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Monday, June 18, 2012

Talk: Understanding Taliban: Creating Strategies for Peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Understanding Taliban: Creating Strategies
for Peace in Afghanistan and Pakista

by Andrew Jilani, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor, Smith College

Date: Wednesday, June 20

Time: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Dinner (6:00) featuring vegetarian Pakistani foods.
Presentation (6:45) and discussion.

Place: Faith Mennonite Church, 2720 E. 22nd St., Minneapolis

Fundraiser to support Dr. Jilani's research.
Freewill donations will be accepted.
Everyone welcome!
Please RSVP to faithmc@faithmennonite.org

Dr. Jilani is a Pakistani currently living in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis.
His areas of teaching and research include international development and human rights,
social justice education, and conflict transformation.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - June 2012

Below you can read a list of selected new titles added to the Ames Library of South Asia in May 2012. Or click here to download a copy.

Quarto AM7.R45 2011 Relevance of museum and museology in modern soceity [i.e. society]. Jaipur: Literary Circle, 2011.
B131.R87 2010 Russia looks at India: a spectrum of philosophical views. New Delhi: Indian Council of Philosophical Research and D.K. Printworld, 2010.
B132.V3 B1813 2011 Badarayana. A critical edition of the Brahmasutras: Sanskrit text with translation into English, critical analysis and notes with Sankaracarya's commentary Sarirakamimamsabhasya. New Delhi: New Bharatiya Book Corp., 2011.
BC25.V573 T75 2012 Trikha, Himal. Perspektivismus und Kritik: das pluralistische Erkenntnismodell der Jainas angesichts der Polemik gegen das Vaisesika in Vidyanandins Satyasasanapariksa. Wien: Sammlung de Nobili, Institut fur Sudasien-, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde der Universitat Wien, 2012.
BD431.P38 2011 Pathak, Avijit. The rhythm of life and death. Delhi: Aakar Books, 2011.
BJ123.A45 L6713 2011 Lorha, Kanhaiyalala. Positive non-violence: canonical and practical bases of compassionate aspects of Ahimsa. Jaipur: Prakrit Bharati Academy, 2011.
BJ1661.K85 2010 Kuldeep Singh. Message to youth: a dossier for igniting minds. Jammu: Yak Pub. Channel, 2010.
BL604.M36 H56 2011 Rao, Rekha. Science and golden ratios in Mandala architecture. New Delhi: D.K. Printworld, 2011.
BL1112.27.R45 2011 Religion and literature: Indian perspectives. New Delhi: Kaveri Books, 2011.
BL1113.66.D48 2010 Dey, Sitanath. Indian life culture & value in the Suklayajurveda: a study. Kolkata: Sanskrit Book Depot, 2010.
BL1124.56.M36 2011 Manohar, Mrinalini Vivek. The earlier and later Upanisads: a comparative study. Delhi: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, 2011.
BL1138.27.J674 2011 Joshi, Sunanda Sharad. The trends of philosophical thought in the Mahabharata. Delhi: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, 2011.
BL1175.G245 A25 2008 Ganapati Sacchidaananda, Swami. Glimpses of Bhakti Mala. Mysore: Raga Ragini Trust, 2008.
BL1175.N4255 A3 2011 Nataraja Guru. Autobiography of an Absolutist. New Delhi: D.K. Printworld, 2011.
BL1237.75.M37 2011 Marathe, Anant Balwant. The socio-religious implications of Vanaprastha and Samnyasa. Delhi: New Bharatiya Book Corp., 2011.
BL1243.74.I58 2009 Holy places & pilgrimages: essays on India. New Delhi: Shubhi Publications, 2011.
Quarto BL1243.76.E76 J39 2011 Jayashanker, S. Temples of Ernakulam District. [New Delhi]: Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India, c2011.
BL1325.9.P86 S56 2011 Simha, Pradyumna Saha. Jainism in Punjab. Patiala: Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, 2011.
BL2015.N26 V43 2010 The Vedic heritage: state, nationalism, and environment. Kolkata: Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Samskrita Siksha Samsad, 2010.
BL2016.B46 B36 2011 Bandyopadhyay, Gouri Sankar. Ancestral cult in Bengal: a comparative study. Burdwan: Touchstone Publication, 2011.
BP188.8.I4 S923 2011 Sufism and Indian mysticism. New Delhi: Published by Readworthy Publications on behalf of Zakir Husain Institute of Islamic Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, 2011.
BP530.L83 2012 Lubelsky, Isaac. Celestial India: Madame Blavatsky and the birth of Indian nationalism. Shaffield [England]; Oakville, CT: Equinox Pub., 2012.
BQ286.C43 2011 Chandrashekhar, B. K. A history of Indian Buddhism. New Delhi: Murari Lal & Sons, 2011.
BQ286.V46 2012 Verardi, Giovanni. Hardships and downfall of Buddhism in India. New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2011.
BQ6310.G38 2009 Gautam, Neeraj. Buddha, his life & teachings. New Delhi: Mahaveer & Sons, 2009.
CJ3549.S68 S87 2011 Suresh, S. Beauty in money: numismatic art and technology of early South India: up to and including the Pallava Period. New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2011.
CN1173.S66 N39 2011 Nayaka, Pabitra Mohana. Inscriptions of Orissa: with special reference to Subarnapur. New Delhi: Readworthy Publications, 2011.
D1058.E97 2011 'Euro-Asia' at the crossroads: geopolitics, identities and dialogues / editors, Jyrki Kakonen, Sanjay Chaturvedi, Anita Sengupta. Delhi: Shipra Publications, 2011.
DA625.A36 2011 Ahmad Khan, Sayyid. A voyage to modernism. Delhi: Primus Books, 2011.
Quarto DS331.5.S235 2010a Sixteenth SAARC Summit: 2010 Bhutan. Thimphu: Research & Analysis House, 2011.
DS341.3.S644 E19 2011 Early interactions between South and Southeast Asia: reflections on cross-cultural exchange. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies; New Delhi: Manohar India, 2011.
DS357.6.P18 U53 2012 Under the drones: modern lives in the Afghanistan-Pakistan borderlands. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2012.
DS383.5.A2 R36 2012 Rashid, Ahmed. Pakistan on the brink: the future of America, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. New York: Viking, [2012]
DS395.5.T76 2010 Tribedi, Rabindranatha. Murder, mayhem, and politics in Bangladesh. Dhaka: Kakoli Prakashani, 2010.
DS395.7.R28 Z34 2009 Zahir, Quazi Sajjad Ali. The return of a hero. Dhaka: Quazi Sajjad Ali Zahir, 2009.
DS396.9.D3 A15 2011 400 years of capital Dhaka and beyond. Dhaka: Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2011-
DS432.B3 G38 2011 Gautam, Rajesh K. Baigas: the hunter gatherers of central India. New Delhi: Readworthy Publications, 2011.
DS432.B456 G93 2011 Gyamtso, P. T. The history, religion, culture, and traditions of Bhutia communities. Gangtok, Sikkim: P.T. Gyamtso, 2011.
DS432.D53 M34 2011 Mahapatra, Bhagyalaxmi. Development of a primitive tribe: a study of Didayis. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2011.
DS432.D53 M64 2009 Mohanti, K. K. Didayi. Bhubaneswar: Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes Research and Training Institute, 2009.
DS432.G37 T36 2011 Tambs-Lyche, Harald. Business Brahmins: the Gauda Saraswat Brahmins of South Kanara. New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2011.
DS432.G85 G56 2011 Global Gujarat and its diaspora. New Delhi: Creative Books, 2011.
DS432.J3 B34 2011 Bahadur, Etee. History of Jats: a study of Jats in western Rajasthan. Gurgaon: Shubhi Publications, 2011.
DS432.M84 A356 2011 Ahmed, Farooque. Manipuri Muslims: historical perspectives, 615-2000 CE. New Delhi: Pharos Media & Pub., 2011.
DS432.M84 A36 2011 Ahmed, Mohd. Shakil Essays in sociology: Muslims in Manipur. New Delhi: Institute of Objective Studies, 2011.
DS432.M84 M43 2011 Mehartaj Begum, S. Muslims development in India. New Delhi: Shri Sai Printographers, 2011.
DS432.N3 H35 2011 Haksar, Nandita. ABC of Naga culture & civilization: a resource book. New Delhi: Chicken Neck, 2011.
DS432.5.I57 2011 International and transnational political actors: case studies from the Indian diaspora. New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors: Centre de Sciences Humaines, 2011.
DS433.T56 2009 Time in Indian cultures: diverse perspectives. New Delhi: D.K. Printworld, 2009.
DS442.I34 2008 Warfare and politics in South Asia from ancient to modern times. New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2011.
DS450.A783 P47 2011 Perspectives on transforming India-Central Asia engagement: prospects and issues. New Delhi: Vij Books India, 2011.
DS450.B48 R35 2011 Rajput, Madhu. Indo-Bhutan relations through prism of history. New Delhi: Manak Publications, 2011.
DS450.C6 S566 2011 Sino-Indian relations: challenges and opportunities for 21st century. New Delhi: Published by Pentagon Press in association with Society for Social Empowerment, 2011.
DS450.I7 I45 2011 India and Iran: an assessment of contemporary relations. New Delhi: New Century Publications, 2011.
DS451.S56935 2011 Singh, G. P. The evolution of historiographical tradition in ancient and medieval India. New Delhi: D.K. Printworld, 2011.
DS451.5 I58 2009 Asoka: in history and historical memory. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, 2009.
DS479.N593 2011 Nizami, Zafar Ahmad. The role of Muslims in the Indian freedom struggle, 1857-1947. New Delhi: Institute of Objective Studies: Genuine Publications & Media, 2011-
DS481.G3 D446 2012 Devi Prasad. Gandhi and revolution. New Delhi: Routledge, 2012.
DS481.G3 P397 2011 Peace, non-violence, and Gandhian concerns. Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2011.
DS481.G35 Z82 2011 Building the Ambedkar revolution: Sambhaji Tukaram Gaikwad and the Kokan Dalits. Mumbai: Bhashya Prakashan, 2011.
DS481.Y35 Y35 2011 Yajnik, Indulal Kanaiyalal. The autobiography of Indulal Yagnik. New Delhi: published by Ajay Kumar Jain for Manohar Publishers, 2011.
Quarto DS483.42.C49 2009 Chakravarti, Balaram. Unbreakable India. Kolkata: Self Employment Bureau Publication, 2009-<2010>
DS485.A5565 M43 2011 Medieval Andhradesa, AD 1000-1324. New Delhi: Tulika Books, 2011.
DS485.A87 P73 2012 Prabhakara, M. S. Looking back into the future: identity & insurgency in Northeast India. New Delhi: Routledge, 2012.
DS485.B49 H383 2011 Hatch-Barnwell, Stephen. The last guardian: memoirs of Hatch-Barnwell, ICS of Bengal. Dhaka: University Press, 2011.
DS485.B49 M238 2011 Majumdar, Asok. The Tebhaga movement: politics of peasant protest in Bengal, 1946-50. New Delhi: Aakar Books, 2011.
DS485.G875 V35 2011 Valiani, Arafaat A. Militant publics in India: physical culture and violence in the making of a modern polity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, c2011.
DS485.G88 G48 2012 Ghassem-Fachandi, Parvis. Pogrom in Gujarat: Hindu nationalism and anti-Muslim violence in India. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012.
DS485.K256 S87 2011 Suri, Sat Prakash. The Dogra rulers of Jammu & Kashmir. Gurgaon: Shubhi Publications, 2011.
DS485.K42 J38 2008 Jayakumar, Ke. Kerala, a poem in green and gold. Thiruvananthapuram: Invis Infotech in association with Kerala Tourism: marketing, Culture Vistas Marketing Services, 2008.
DS485.L2 N38 2010 Nawang Tsering. A cultural history of Ladakh. Sabu, Leh--Ladakh: Centre for Research on Ladakh, Solitarian, 2010.
DS485.M48 S55 2009 Singh, N. Birachandra. Seven years' devastation, 1819-1826. Imphal: P.S. Publications, 2009.
DS485.M684 L353 2010 Lalnithanga, P. Emergence of Mizoram. Aizawl: P. Lalnithanga, 2010.
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Quarto DS489.84.P745 2011 Print media coverage of "the last 45 days of the final battle and the immediate aftermath": daily reports from 1st April 2009, to 12th June, 2009. [Kelaniya: Globe Information & Publicity Services,, 2011?]
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