globalisation and industrial sickness. New Delhi: Akansha Pub. House, 2011.
Quarto HG9383.H43 2011 Health insurance report, 2011. New Delhi: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, 2011.
Quarto HJ1320.8.F57 2009 Fiscal management report, 2009. [Colombo: Ministry of Finance & Planning, Sri Lanka, 2008]
HJ1338.G687 2010 Govinda Rao, M. The report of the Thirteenth Finance Commission conundrum in conditionalities. New Delhi: Publications Unit, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, 2010.
HN670.9.Z9 C6324 2010 Development and mobilization of local resource persons. Kathmandu: Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources, 2010.
HN670.9.Z9 M268 2009 Social exclusion and inclusion in Nepal: examples from Dalit, Muslims, and indigenous communities. [Kathmandu]: Nepal Participatory Action Network, 2009.
HN690.Z9 S56 2011 Singh, Pratap. A view from the margins. New Delhi: Gyan Pub. House, 2011.
HQ75.6.I4 O44 2010 Of horizons and beyond: glimpses of lesbians, bisexual women, and transpersons lives. Kolkata: Sappho for Equality, 2010.
HQ1240.5.I4 A23 2011 Abdul Raheem, A. Women empowerment through self-help groups (SHGs). New Delhi: New Century Publications, 2011.
HQ1735.3.S657 2012 South Asian feminisms. Durham [N.C.]: Duke University Press, 2012.
HQ1742.G57 2011 Girls' sankalpa power: raw smarts sound impressive and progressive. Hoshiarpur: Professor's Centre for Management and Personality Development, 2011.
Quarto HV547.S73 2010 Status of self help groups in West Bengal. Kolkata: SHG Resource Centre, Self Help Group Promotional Forum, 2010.
Quarto HV551.5.B3 S73 2010 Standing orders on disaster. Dhaka: Disaster Management Bureau, 2010.
HV640.5.T5 D427 2011 Desai, Mamata. The Tibetans: their life in exile in India. Kolkata: K P Bagchi & Co., 2011.
HV1484.I42 A34 2010 Ageing: the global phenomena: issues and strategies. New Delhi: Sonali Publications, 2010.
HV6250.4.G57 S5 2010 The sheltering tree: emerging good practices of care and support for victims of trafficking.... Kolkata: Sanlaap, 2010.
HX393.5.M46 2011 Menon, B. K. Who are the Naxals?: a threat to Indian democracy. New Delhi: Murari Lal & Sons, 2011.
HX393.5.M56 2011 Mishra, Raj Kumar. Naxalite-maoist insurgency. Jaipur: Yking Books, 2011.
HX393.8.A67 C43 2011 Chattopadhyay, Suchetana. An early communist: Muzaffar Ahmad in Calcutta, 1913-1929. New Delhi: Tulika Books, 2011.
JC574.2.I4 N46 2011 Neoliberalism, primitive accumulation and politics in India. Delhi: Aakar Books, 2011.
JQ220.S8 F67 2011 Foreign policy, federalism, and international treaties. New Delhi: New Century Publications, 2011.
JQ298.I5 V47 2011 Verma, Neeru. Congress Party in Punjab: a study of its support base and performance. New Delhi: New Academic Publishers, 2011.
JQ628.A91 M85 2010 Multiverse of Nepal's democracy: contents and discontents. Kathmandu: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, 2010.
JQ628.D59 2011 Dixit, Kanak Mani. Peace politics of Nepal: an opinion from within. Lalitpur: Himal Books, 2011.
JS7025.K37 T86 2011 Two decades of new panchayati raj in Karnataka: issues, options and lessons. New Delhi: Published for Institute of Social Sciences by Concept Pub. Co., 2011.
JZ5584.N35 H35 2011 A half decade of peace process (2005 - 2010), its challenges and prospects. [Lalitpur]: Weekly Mirror Publication, 2011.
K1841.A46 G67 2010 Gopalakrishnan, Shankar. Strategies and tools for organising migrant workers. Delhi: Published by Aakar Books in association with SRUTI, 2010.
KNG518.S738 2010 State of the rights of persons with disabilities in Bangladesh, 2010. Dhaka: Disability Rights Watch Group in association with National Forum of Organizations Working with the Disabled, 2010.
KNS1892.K75 2010 Krishnaswamy, Sudhir. Democracy and constitutionalism in India: a study of the basic structure doctrine. New Delhi; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010.
KNT7703.N66 2011 Noorani, Abdul Gafoor Abdul Majeed. Article 370: a constitutional history of Jammu and Kashmir. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2011.
KPK170.F43 2011 Federalism dialogues series. Kathmandu: Centre for Constitutional Dialogue, 2011.
KPS1726.V57 2011 Visvalingam, A. C. Good governance and the rule of law: newspaper contributions made on behalf of the Citizens' Movement for Good Governance, September 2005-March 2011. Colombo: Citizens' Movement for Good Governance: Distributed by Vijitha Yapa Bookshop, 2011.
LA2383.I62 B366 2011 Jha, Sachin. It all adds up: the story of V.K. Bansal. New Delhi: Penguin Books India, 2011.
LG169.H75 K75 2011 Krishna Rao, P. Finances of Open Universities in India. Hyderabad: Booklinks Corp., 2011.
N7304.L8 2010 Luminous journeys: exhibition of paintings and sculptures. New Delhi: Dhoomimal Art Gallery, 2010.
Quarto N7305.U5 2010 Untitled 2010: a group exhibition of eighteen artists: August 28th-September 25th. New Delhi: Art Konsult, [2010]
N7307.B43 B46 2010 Bengal art: new perspectives. Kolkata: Pratikshan, 2010.
N7308.V33 R4 2010 Recent of Baroda, 2010: 28 September-19 October, 2010. New Delhi: Art Konsult, [2010]
Quarto N7310.R34 A4 2008 Rahman, Ram. Bioscope: scenes from an eventful life. [New Delhi]: Bodhi Art, c2008.
N7310.8.B3 P37 2011 Parables: Pavilion of Bangladesh, 54th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2011; 04 June-27 November 2011. Dhaka, Bangladesh: Bengal Foundation, [2011], 2011.
NA6007.G6 G66 2011 Gomes, Paulo Varela. Whitewash, red stone: a history of church architecture in Goa. New Delhi: Yoda Press, 2011.
Quarto NC1833.S722 A58 2011 Anura. Vintage posters of Ceylon. [Colombo]: W.L.H. Skeen & Company, [2011]
ND1004.D47 2010 Rang de: an art auction canvasing colours for a cause: hosted by the Claridges, New Delhi. New Delhi: Dhoomimal Gallery, 2010.
ND1004.M368 2010 Masterclass. New Delhi: Dhoomimal Gallery, [2010?]
Quarto ND1004.M87 2011 The museum collection. New Delhi: Art Konsult, 2011.
ND1004.T46 2010 Ten masters of Indian modern art: exposition of Indian modern art. New Delhi: Dhoomimal Gallery, 2010.
Quarto ND1005.S74 2009 A step: art on sale to eradicate polio. New Delhi: Dhoomimal Gallery, 2009.
Quarto ND1005.S74 2011 A step: art on sale to eradicate polio. New Delhi: Dhoomimal Gallery, [2011]
Quarto ND1005.5.A38 B4 2010 Between ambivalence and criticism: 5 strories from contemporary abstraction, 27 October-17 November 2010. New Delhi: Art Konsult, [2010]
Quarto ND1010.A46 A4 2008 Ahmed, Parvez. Selected works. New Delhi: Dhoomimal Gallery, c2008.
ND1010.G683 A4 2010 Govil, Priyanka. Affinity of desires and landscapes: a solo show. New Delhi: Art Konsult, [2010]
Quarto ND1010.G87 A4 2011 Banaras sum and substance. New Delhi: Dhoomimal Gallery, 2011.
Quarto ND1010.H46 A4 2010 Hem Raj. Revelation: solo exhibition of paintings by Hem Raj: Mumbai, Delhi, 2010. New Delhi: Dhoomimal Gallery, 2010.
Quarto ND1010.K358 A4 2011 Kalra, Vikash. Nostalgia. New Delhi: Visual Art Gallery: Artkonsult, 2011.
Quarto ND1010.S39 A4 2011 Saxena, Siraj. Visible invisible: an exhibition, 30th Dec. 2010 - 20th Jan. 2011. New Delhi: Art Konsult, [2011]
Folio ND1010.7.R39 2011 Raza, Mashkoor. Mashkoor journey. Lahore: Topical Printers, 2011.
ND2829.A4 S46 2011 Sen, Sujit Narayan. The painted romance of Ajanta, Bagh & Badami with seven great Jataka tales. Kolkata: Punthi Pustak, 2011.
Quarto ND2829.T43 S75 2011 Sriraman, P. S. Chola murals: documentation and study of the Chola murals of Brihadisvara temple, Thanjavur. New Delhi: Archaeological Survey of India, 2011.
NK1048.W4 S26 2011 Santara, Tarapada. Folk arts of West Bengal and the artist community. New Delhi: Niyogi Books, 2011.
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Quarto PK1719.R33 2009 Rabindranath Tagore, a journey through the lenses. Kolkata: Rabindra Bharati University, 2009.
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PK1722.A2 2011 Tagore, Rabindranath. The essential Tagore. Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2011.
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PK2648.D5 Z76 2011 Sarma, Nilambara Deva. Ved Pal Deep. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2011.
PK2659.V5 N39 2011 Virak, Kulwant Singh. The new breed. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2011.
PK2903.C42 2011 Chakravarty, Shrutidhara. Studies in Sanskrit literature, culture, and art. Delhi: Pratibha Prakashan, 2011.
PK2916.Z88 2011 Sukla, Ananta Charana. Visvanatha Kaviraja. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2011.
PK5416.S58 2011 Singh, Karan. Dalitism and feminism: locating woman in dalit literature. New Delhi: Creative Books, 2011.
PK6427.6.I5 Q27 2008 Qasmi, Sharif Husain. A history of Indo-Persian literature, 1220-1274 A.H./1806-1857 A.D.. Delhi: Dept. of Persian, University of Delhi, 2008.
PK7035.K38 Y34 2011 Kaul, Hari Krishen. In this metropolis. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2011.
PL4001.B36 B67 2010 Boro, Anil. A history of Bodo literature. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2010.
PL4751.A78 2011 Annamalai, E. Social dimensions of modern Tamil. Chennai: Cre-A:, 2011.
PL4780.9.S64 Z795 2012 Narayana Rao, Velcheru. Srinatha: the poet who made gods and kings. New York: Oxford University Press, c2012.
PN1993.5.I8 G27 2012 Ganti, Tejaswini. Producing Bollywood: inside the contemporary Hindi film industry. Durham: Duke University Press, c2012.
PN2881.N38 2000 Theatre business and management of men: Indian theatre in 2000. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2011.
Quarto PN2884.B43 2011 Theatre Utsav: Bharat Rang Mahotsav, 7-22 January 2011. New Delhi: National School of Drama, 2011.
PR9424.9.A34 D36 2011 Acharya, Gopilal. Dancing to death. Thimphu: Gopilal Acharya, c2011.
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