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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Middle East Courses - Fall 2015

Middle East & Related Topics

Ancient Iran (HIST3503, RELS3709): Iraj Bashiri

Anthropology of the Middle East (ANTH 3021W/ANTH 5021W):  William Beeman

Arab Diaspora in Media (ALL3920 Section 002) Joseph Farag

Art of Islam (ARTH 3015W): Catherine Asher

Cultures of the Silk Road (ALL3872, HIST3504): Iraj Bashiri

Islam: Religion and Culture (ALL 3871, HIST 3493, RELS 3712):  Nabil Matar

The Islamic World (RELS3711): Abdi Samatar

Middle Eastern Languages

Beginning Arabic (ARAB 1101/ARAB 4101):  Katrien Vanpee

Intermediate Arabic (ARAB 3101/ARAB 4121):  Katrien Vanpee

Advanced Arabic (ARAB 5101):  Katrien Vanpee

Beginning Persian (PERS 1011)


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