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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - March 2015


MARCH 2015
Listing books added in February
Psychoanalysis, culture, and religion: essays in honour of Sudhir Kakar. (New Delhi: Oxford University Press 2014.)
            Ames Library   BF173.P77534 2014

All the best: imagine, explore and implement. Sakya, Karna. (Kathmandu: Buddhamaya Publication, 2014)
            Ames Library   BJ1668.N47 S25 2014

Vedic and Sanskrit historical linguistics. (Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers 2014.)
            Ames Library   BL1112.56.W67 2014

Personality development in Sanskrit literature.  (New Delhi: Kaveri Books, 2014)
            Ames Library   BL1147.P47 2014

Patriarchal world view of Hinduism in Sri Lanka. Thiruchandran, Selvy, (Colombo: Women's Education and Research Centre, 2012)
            Ames Library   BL1160.3.T45 2012

Sikhism in the service of humanity. Dass, Harnam. (Chandigarh: Unistar Books, 2013)
            Ames Library   BL2018.D37 2013

Islam in Orissa: a fascinating socio-cultural study. Yamin, Mohammed, (New Delhi: Readworthy Publications, 2014)
            Ames Library   BP63.I42 O759 2014

Therigatha: poems of the first Buddhist women.  (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2015)
            Ames Library   BQ1452.E5 H35 2015

Tibetan nuns: the status of exiled Tibetan nuns in India.  (Dharamsala: Tibetan Women's Association, 2009)
            Ames Library   BQ6150.T53 2009

A study on the Ratnagotravibhāga (Uttaratantra): being a treatise on the Tathāgatagarbha theory of Mahāyāna Buddhism: including a critical introduction, a synopsis of the text, a translation from the original Sanskrit text, in comparision [i.e. comparison] with its Tibetan & Chinese versions, critical notes, appendixes and indexes. (Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers 2014.)
            Ames Library   BQ7374.T35 2014

The precepts of the Dharmakaya: translation of The twenty-one little nails: the root text and its commentary from The Zhang-Zhung Nyän-Gyüd. Reynolds, John Myrdhin, (Kathmandu, Nepal: Vajra Books, 2014)
            Ames Library   BQ7980.2.R48 2014

God's own death. Kotwal, Raj, (Gangtok: Dr. M.R. Kotwal, 2012)
            Ames Library   BQ982.A527 K68 2012

Pioneering exploration in inter-religious dialogue: selected essays. De Silva, Lynn A., (Colombo: Ecumenical Institute for Study and Dialogue, 2013)
            Ames Library   BR128.B8 D355 2013

The history of Christianity in Ceylon, 1796-1903: special reference to Protestant Missions. Fernando, Celestine, (Colombo: Ecumenical Institute for Study and Dialogue, 2013)
            Ames Library   BV2470.S72 F47 2013

Shared values: hierarchy and affinity in a Latin Catholic community of South India. Benteler, Miriam. (New Delhi: Ajay Kumar Jain for Monahar Publishers & Distributors, 2014)
            Ames Library   BX1644.3.C44 B46 2014

The beast: a liberation theology for Tamils. Perera, Mario, (Colombo: S. Godage & Brothers, 2014)
            Ames Library   BX1793.P47 2014

Maritime archaeology and shipwrecks off Goa. Tripati, Sila, (New Delhi: Kaveri Books 2014.)
            Ames Library   CC77.U5 T75 2014

Alphabetical index to the registers of marriages at the Dutch Reformed Church at Wolvendaal, Colombo, 1709-1936 A.D. S.A.W. Mottau.  (Colombo: Department of National Archives of Sri Lanka, under The Netherlands-Sri Lanka Mutual Cultural Heritage Project, 2012)
            Ames Library  Quarto CS1218.C65 A47 2012

The internationalist moment: South Asia, worlds, and world views, 1917-39.  (New Delhi, India: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd, 2015)
            Ames Library   DS340.I58 2015

Ruptures and repairs in South Asia: historical perspectives.  (Kathmandu: Martin Chautari, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS341.R87 2013

Stability and growth in South Asia. (New Delhi: Published by Pentagon Press in association with Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, 2014)
            Ames Library   DS341.S643 2012

Gilgit Baltistan: between hope and despair. Singh, Priyanka (New Delhi: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS392.G54 S56 2013

Art and craft of Harappans: seals, sealing and scripts. Sharma, Deo Prakash, (New Delhi: Kaveri Books in association with Devangana Prakashan, Noida, 2014)
            Ames Library  Quarto DS425.S337 2014

Monolithic pillars of the Gupta period. Tiwary, Sachin Kumar, (Delhi: BR Pub Corp 2014.)
            Ames Library   DS425.T59 2014

Dual identity: Indian diaspora and other essays: studies presented to Ravindra K. Jain. Sharma, Renuka Singh.  (Hyderabad: Orient Blackswan Private Limited, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS432.5.D83 2013

History of the Jats: the well researched history of one hundred and one Jat sub-castes (goters). Duleha, Hushiāra Siṅgha, (Ludhiana: Lahore Books, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS432.J3 D8413 2013

Islamic reform and colonial discourse on modernity in India: socio-political and religious thought of Vakkom Moulavi. Abraham, Jose, (New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
            Ames Library   DS432.M65 M383 2014

Honouring national leaders: statues and portraits in parliament complex.  (New Delhi: Lok Sabha Secretariat 2011.)
            Ames Library   DS434.H76 2011

Remembering stalwarts: biographical sketches of scholars from Archaeological Survey of India. Ray, Purnima, (New Delhi: Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, 2014)
            Ames Library  Quarto DS435.5.R39 2014

Asymmetrical threat perceptions in India-China relations. Fang, Tien-sze, (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2014)
            Ames Library   DS450.C5 F36 2014

India-Japan relations in emerging Asia. New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors 2013.)
            Ames Library   DS450.J3 I53 2013

India-Malaysia relations in the post cold war period: from indifference to cordiality. Ghosh, Anjana, (Kolkata: Minerva Associates (Publications), 2014)
            Ames Library   DS450.M4 G46 2014

Indo-Pak relations. Syed, Muzaffar Husain, (New Delhi: Orange Books International, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS450.P18 S94 2013

India-US partnership: Asian challenges & beyond.  (New Delhi: Wisdom Tree in association with The Heritage Foundation, 2014)
            Ames Library   DS450.U6 I53 2014

The socio-political life of India in the age of the Purāṇas. Barthakuria, Apurba Chandra, (Kolkata: Punthi Pustak, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS451.B346 2013

Imperial Kushanas in Uttar Pradesh. Prasad, Pallavi, (Delhi: Shivalik Prakashan, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS451.P73 2013

History of provisional Government of Azad Hind. Harkirat Singh, (Chandigarh: Unistar Books, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS463.H375 2013

Gender and violence in British India: the road to Amritsar, 1914-1919. McLain, Robert. (New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
            Ames Library   DS480.4.M35 2014

Communications, media and the imperial experience: Britain and India in the twentieth century. Kaul, Chandrika, (Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
            Ames Library   DS480.45.K349 2014

Ramparts of empire: British imperialism and India's Afghan frontier, 1918-1948. Marsh, Brandon, (Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)
            Ames Library   DS480.45.M378 2015

Hindu nationalism and the evolution of contemporary Indian security: portents of power. Ogden, Chris. (New Delhi: Oxford University Press 2014.)
            Ames Library   DS480.45.O33 2014

Muslim political discourse in postcolonial India: monuments, memory, contestation. Ahmed, Hilal, (New Delhi: Routledge, 2014)
            Ames Library   DS480.84.A46 2014

Uneasy neighbours: India and China after 50 years of the war. Ram Madhav, (New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications, 2014)
            Ames Library   DS480.85.R26 2014

Resurgent India: glimpses of Rajiv Gandhi's vision of India. Achary, P. D. T., (New Delhi: Pentagon Press, 2014)
            Ames Library   DS481.G316 A43 2014

Splendours of the Betwa Valley heritage.  (New Delhi: Bookwell 2012.)
            Ames Library   DS485.B48 S65 2012

Glories of Marwar and the glorious Rathors. Reu, Viśveśvaranātha, (Jodhpur: Maharaja Mansingh Pustak Prakash Research Centre, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS485.J6 R47 2013

New dimensions in Tamil epigraphy: select papers from the symposia held at EPHE-SHP, Paris in 2005, 2006 and a few invited papers. (Chennai: Cre-A, 2012)
            Ames Library   DS485.M275 T34 2005

Lokneta: Gopinath Munde.  (Pune: Ameya Prakashan, 2010)
            Ames Library   DS485.M348 L654 2010

Mithila: rich heritage: proud identity.  (New Delhi: Readers Press, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS485.M68 M579 2013

Behind closed doors: politics of Punjab, Haryana and the emergency. Chum, B. K., (New Delhi, India: Hay House Publishers (India), 2014)
            Ames Library   DS485.P87 C49 2014

50 years after Daojali-Hading: emerging perspectives in the archaeology of Northeast India: essays in honour of Tarun Chandra Sharma.  (New Delhi: Research India Press, 2014)
            Ames Library  Quarto DS486.N67 A16 2014

Buddhism at Sārnāth. Singh, Anand (Delhi: Primus Books, 2014)
            Ames Library   DS486.S3 S56 2014

Heritage Shillong. Banerjee, Dipankar, (Shillong: Jeewan Ram Mungi Devi Goenka Public Charitable Trust, 2012)
            Ames Library   DS486.S473 B35 2012

Shillong canvas. Banerjee, Dipankar, (Shillong: Jeewan Ram Mungi Dev Public Charitable Trust, 2012)
            Ames Library   DS486.S473 B36 2012

Memoir of Daniel Overbeek, Governor of Ceylon, 1742-1743: for his successor, Julius Stein van Gollenesse, 22nd April, 1743. Overbeek, Daniel, (Colombo: Department of National Archives of Sri Lanka under the Sri Lanka-Netherlands Cultural Co-operation Programme, 2009)
            Ames Library   DS489.7.O84 2009

Sri Lanka's armed conflict: a collection of articles. Ladduwahetty, Neville S., (Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2014)
            Ames Library   DS489.84.L35 2014

1975-2014 Sri Lanka. Seneviratne, Malinda, ([Colombo]: Centre for Reconciliation and Co-existence, 2013)
            Ames Library  Quarto DS489.84.S464 2013

Chamal Rajapaksa. Silva, Punya de, (Colombo: D.A Rajapaksa Foundation, 2013.)
            Ames Library  Quarto DS489.86.C43 P86 2013

Nepal, a photographic journey: 1962-2007. Prindle, Peter Hodge, (Kathmandu, Nepal: Ratna Pustak Bhandar, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS493.42.P75 2013

Vision: on foreign affairs.  (Kathmandu: International Concern Centre, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS495.58.V57 2013

A revolt of the natives of Goa, 1787: the forgotten martyrs. Pinto, Celsa, (Panjim: Broadway Publishing House, 2013)
            Ames Library   DS498.7.P567 2013

Atlas on primary census abstract, India.  ([New Delhi]: Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, 2013)
            Ames Library  Flat  G2281.E2 I63 2013

Indian glass beads: archaeology to ethnography. Kanungo, Alok Kumar. (New Delhi: Research India Press 2014.)
            Ames Library  Quarto GN799.G53.K36 2014

National population and housing census, 2011: caste/ethnicity & language.  (Kathmandu: Govt. of Nepal National Planning Commission Secretariat Central Bureau of Statistics 2013.)
            Ames Library  Quarto HA4570.9.A4 2011 N38 2013

Paradoxes of rationality and norms of human behavior.  (New Delhi: Manak Publications 2014.)
            Ames Library   HB21.P37 2014

Population and reproductive health in India: an assessment of the current situation and future needs. Jejeebhoy, Shireen J., (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2014)
            Ames Library   HB3639.P67 2014

Panorama of development: challenges ahead.  (New Delhi: Concept Pub Co 2014.)
            Ames Library   HC427.92.P36 2014

Fifty years of development thinking: silver jubilee lecture. Desai, Meghnad, (New Delhi: Institute of Social Sciences, 2012)
            Ames Library   HC435.2.D444 2012

The emerging big picture: making sense of India's economy.  (New Delhi: Academic Foundation 2014.)
            Ames Library   HC435.3.E44 2014

India's policy milieu: economic development, planning and industry. Goyal, S. K. (New Delhi: Published by Academic Foundation in association with Institute for Studies in Industrial Development 2014.)
            Ames Library   HC435.3.G69 2014

Fifth economic census 2005, Meghalaya.  (Shillong: Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Government of Meghalaya, 2006)
            Ames Library  Quarto HC437.M4 F57 2006

North East India: the human landscape.  (New Delhi: Concept Pub Co 2014.)
            Ames Library   HC437.N57 N67 2014

Regional disparity in India. Palai, Nirod K. (New Delhi: Avon Publications 2014.)
            Ames Library   HC437.O7 P35 2014

Development failure and identity politics in Uttar Pradesh.  (New Delhi, India: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd, 2014)
            Ames Library   HC437.U6 D4856 2014

The pattern and determinants of poverty in rural Bangladesh, 2000-2010. Osmani, Siddiqur Rahman, (Dhaka: Institute of Microfinance, 2013)
            Ames Library   HC440.8.Z9 O86 2013

Governance of commons and livelihood security. (Ranchi, Jharkhand, India: Xavier Institute of Social Service 2013.)
            Ames Library   HD1286.I58 2012

All India Kisan Sabha, 33rd All India Conference: 24th-27th July, 2013, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu: documents. All India Kisan Sabha. Conference (New Delhi: All India Kisan Sabha, 2013)
            Ames Library   HD1486.I5 A44 2013

Running water in India's cities: a review of five recent public-private partnership initiatives.  ([New Delhi]: Water and Sanitation Program; 2014)
            Ames Library  Quarto HD1698.I4 R85 2014

Alternative approaches to small tank/cascade rehabilitation: socio-economic and institutional perspective. Aheeyar, M. M. M., (Colombo: Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute, 2013)
            Ames Library  Quarto HD2065.8.A34 2013

Rural non-farm sector employment: trends, determinants and policy options. Kanupriya (New Delhi: Satyam Pub House 2014.)
            Ames Library   HD5820.U88 K36 2014

Debating transformation.  (Kathmandu: Published by General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions in association with the Swedish Trade Union Confederation c2013.)
            Ames Library   HD6805.9.D43 2013

Final report on the survey and settlement operation in the district of Malda 1928-1935. Carter, M. O. (Siliguri: NL Publishers 2013.)
            Ames Library   HD879.M35 C37 2013

Indigo rebellion: a selections (1859-1862).  (Kolkata: Dey's Pub 2012.)
            Ames Library   HD9019.I32 I4 2012

Crusader or conspirator?: Coalgate and other truths. Parakh, P. C. (New Delhi: Manas Publications 2014.)
            Ames Library   HD9556.I4 P37 2014

The Odyssey of power in India. Sahai, I. M. (New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications 2010.)
            Ames Library   HD9685.I42 S24 2010

Asset accumulation and poverty dynamics in rural Bangladesh: the role of microcredit. Osmani, Siddiqur Rahman, (Dhaka: Institute of Microfinance, 2012)
            Ames Library   HG187.B3 O86 2012

The life and works of Maharshi Vitthal Ramji Shindé (1873-1944). Pavāra, Go. Mā., (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi 2013.)
            Ames Library   HN690.M25 P38 2013

Human rights as practice: dalit women securing livelihood entitlements in South India. Mangubhai, Jayshree P., (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2014)
            Ames Library   HQ1236.5.I4 M359 2014

Pooling knowledge on gender and planning: a report of proceedings. (New Delhi: UN Women Office for India, Bhutan, Maldives & Sri Lanka, 2013)
            Ames Library  Quarto HQ1236.5.I4 N392 2013

Hearts & minds: women of India speak: shaping the post-2015 development discourse & agenda.  (New Delhi: UN Women Office for India, Bhutan, Maldives & Sri Lanka, 2013)
            Ames Library  Quarto HQ1742.H43 2013

Diverging stories of son preference in South Asia: a comparison of India and Bangladesh. Huq, Lopita, (Dhaka: BRAC Development Institute, 2013)
            Ames Library   HQ755.5.B35 H87 2013

The new Indian middle class: the challenge of 2014 and beyond. Varma, Pavan K., (Noida: HarperCollins Publishers India 2014.)
            Ames Library   HT690.I4 V37 2014

Understanding urban poverty in India: experiences from Mumbai.  (Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2014)
            Ames Library   HV4140.M86 U5 2014

Prohibition: a socio-economic assessment in Gujarat and Mizoram. Hnamte, Lalnundika, (New Delhi: Serials Publications 2014.)
            Ames Library   HV5091.I4 H53 2014

26/11 probe: why judiciary also failed? Mushrif, S. M., (New Delhi, India: Pharos, 2014)
            Ames Library   HV6433.I4 M868 2014

Militant groups in South Asia. Sharma, Surinder Kumar. (New Delhi: Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses 2014.)
            Ames Library   HV6433.S64 S53 2014

Suicide in Sri Lanka: the anthropology of an epidemic. Widger, Tom, (Abingdon, Oxon; Routledge, 2015)
            Ames Library   HV6548.S72 W54 2015

A study of self immolations: April 1st, 2012 - February 25th, 2013: the history, the motive, and the reactions.  (Dharamsala: Tibetan Women's Association, 2013)
            Ames Library   HV6548.T53 S78 2013

Dark room: child sexuality in India. Butalia, Pankaj, (New Delhi: Harper Collins, 2013)
            Ames Library   HV6570.4.I4 B87 2013

A Bengali sergiant [i.e. sergeant] in Lal Bazar. De, Neelotpal. (Allahabad: Vohra Publishers 2013.)
            Ames Library   HV7911.D46 B46 2013

Light in the abyss: the Drapchi fourteen.  (Dharamsala: Tibetan Women's Association c2009.)
            Ames Library   HV9819.T55 L54 2009

People's 'warrior': words and worlds of P.C. Joshi. Joshi, Puran Chandra, (New Delhi: Tulika Books 2014.)
            Ames Library   HX393.5.J67 2014

Is the torch passing?: resistance and revolution in China and India. Weil, Robert, (Kolkata: Setu Prakashani 2013.)
            Ames Library   JC491.W45 2013

Mission R&AW. Yadav, R. K. (New Delhi: Manas Publications c2014.)
            Ames Library   JQ229.I6 Y33 2014

The left legacy: the Andhra experience: 1934-'56. Ramesh, Kandukuri, (New Delhi: Ruby Press & Co 2014.)
            Ames Library   JQ298.A1 R36 2014

War and politics: understanding revolutionary warfare. Navlakha, Gautam. (Kolkata: Setu Prakashani 2014.)
            Ames Library   JQ298.C6 N38 2014

Acquisition of citizenship certificate in Nepal: understanding trends, barriers & impacts.  (Kathmandu: Forum of Women, Law and Development, 2014)
            Ames Library  Quarto JQ628.A92 M34 2014

Rural local self-government in India: some developmental experiences. (Chandigarh: Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development, 2013)
            Ames Library   JS7008.R88 2011

Governance at community level in China and India: a comparative analysis. Palanithurai, G. (New Delhi: Concept Pub Co 2014.)
            Ames Library   JS7353.A8 P35 2014

Rats, cats and diplomats. Santosh Kumar, (New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications c2014.)
            Ames Library   JZ1305.S26 2014

Globalisation and identity: perspectives from India and Russia. (New Delhi: Observer Research Foundation c2014.)
            Ames Library   JZ1318.G56 2014

Continuing extrajudicial executions in the Terai. Carr, Susan (Janakpur [Nepal]: THRD Alliance, 2014)
            Ames Library   KPK465.7.C37x 2014

Vision & reality: the 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka. Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka: Stamford Lake (Pvt)
            Ames Library   KPS1750.V57 2014

Higher education in India: new perspectives.  (New Delhi: Manak Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2013)
            Ames Library   LA1153.H54 2013

Magadha: early education system. Sinha, Sujata. (Delhi: BR Pub Corp 2014.)
            Ames Library   LA1154.B54 S56 2014

Yesterday's melodies, today's memories. Premchand, Manek. (Mumbai: Jharna Books 2004.)
            Ames Library   ML2075.P74 2004

India psychedelic: the story of a rocking generation. Bhatia, Sidharth. (Noida: HarperCollins Publishers India 2014.)
            Ames Library   ML3534.6.I4 B43 2014

The musical genius: a tribute to maestro Pandit W.D. Amaradeva on his 86th birthday 5 December 2013. Ranatunga, D. C., (Nugegoda: Sarasavi Publishers, 2013)
            Ames Library   ML420.A5864 R36 2013

The two faces of beauty: science and art. Bhargava, Pushpa M. (Ahmedabad: Mapin Pub 2014.)
            Ames Library   N72.S3 B43 2014

Contemporary art: Deutsche Bank Bombay.  [Bombay?]: Deutsche Bank c1995.)
            Ames Library  Quarto N7304.D48 1995

Gagawaka: making strange. Sundaram, Vivan, (Mumbai: Chemould Prescott Road, 2012)
            Ames Library  Quarto N7310.S86 A4 2012

Gained in translation. Malani, Nalini, (Mumbai: Chemould Prescott Road, 2011)
            Ames Library  Quarto N7403.M34 A4 2011

The iconography of water: well and tank forms of the Indian subcontinent. Bunce, Fredrick W. (New Delhi: DK Printworld 2013.)
            Ames Library  Quarto NA2542.8.B86 2013

Anticipations.  (Mumbai: Fine Art Resource, 2004)
            Ames Library   ND1004.A73 2004

Indiart 2007, London: an exhibition of contemporary Indian art at House of Lords, London.  ([Delhi]: [International Institute of Fine Arts]; 2007)
            Ames Library   ND1004.I57 2007

B W: an expression in black & white.  (Mumbai: Tao [2006])
            Ames Library   ND1005.B89 2006

Under the skin of simulation: Atul Dodiya, Surendran Nair, Shibu Natesan: September 16-October 3, 2003. Dodiya, Atul, (Berlin: Fine Art Resource 2003.)
            Ames Library  Folio ND1010.D53 A4 2003

Roop ekadash: works of a decade & a year. Akhilesh, (Hong Kong: Tào Gallery [200-?])
            Ames Library   ND1010.A54 R76

Destiny. Bahulkar, Suhas, (Mumbai: Tao Art Gallery [2006])
            Ames Library   ND1010.B3237 A4 2006

From my photo album: Abir Karmakar. Karmakar, Abir, (Mumbai: Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, 2005)
            Ames Library   ND1010.K345 A4 2005

Bhupen Khakhar: paintings; exhibition from May 27 to June 30, 1998. Khakhar, Bhupen, (Berlin: Fine Art Resource [1998])
            Ames Library   ND1010.K47 A4 1998

Bored. Nandy, Pritish. (Mumbai: Tao Art Gallery [2007?])
            Ames Library  Folio ND1010.N365 A4 2007

Life movements/live moments. Padekar, Devdatta, ([Mumbai: sn 2007.)
            Ames Library  Folio ND1010.P32 A4 2007

Ratheesh T. Ratheesh T, (Berlin: Galerie Michael Haas 2011.)
            Ames Library  Quarto ND1010.R3675 A4 2011

Verdant vistas: the world of Surya Prakash. Surya Prakash, ([India]: Ochre/India 2011.)
            Ames Library  Quarto ND1010.S87 V47 2011

Kolor Kathmandu: 75 disctricts [i.e. districts], 75 murals.  (Kathmandu: Sattya Media Arts Collective c2013.)
            Ames Library   ND2831.6.N35 K65 2013

Gender and human rights: the role of media. (Bijapur: Prasaranga, Karnataka State Women's University, 2012)
            Ames Library   P94.5.W65 N36 2012

Rajanikanta Bordoloi's Miri jiyori. Baradalai, Rajanīkānta, (Guwahati: Publication Board Assam 2012.)
            Ames Library   PK1569.N37 M57 2012

A stone's throw from Kolkata. Mitra, Gajendra Kumar. (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi 2013.)
            Ames Library   PK1718.M49 K35 2013

Rabindranath Tagore: the renaissance man. Sahu, Monideepa. (New Delhi: Puffin Books 2013.)
            Ames Library   PK1719.S24 2013

Sabotage. Agnihotrī, Anitā. (New Delhi: Aurum Books 2013.)
            Ames Library   PK1730.12.G365 S23 2013

Sons of the sea. Jaladāsa, Hariśaṃkara, (Dhaka: Academic Press and Publishers Library, 2014)
            Ames Library   PK1730.25.A453 J3513 2014

A journey: poems. Modī, Narendra, (New Delhi: Rupa Publications India, 2014)
            Ames Library   PK1859.M615 J68 2014

Nirguna bhakti literature: socio-religious conditions during 16th and 17th centuries. Ahmed, Shamsheed. (Delhi: Ankit Publications 2014.)
            Ames Library   PK2036.A36 2014

A man outside history: poems of Naseer Ahmed Nasir. Nāṣir, Naṣīr Aḥmad, (New Delhi: Free Verse an imprint of LiFi Publications 2014.)
            Ames Library   PK2200.N363 M36 2014

The strength of our wrists: three plays. Gajvī, Premānanda. (New Delhi: Navayana Pub 2013.)
            Ames Library   PK2418.G3276 S77 2013

Sucāruvādadeśika: a festschrift honoring professor Theodore Riccardi.  (Kathmandu: For the Social Science Baha by Himal Books, 2014)
            Ames Library   PK2597.5.S74 2014

Literature as history: from early to post-colonial times.  (Delhi: Primus Books 2014.)
            Ames Library   PK2903.L58 2014

The morphosyntax of the Dravidian languages. Subrahmanyam, P. S., (Thiruvananthapuram: Dravidian Linguistic Association, 2013)
            Ames Library   PL4604.S83 2013

Bride comes home: translation of K.S. Narasimhaswamy's select poems. Narasiṃhasvāmi, Ke. Es., (Bengaluru: Ruvari Abhinava Imprint 2013.)
            Ames Library   PL4659.N297 A6 2013

One part woman. Perumāḷmurukaṉ, (New Delhi, India Hamish Hamilton, 2013)
            Ames Library   PL4758.9.P389 M3813 2013

Discoursing minority: in-text and co-text.  (Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2014)
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