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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - October 2013

Below you can read a list of selected new titles added to the Ames Library of South Asia in September 2013. Or click here to download a copy.

B131.B278 2012 Balslev, Anindita N. Indian conceptual world: philosophical essays. New Delhi: Aditya Prakashan, 2012.
B132.V3 I58 2012 Modern perspectives on Vedanta: proceedings of the 20th International Congress of Vedanta, December 28-31, 2011, JNU, New Delhi. New Delhi: D.K. Printworld, 2012.
BF161.M56 2013 Mind and consciousness: some contemporary perspectives. New Delhi: Akansha Pub. House, 2013.
BL1112.26.S23 2013 Sabdabrahma: wisdom Indologica: Prof. A.C. Sarangi felicitation volume. Delhi: Pratibha Prakashan, 2013.
BL1112.27.S364 2012 Science and technology in ancient Indian texts. New Delhi: D.K. Printworld, 2012.
BL1138.27.S474 2012 Shah, Shalini. The making of womanhood: gender relations in the Mahabharata. New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2012.
BL1214.32.B53 G68 2013 Govindappilla, Pi. The bhakti movement: renaissance or revivalism? / P. Govinda Pillai. Delhi: Aakar Books, 2013.
BL1215.S9 N35 2012 Nakacami, Ira. Vedic roots of Hindu iconography. New Delhi: Kaveri Books, 2012.
Quarto BL1219.V37 2012 Vasanthi, S. Varahaavatara of Visnu in art and literature of Tamil Nadu. Delhi: Rishi Publication, 2012.
Quarto BL1225.B3 R36 2013 Rangaswami, Channarayapatna Venkataramiah. Goddess Bagalamukhi in Indian art, literature & thought. Delhi: Sharada Pub. House, 2013.
BL1239.36.G67 D56 2012 Dimri, D. N. Gopeshwar: mirror of the art of Uttarakhand (Himalaya). New Delhi: Kaveri Books, 2012.
BL1278.545.K3813 2012 The Kaulajnananirnaya: the esoteric teachings of Matsyendrapada (Matsyendranatha) Sadguru of the Yogini Kaula school in the tantra tradition. New Delhi: Aditya Prakashan, 2012.
BL1281.1545.P355 2012 Pandit, Moti Lal. The philosophical and practical aspects of Kasmira Saivism: a study of Trika thought and practice. New Delhi: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, 2012.
BL1314.2.T382 A1 2012 Umasvati. Acarya Prabhacandra's Tattvarthasutra. Mumbai: Hindi Grantha Karyalaya, 2012.
BL2015.P57 P86 2012 Puniyani, Ram. God politics. New Delhi: Vitasta Pub., c2012.
BL2015.R48 M34 2013 McHugh, James. Sandalwood and carrion: smell in premodern Indian religion and culture. New York: Oxford University Press, c2013.
BL2032.K45 K47 2012 Khongkliam, S. S. Religion of the Khasi. Guwahati: DVS Publishers, 2012.
BL2765.I5 S43 2012 Secular India: politics of minorityism. New Delhi: Vitasta Pub.: Marketed and distributed by Times Group Books, c2012.
BP174.H87 2012 Hussain, Syed Shah Asghar. Strings of thoughts. New Delhi: Satyam Pub. House, 2012.
BP194.2.D76 2012 D'Souza, Diane. Shia women: Muslim faith and practice. New Delhi: Zubaan, 2012.
BQ120.D43 2012 Dharmapravicaya: aspects of Buddhist studies: essays in honour of N.H. Samtani. Delhi: Buddhist World Press, 2012.
BQ286.S26 2012 Sarao, K. T. S. The decline of Buddhism in India: a fresh perspective. New Delhi: Munshirm Manoharlal Publishers, 2012.
BQ614.B82 2012 Buddhism in East Asia: aspects of history's first universal religion presented in the modern context. Delhi: Vidyanidhi Prakashan, 2012.
BQ843.S86 2012 Sumedhananda, Ambalangoda, Himi. Gems of Vidyodaya. Colombo: S. Godage & Brothers, 2012.
BQ2910.C3822 E5 2012 Vargis, Matyu. Exploring the Structure of Emptiness: philosophical hermeneutics of the text "Catusstava" of Nagarjuna: translation and interpretation. New Delhi: Sanctum books, 2012.
BQ5572.H67 2012 Horan, Paula. Fierce innocence: the essential road map for living life's purpose in very challenging times, and helping others along the way. Kathmandu: Vajra Publications: Distributor, Vajra Book Shop, c2012.
BT771.3.T36 2013 Tanner, R. E. S. The reciprocated silence: the modern individual and religious misunderstanding. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2013.
BX166.3.K36 2011 Kanjirakkatt, George. Emmanuel Nidiry: the promoter of autonomy and unity of the church of St. Thomas Christians. Kottayam: Oriental Institute of Religious Studies, Dept. of Publications of Paurastya Vidyapitham, 2011.
BX4714.563.M35 2011 Mannooramparampil, Thomas. The history of the formation of the new text of the sacraments in the Syro-Malabar Church. Kottayam: Oriental Institute of Religious Studies, India, Dept. of Publications of Paurastya Vidyapitham, 2011.
CB361.J39 2012 Jayanisha Kurungot. Sanskrit and Indian renaissance: with special reference to Brahmanand Swami Sivayogi. Delhi: New Bharatiya Book Corp., 2012.
CC135.I563 2007 Heritage and development: recent perspectives. New Delhi: INTACH: Distributed by Aryan Books International, 2012.
CJ1391.R285 2013 Raja Reddy, D. Kotalingala coins. Delhi: B.R. Pub. Corp., 2013.
CJ3536.H358 2012 Handa, Devendra. Numismatic gleanings. Delhi: Agam Kala Prakashan, 2012.
CJ3547.R35 2011 Rajgor, Dilip. Standard guide to coin sets of India: including proof sets, UNC sets & special mint sets, 1950-2011. Mumbai: Reesha Books International; Delhi: Distributors, Hobby Books Centre, 2011.
CT34.I4 S28 2011 Satyanarayana, Y. B. My father Baliah. New Delhi: HarperCollins Publishers India, a joint venture with The India Today Group, 2011.
CT1507.N67 M85 2012 Mukherjee, Sumitra. Heroes of North East India. New Delhi: Manas Publications, c2012.
DK771.A25 A48 2012 Altai-Himalaya: two foundations of Eurasia. New Delhi: Satyam Pub. House, 2012.
DR25.S68 2011 Southern Slavs and India: relations in oral tradition. Calcutta: Sampark, 2011.
DS341.R475 2012 Revisiting contemporary South Asia: politics, economics, and security. New Delhi: Pentagon Press, 2012.
DS383.5.I5 S53 2013 Siddiqi, Asif. The reunion of India and Pakistan: together forever. New Delhi: Promilla & Co. Publishers, 2013.
Quarto DS407.P483 2012 Playne, Somerset. Bengal and Assam, Behar and Orissa: their history, people, commerce, and industrial resources. New Delhi: Asian Educational Services, 2012.
DS418.A88 2012 Aruna Kumara. Historical tradition of India and archaeology: an integrated study. Delhi: Rishi Publication, 2012.
DS422.C3 S375 2010 Development of scheduled castes in India: issues and challenges. New Delhi: Serials Publications, 2012.
DS422.C3 S5223 2012 Sharma, T. L. Origin of untouchability. Delhi: B.R. Pub. Corp., 2012.
DS432.C4845 B43 2012 Bhasin, Veena. A desert in the sky: life on an edge among the Changpas of Changthang. Delhi: Kamla-Raj Enterprises, 2012.
DS432.G34 M385 2013 Marak, Shallindro R. Liberation in the Garo religious tradition. New Delhi: Lakshi Publisher's & Distributors, 2013.
DS432.M84 M878 2013 Muslims in urban India: development and exclusion. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company, 2013.
DS432.M84 P863 2013 Puniyani, Ram. Muslims in Indian democracy. Delhi: Kalpaz Publications, 2013.
DS432.N46 S49 2012 Sexuality: an empowerment perspective. Kathmandu: Shtrii Shakti, 2012.
DS432.Y47 S63 2011 Social history of Tamil Vaagri. Chennai: National Folklore Support Centre, 2011.
DS436.A87 2012 Aspects of Indian history and culture. New Delhi: Kaveri Books, 2012.
DS448.T43 2012 Tharoor, Shashi. Pax Indica: India and the world of the 21st century. New Delhi: Allen Lane, 2012.
DS449.A84 2012 ASEAN India: progress & prosperity: documents. New Delhi: Published by ASEAN Multilateral Division, Ministry of External Affairs in coop. with Geetika Publishers, 2012.
DS450.B3 H33 2012 Habib, Haroon. Looking beyond boundaries: India-Bangladesh relations, war crimes trial, Islamist militancy. Dhaka: Shahitya Prakash, 2012.
DS450.C6 I5229 2012 India-China relations: changing profile in the 21st century. New Delhi: Gyan Pub. House, 2012.
DS450.C6 I52292 2012 India-China relations: civilizational perspective. New Delhi: Manak Publications, 2012.
DS450.S72 C42 2012 Chand, Gurnam. Dynamics of India-Sri Lanka relationship: since independence. New Delhi: Swastik Publications, 2012.
DS480.45.H363 2013 Hasan, Mushirul. Faith and freedom: Gandhi in history. New Delhi: Niyogi Books, 2013.
DS480.83.S49 2011 Sezhiyan, Era. Parliament for the people. New Delhi: Institute of Social Sciences, 2011.
DS480.853.D76 2013 Dubey, Muchkund. India's foreign policy: coping with the changing world. Delhi: Pearson, c2013.
DS480.853.S5783 2012 Singh, Jaswant. The audacity of opinion: reflections, journeys, musings. New Delhi: Amaryllis, 2012.
DS481.A1 V47 2013 Verma, Shiv. Reminiscences of fellow revolutionaries. Chandigarh: Unistar Books, 2013.
DS481.A43 J33 2013 Ambedkarism: essays on select economic and cultural issues. Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2013.
DS481.G3 S4598 2012 Seven social sins: the contemporary relevance. New Delhi: Allied Publishers, 2012.
DS481.G3 S853 2012 Suhrud, Tridip. Reading Gandhi in two tongues and other essays. Shimla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study, 2012.
DS481.G36 R35 2013 Rakottaman, Ke. Conspiracy to kill Rajiv Gandhi: from CBI files. New Delhi: Manas Publications, 2013.
DS481.N3 K38 2013 Kar, Purnendu Kumar. Jayaprakash Narayan's concept of total revolution and its practice, 1974-1979. Nagpur: Dattsons, 2013.
DS481.S535 A3 2012 Simha, Arjuna. A grain of sand in the hourglass of time: an autobiography. New Delhi: Hay House Publishers (India), c2012.
DS481.S5513 B73 2012 Brass, Paul R. An Indian political life: Charan Singh and Congress politics, 1957 to 1967: regionalism, discontent, and decline of the congress. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications, 2012.
DS483.3.S53 2012 Sharma, Dhritiman. Glimpses of Northeast India archaeology. Guwahati: EBH Publishers (India), 2012.
DS483.4 S56 2012 Singh, Aheibam Koireng. Removing the veil: issues in Northeast conflict. New Delhi: Essential Books, 2012.
DS483.42.R35 2011 Rajkumar, Falguni. Rainbow people: reinventing Northeast India. New Delhi: Manas Publications, 2011.
DS483.5.P76 2012 Problems of hill areas in North-East India. New Delhi: Maxford Books, 2012.
DS484.4.P46 2012 Penny, F. E. Southern India: with 50 coloured illustrations. New Delhi: Asian Educational Services, 2012.
DS485.A87 P378 2013 Pathak, Niranjan Ch. History and historiography of Assam. New Delhi: Lakshi Publisher's & Distributors, 2013.
DS485.A88 M285 2012 Mahaphuja Ullaha. ULFA & the insurgency in Assam. Dhaka: Adorn Publication, 2012.
Quarto DS485.G25 D83 2012 Dube, Sitarama. Pakkakot: some new archaeological dimensions of mid-Ganga Plain. Delhi: Rishi Publication, 2012.
DS485.J25 V57 2013 Visionary, vision and wisdom: select speeches from palace archives Jaipur. Jaipur: M.S. Man Singh II Museum Trust, 2013.
DS485.K25 L39 2012 Lawrence, Walter R. An account of Kashmir, Ladakh, Baltistan, Gilgit & Jammu: provincial series. Srinagar: Published by Jaykay Books for Jay Kay Book Shop, 2012.
DS485.K25 M84 2012 Muhammad, Zahid G. Kashmir story: hope and despair. Srinagar: Gulshan Books: Distributor, Sheikh Mohammad Usman & Sons, 2012.
DS485.M48 S63 2012 Social history of Manipur. New Delhi: Sunmarg Publishers & Distributors, 2012.
DS485.M49 L35 2012 Laishram, Dhanabir. The response: peace and development in NE in general Manipur in particular. Delhi: Akansha Pub. House, 2012.
DS485.N27 C2813 2013 Candola, Hariscandra. The Naga story: first armed struggle in India. New Delhi: Chicken Neck, 2013.
DS485.N27 K33 2012 Kabi, Kh. Naga peace process and media. Guwahati: EBH Publishers (India), 2012.
DS485.R23 A63 2012 Archaeology, museology, and conservation: a review Jaipur: Literary Circle, 2012.
DS485.U693 U68 2012 Uttarakhand: various dimensions. New Delhi: Anamika Publishers & Distributors, 2012.
DS486.G38 A43 2013 Past of the present: a historical quest. Guwahati: DVS Publishers, 2013.
DS489.58.S72 T548 2012 Ties that bind: Canadian-Sri Lankan partnerships. Colombo: Ingrid Knutson, 2012.
DS489.84.H435 2012 Healing the wounds: rebuilding Sri Lanka after the war. Colombo: International Centre for Ethnic Studies, 2012.
DS489.84.P677 2012 Post conflict Sri Lanka: rebuilding of the society. New Delhi: Vij Books India, 2012.
DS490.A2 N33 2011 Nadaraja, Luxshman. Sri Pada: peak heritage of Lanka. [Sri Lanka]: Sarala Fernando & Luxshmanan Nadaraja, 2011.
DS490.K25 M36 2011 Manivasakan, S. Kachchativu: issues and challenges. [Chennai]: Centre for South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of Madras, 2011.
DS495.5.H34 2012 Hagen, Toni. Decentralization and development: the role of democratic principles: some comparisons between Switzerland and Nepal in the fields of tourism, hydropower and infrastructure. Kathmandu: Ratna Pustak Bhandar, 2012.
Quarto DS495.6.E26 2011 Economic models during political transitions. Kathmandu, Nepal: Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation, 2011.
DS740.5.I5 C45 2012 China's military and India. New Delhi: Pentagon Press, 2012.
DS786.H328 2011 A handbook on Tibet: basic information. New Delhi: India Tibet Coordination Office, 2011.
DS889.16.S27 2013 Sareen, Tilak Raj. India and the allied occupation of Japan, 1945-1952. New Delhi: Life Span Publishers & Distributors, 2013.
DU122.E17 B75 2013 Bridging imaginations: South Asian diaspora in Australia. New Delhi: Published by Readworthy Publications in association with Australia-India Interdisciplinary Research Network, 2013.
E184.E2 D37 2012 Das, Ashidhara. Desi dreams: Indian immigrant women build lives across two worlds. Delhi: Primus Books, 2012.
G155.N35 U63 2011 Upadhyay, Rudra Prasad. Women in Nepalese tourism: opportunities and challenges. Varanasi: Pilgrims Pub., c2011.
G155.S48 M35 2012 Mallaha, Mukhtiyaru Ahmadu. Potential of tourism in Sindh: cultural, ecological and spiritual. Karachi: Maktaba-e-Faridi, 2012.
G2283.M32 P3 2012 Pandya, Alpa Kausika. Mahesana & Patan district atlas. Amdavad: Akshara Prakashan: Distributors, Anada Prakashan, 2012, c2011.
G2283.S94 P3 2012 Pandya, Alpa Kausika. Surat, Tapi & the Dang district atlas. Amdavad: Akshara Prakashan: Distributors, Anada Prakashan, 2012, c2011
GE160.I4.C43 2012 Chainani, Shyam. Nhava & Sheva: battling for the environment: oil, ports and the coastline. New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2012.
GF662.K43 M36 2013 Man in biosphere: a case study of Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve. Kolkata: Anthropological Survey of India; New Delhi: Gyan Pub. House, 2013.
GN17.3.I4 A557 2012 Anthropology and society: issues and applications. New Delhi: Northern Book Centre, c2012.
GN429.B437 2011 Bharati Debi. Indigenous knowledge. Kolkata: Anthropological Survey of India, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, 2011.
GN635.I4 D2556 2012 Das, Madhushree. Tribal women of Assam: a social geographic perspective. Guwahati: EBH Publishers (India), 2012.
GN635.I4 D88 2012 Dutta, Partha. Tribes of North Bengal: culture, society, and politics with special reference to West Dinajpur. Kolkata: Progressive Publishers, 2012.
GN635.I4 T648 2013 Traditional wisdom and sustainable living: a study on the Indian tribal societies. New Delhi: Gyan Pub. House, 2013.
Quarto GN635.I4 T75 2012 Tribal religions. New Delhi: Published by Centre for Studies in Civilizations for the Project of History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture: Distributed by Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, 2012.
GR305.5.K27 S26 2011 Sankunni, Kottarattil. Aithihyamaala: the great legends of Kerala. Kozhikode: Mathrubhumi Books, 2011.
GR305.5.M34 K38 2012 Kaushik, Jai Narain. Folk tales from the land of Mahabharata. Delhi: Shipra Publications, 2012.
GR305.7.K45 S95 2011 Syiem, Esther. The oral discourse in Khasi folk narrative. Guwahati: EBH Publishers, India, 2011.
GV1693.B36 2012 Banerjee, Utpal K. Celebration of Indian classical dances. Gurgaon: Shubhi Publications, 2012.
Quarto HA4581.5 2011 Census of India, 2011. Series 1, India. New Delhi: Registrar General and Census Commissioner, 2012-<2013>
Quarto HA4587.B53 C46 2012 Census of India, 2011. Series 11, Bihar. Patna: Directorate of Census Operations, Bihar, c2012-
Quarto HA4587.C44 P76 2012 Provisional population totals, paper 2, volume 1 of 2011: rural-urban distribution. [Raipur]: Directorate of Census Operations, Chhattisgarh, c2012.
Quarto HA4587.C44 P76 2012 Provisional population totals, paper 2, volume 2 of 2011: rural-urban distribution. [Raipur]: Directorate of Census Operations, Chhattisgarh, c2012.
Quarto HA4587.G84 C47 2012 Census of India, 2011. Series 25, Gujarat. Gandhinagar: Directorate of Census Operations, Gujarat, c2012-
Quarto HA4587.K377 C46 2012 Census of India, 2011. Series 30, Karnataka. Bangalore: Directorate of Census Operations, Karnataka, c2012-
Quarto HA4587.M32 C473 2011 Census of India, 2011. Series 24, Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal: Directorate of Census Operations, Madhya Pradesh, c2012-
Quarto HA4587.U84 C47 2011 Census of India, 2011. Series 6, Uttarakhand. Paper. Dehradun: Directorate of Census Operation, Uttarakhand, c<2011>
HB615.C43 2013 Chandra Mohan. Making entrepreneurs: lessons from a lifetime. New Delhi: Gyan Pub. House, 2013.
HB2099.M837 2013 Mukherji, Shekhar. Migration in India: links to urbanization, regional disparities, and development policies. Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2013.
HC412.M34 2012 Markets and indigenous peoples in Asia: lessons from development projects. New Delhi: Institute for Human Development: Oxford University Press, 2012.
HC425.D57 2013 District & VDC profile of Nepal 2013. Kathmandu: Intensive Study and Research Center, c2013.
HC425.N3796 2012 Nepal 2030: a vision for peaceful and prosperous nation. Kathmandu: South Asia Regional Coordination Office of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research and Dept. of Development Studies, Kathmandu University, 2012.
Quarto HC425.N474 2012 Profiles of development partners. Kathmandu: Govt. of Nepal, Ministry of Finance, 2012.
Quarto HC425.Z9 P676 2011 Proceedings of Nepal country workshop on environments of the poor in the context of climate change and the economy. Kathmandu: National Planning Commission, 2011.
HC435.3.C75 2012 A critical decade: policies for India's development. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2012.
HC435.3.D96 2013 The dynamics of development in North-East India. Delhi: Bookwell, 2013.
HC435.3.G75 2012 Growth, development, and diversity: India's record since liberalization. New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2012.]--http://catdir.loc.gov/catdir/enhancements/fy1301/2012406460-t.html
HC437.B54 C43 2013 The challenge of inclusive development in rural Bihar. New Delhi: Published by Institute of Human Development in association with Manak Publications, 2013.
HC437.G67 T59 2012 Tiwari, Ajeet Kumar. A study of economic development of backword [i.e. backward] district in backdrop of its flood proneness. Delhi: Nirmal Publications, 2012.
HC437.M33 Q47 2013 Quest for development in Manipur: continuity, constraints, and contradictions. New Delhi: Published for Centre for Alternative Discourse, Manipur by Concept Pub. Co., 2013.
HC440.P6 P68 2013 Poverty and social exclusion in India: issues and challenges. Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2013.
HC440.8.B3462 Bangladesh at 40 changes and challenges. Dhaka: A.H. Development Publishing House; Kolkata Distributed in India, Atlas Enterprise, 2012.
HC440.8.H354 2012 Halim, Abdul. Bangladesh progresses. Dhaka: Saravritta Prakashan, 2012.
HD1698.I42 M336 2011 Mukerjee, Aniruddhe. Water budgeting: a tool for water management in slums. New Delhi: WaterAid India, 2011.
Quarto HD1698.S64 2013 Water and sanitation in the media: a collection of stories by South Asian journalists. Karachi: Wash Media--South Asia, [2013]
HD5710.85.I4 R54 2012 Right to work and rural India: working of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). New Delhi; Thousand Oaks: SAGE, 2012.
HD6073.T42 I425 2012 Baluchamy, S. Women in textile industry: problems and prospects. New Delhi: Mittal Publications, 2012.
HD6189.A38 2012 Agrawal, Meenu. Rural women workers in India's unorganized sector. New Delhi: New Century Publications, 2012.
HD6250.S682 E57 2012 Enslaved innocence: child labour in South Asia. Delhi: Primus Books, 2012.
Quarto HD6276.52.B3 N38 2011 Conference proceedings of the National Conference on Teaching & Learning at Tertiary Level in Bangladesh, December 30, 2011: "employability focus in higher education: the what, why, and how?". Dhaka: Daffodil International University, 2011.
Quarto HD7049.9.N47 2011 Nepal living standards survey, 2010/11: highlights. Kathmandu: Govt. of Nepal, National Planning Commission Secretariat, Central Bureau of Statistics, 2011.
HD7049.9.N47 2011 Nepal living standards survey, 2010/11: statistical report. Kathmandu: Central Bureau of Statistics, National Planning Commission Secretariat, Govt. of Nepal, 2011.
HD8039.T182 B365 2012 Tea workers' movement in the Surma valley: a history and perspective. Dhaka: Ittadi Grantha Prokash, 2012.
HD9502.P182 A43 2012 Alahdad, Ziad. Pakistan's energy sector: from crisis to crisis: breaking the chain. Islamabad: Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, 2012.
HD9698.A762 E44 2012 Emerging Asian nuclear environment: implications for India. New Delhi: Published by Lancer's Books in association with Indian Pugwash Society, 2012.
HD9698.I42 P47 2013 Perspectives on nuclear strategy of India and Pakistan. Delhi: Kalpaz Publications, 2013.
HE326.A43 2012 Alam, Mohammad Monir. Revival of the Silk Route: growing role of India. New Delhi: Lancer's Books, 2012.
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HQ1236.5.I4 J36 2012 Jamir, Toshimenla. Women and politics in Nagaland: challenges and imperatives. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2012.
HQ1236.5.I4 M332 2012 Mahajan, Anupama Puri. Empowerment of women in panchayati raj institutions. New Delhi: Anamika Publishers & Distributors, 2012.
HQ1236.5.I4 S54 2012 Sheaf of development issues: women, agriculture, human resources. New Delhi: Global Research Publications, 2012.
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