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Monday, June 15, 2015

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - June 2015

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JUNE 2015

Listing books added in May

Science and spiritual quest: integrating capabilities with value.  (Kolkata: Bhaktivedanta Institute, 2012)
BF1275.S3 A45 2012

Hinduraj, today, yesterday, tomorrow.  Biswas, S. K. (Delhi: Gautam Book Centre, 2013)
BL1215.P65.B57 2013

Shrines of the Maheshvari Meghwar saints in Sindh.  Thontya, Mohan Devraj, (Karachi: Director, Sindh Archives,  Information & Archives Department, Government of Sindh, 2012)
BL1243.78.P18 S587 2012

Ācārya Pujyapada's Iṣṭopadeśa = The golden discourse = Iṣṭopadeśa.  Devanandī. (Dehradun: Vikalp Printers, 2014)
BL1378.6.D4813 2014

Religion, science, and empire: classifying Hinduism and Islam in British India.  Gottschalk, Peter, (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013)
BL2007.5.G68 2013

Religious Co-existence and Tolerance: challenging borders in a global context. (Kolkata: International Forum for Studies in Society and Religion, 2012)
BL21.R4475 2010

Religion and world peace.  (Delhi, India: Eastern  Linkers, 2014)
BL65.P4 R45 2014

Sufi light and human unity.  Soomro, Khadim Hussain, (Sehwan Sharif: Sain Publishers, 2014)
BP188.9.S667 2014

Dhammapada (Pali & Tibetan texts): commentary in the context of modern times.  Negī, Vaṅchuga Dorje, (Varanasi: Central University of Tibetan Studies, 2013)
BQ1377 N44 2013

Buddhist heritage of Odisha.  Patnaik, Sunil Kumar. (Bhubaneswar: Mayur Publications 2012.)
BQ239.O75 P37 2012

Towards a strong global economic system: revealing the logic of gratuitousness in the market economy.  (Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2013)
BR115.C3 T69 2013

Essays in history of archaeology: themes, institutions and personalities.  Paddayya, K. (New Delhi: Archaeological Survey of India 2013.) 
Quarto  CC101.I4 P33 2013

100 Pakistanis: the famous & influential.  Jalandhari, M.A. Jabbar, (Karachi: Universal Oxford Publications, 2014)
CT1516.J343 2014

Indian Jewish women: stories from Bene Israel life.  (New Delhi, India: Mosaic Books, 2014)
DS135.I63 A15 2014

Indonesia-Pakistan: saga of trusted friendship in changing East Asia.  Sanaullah, (Lahore: Sh. Ghulam Ali & Sons (Pvt) Ltd., 2014)
DS383.5.I6 S26 2014

Facets of Jinnah: personality and leadership: a collection of anecdotes.  (Karachi: Pakistan Study Centre, University of Karachi, 2014)
DS385.J5 F33 2014

Tehdise nemat, or, Recollection of divine favours.  Khan, Muhammad Zafrulla, (Qadian: Zafar & Sons, 2014)
DS385.K56.A313 2014

Awakened China shakes the world and is now Pakistan's mainstay: memories of a diplomat.  Yunus, Mohammed, (Islamabad: IPS Press, 2015)
DS385.Y856 A93 2015

Eagles over Bangladesh: the Indian Air Force in the 1971 liberation war.  Jagan Mohan, P. V. S. (Noida: HarperCollins Publishers India 2013.)
DS388.J34 2013

The day the jogis woke up.  (Islamabad: Pictorial Printers, 2013)
DS389.22.M46 D39 2013

Hyderabad revisited.  Bullo, Momin, (Hyderabad: Commissionerate of Hyderabad, Division: 2013)
DS392.2.H93 B85 2013

Bangladesh genocide and the issue of justice: papers presented in the International conference held at Heidelberg University, Germany, 4-5 July, 2013. (Dhaka, Bangladesh: Liberation War Museum, 2013)
DS395.5.I537 2013

Europe and the Hughli: the European settlements on the west bank of the river.  Das, Suranjan. (Kolkata: KP Bagchi & Co 2014.)
DS432.E88 D37 2014

The Lohra: a monographic study of an artisan tribe of Jharkhand.  Beck, Walter, (Allahabad: K.K. Publications, 2012)
DS432.L63 B43 2012

Exploring new aspects of Indian history.  (Kolkata: Levant s, 2013)
DS436.I57 2013

Great game east: India, China, and the struggle for Asia's most volatile frontier.  Lintner, Bertil, (New Haven [Connecticut]: Yale University Press, 2015)
DS450.C6 L562 2015

India, and Asoka-King Piyadasi, beloved of the Gods: a story of symbiosis.  Nandy, Achintya Kumar, (Kolkata: Meteor Books, 2014)
DS451.5.N36 2014

A Revolutionary History of Interwar India: violence, image, voice and text.  Maclean, Kama, (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015)
DS480.45.M33 2015

A governors' Raj: British administration during Lord Irwin's viceroyalty, 1926-1931.  Macnamara, Michael Fenwick, (New Delhi, India; SAGE, 2015)
DS480.7.M33 2015

100 things to know and debate before you vote.  Sengupta, Hindol, (Noida: HarperCollins Publishers, 2014)
DS480.853.S464 2014

Iqbal and Jewish democracy.  (Karachi: Fazlee, 2014)
DS481.I65 I692 2014

Northeast in retrospect: Bhutan, Sikkim and beyond.  Bhaṭṭācārya, Malaẏaśaṅkara, (Kolkata: Sagnik Books, 2014)
DS483.5.B473 2014

Peoples' movement in Orissa: a study of the feudatory state of Bamanda during the British rule.  Dora, Jayanti, (Bhubaneswar: Mayur Publications, 2009)
DS485.B185 D67 2009

Revolutionary parties of Bengal: Dacca Anushilan, New Violence and Jugantar, 1919-1930.  Ray, Asok Kumar, (Kolkata: Papyrus 2013.)
DS485.B49 R39 2013

Nationalism in Bengal, 1856-1912: a study of cultural conflict towards British racial impositions.  Sarkar, Kamala, (South 24 Parganas: Seribaan, 2012)
DS485.B49 S332 2012

Decoding Didi: making sense of Mamata Banerjee.  Mitra, Dola, (New Delhi: Rupa, 2014)
DS485.B493 M55 2014

Contemporary politics in West Bengal: glimpses from the Left Front regime.  Rāẏa, Daẏābatī, (Kolkata: Purbalok Publication, 2012)
DS485.B493 R375 2012

Tangled knot of Kashmir: Indo-Pakistan antagonism.  Haroon, Asif, (Karachi: Paramount Books, 2014)
DS485.K25 H36 2014

Untold atrocity: the struggle for freedom for Mizoram 1966-1986.  Zama, C., (Aizawl: C. Zama, 2014)
DS485.M684 Z36 2014

Sikhs: legacy of the Punjab.  Taylor, Paul Michael, (Washington, D.C.: Asian Cultural History Program, Department of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution, 2014) 
Quarto  DS485.P88 T39 2014

Strains in a minor key: a celebration of sixty years in Calcutta.  Sircar, Rani, (Kolkata: Gangchil, 2013)
DS486.C2 S57 2013

Geographical aspects of the Northern Province, Sri Lanka.  (Jaffna: Governor's Office, 2012)
DS489.G46 2012

Halkhor of Nepal.  Dahal, Dilli Ram, (Kathmandu, Nepal: Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, 2014)
DS493.9.H35 D34 2014i

Mallah of Nepal.  Pokharel, Binod, (Kathmandu, Nepal: Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, 2014)
DS493.9.M38 P65 2014

Nepal's foreign policy: a reflection.  Acharya, Jayaraj. (Kathmandu: Sopan Monthly 2014.)
DS495.58.A24 2014

Constitutional crisis in Nepal: ensuring democratic governance during the transition to a new constituent assembly.  Adhikari, Bipin, (Kathmandu: Nepal Constitution Foundation, 2013)
DS495.6.A334 2013

Under the shadow of the red flag: travels during Nepal's armed conflict.  Adhikari, Jagannath, (Kathmandu, Nepal: Martin Chautari, 2014)
DS495.6.A36 2014

Sources of history of the Kadambas of Goa: inscriptions.  Kadamb, S. G., (Panjim: Broadway Publishing House, 2013)
DS498.3.K337 2013

Kailash and Manasarovar: a quest beyond the Himalaya.  Mukharji, Deb. (New Delhi: Niyogi Books 2013.)
DS793.K35 M85 2013

Tribal transformation and cultural integration: India and Odisha.  Mahapatra, L. K. (Bhubaneswar: Mayur Publications 2012.)
GN635.I4 M34 2012

Ethnic groups of North East India: education, health and nutritional perspective. (New Delhi: Mittal Publications 2014.)
GN635.I4 P76 2012

Tae kwon do Pakistan.  Jehangir, Saleem A., (Karachi: Fazeel Book Supermarket, 2014) 
Quarto  GV1114.9.J44 2014

Women classical dancers of India.  Walia, Aarohi, (Chandigarh: Unistar Books, 2014)
GV1693.W353 2014

Performing arts of Jangalmahal and Jharkhand.  Māhāta, Paśupati Prasāda, (Kolkata: Purbalok Publication, 2013)
GV1694.J36 M34 2013

The great Himalaya trail: low route.  (Kathmandu: Himalayan Map House, 2014)
GV199.44.N4 G74 2014

Alim-ud-Din a straight bat: cricketing times of Pakistan opener from those halcyon days.  Baloch, Khadim Hussain, (Lahore: Jumhoori Publications, 2014)
GV915.A39 B35 2014

Cricket as I saw it.  Rumi, Omar Khalid, (Dhaka: Omar Khalid Rumi, 2014)
GV915.R86 A3 2014

Comovement in business cycles and trade in intermediate goods.  Pundit, Madhavi, (New Delhi: National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, 2013)
HB3711.P89 2013

Unleash your mind for tomorrow: spurring the growth of innovation in Sri Lanka. (Colombo: Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute for International Relations and Strategic Studies, 2013)
HC424.Z9 T4 2013

Enhancing evaluation capacity in Nepal: proceedings of a series of three meetings held in Kathmandu, Nepal, during August and September 2013.  (Kathmandu: Government of Nepal, National Planning Commission Secretariat, 2014) 
Quarto  HC425.E54 2014

Swiss cooperation strategy for Nepal 2013-2017.  (Bern: Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, FDFA; 2013) 
Quarto  HC425.S95 2013

Pak-SAARC intra-industry trade.  Akram, Adnan. (Islamabad: Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, 2013)
HC430.6.A1 A373 2013

India & the World Bank Group in a time of transformation: the country partnership strategy 2013-2017, a summary.  (New Delhi: The World Bank Group, 2013)
Quarto  HC435.3.I594 2013

Impact of federations in economic improvement of SHG members: a study across two states of India.  Chatterjee, Shankar, (Hyderabad: National Institute of Rural Development, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, 2013)
HC437.K67 C43 2013

Developmental perspective of North Bengal and North East India. (Coochbehar: Vashishta Institute for North Bengal and North East Developmental Studies, 2013)
HC437.W44 N37 2013

Bhutan multidimensional poverty index 2012.  (Thimphu: National Statistics Bureau, Royal Government of Bhutan, 2014) 
Quarto  HC440.25.Z9 P6 2012

Discriminatory development paradigm of Pakistan.  Memaṇu, Naṣīru, (Hyderabad, Sindh: Center for Peace & Civil Society, 2012)
HC440.5.M46 2012

Pakistan: {not} a failed state.  Zaidi, Syed Muhammad Shabbar, (Karachi: Pakistan Law House, 2014)
HC440.5.Z353 2014

Pathways to sustainable development amid 6f crisis: a critical analysis of the fiscal, food, fuel, frontiers, fragility of climate and functional democracy crises.  Suleri, Abid Qaiyum, (Lahore: Sang-e-Meel Publications, 2015)
HC440.5.Z9 E5673 2015

Measuring multidimensionality: state of poverty in Bangladesh 2013.  (Dhaka: Shrabon Prokashani, 2013)
HC440.8.Z9 P61816 2013

Impact evaluation study of Jamuna-Meghna River Erosion Mitigation Project (JMREMP).  Abdul Quiyum, Md., ([Dhaka]: Evaluation Sector, Implementation Monitoring & Evaluation Division, Ministry of Planning, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, 2013) 
Quarto  HD1698.B3 A23 2013

Female entrepreneurship and the role of business development services in promoting small and medium women entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka.  Attygalle, Kaushalya, (Colombo: A joint publication by Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka, and Oxfam International, Sri Lanka, 2014)
HD2346.S72 A8 2014

Nepal: addressing the employment challenge through the sectoral pattern of growth.  Islam, Rizwanul, (Kathmandu: ILO, 2014) 
Quarto  HD5812.9.A6 I85 2014

Triumph through tragedy: biography of Ramya Weerakoon.  Wijedasa, Namini, (Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2014)
HD6182.8.W44 W55 2014

Trade unions in India.  Singh, Binay Kumar, (Patna: Janaki Prakashan, 2013)
HD6812.S559 2013

Time poverty, work status and gender: the case of Pakistan.  Saqib, Najam us, (Islamabad: Pakistan Institute of Development Economics [2012])
HD70.P18 S33 2012

Inclusion of persons with disabilities under MGNREGS: a study across three states.  Kumaran, K. P., (Hyderabad: National Institute of Rural Development, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, 2013)
HD7256.I52 A545 2013

Land and agrarian questions: essays on land tenure, agrarian relations and peasant movement's in Nepal.  (Kathmandu:, 2013)
HD860.9.D43 2013

India labour and employment report, 2014: workers in the era of globalization.  (New Delhi: Academic Foundation 2014.) 
Quarto  HD8686.5.I53 2014

Empowerment of landless: an analysis of land distribution and land purchase programmes of Andhra Pradesh.  Radhika Rani, Ch., (Hyderabad: National Institute of Rural Development, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, 2013)
HD879.M536 R33 2013

Impact of Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) on the food security of the poorest of the poor in rural areas.  Chinnadurai, R., (Hyderabad: National Institute of Rural Development, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, 2013)
HD9016.I43 M274 2013

Indigo plantation in Bengal.  De, Amalendu, (Kolkata: Parul 2013.)
HD9019.I32 I53 2013

A status of adivasis/indigenous peoples mining series.  (New Delhi: Aakar s, 2014)
HD9506.I4 S73 2014

Energy challenges and Phulbari crisis.  (Dhaka: Society for Environment and Human Development 2013.)
HD9556.B33 P48 2013

A political economy analysis of electricity tariff restructuring in Nepal.  (Kathmandu: The Asia Foundation; 2014) 
Quarto  HD9685.N352 P65 2014

Suppression of scavengers.  Mani, N., (New Delhi: Serials Publications 2013.)
HD9975.I43 T36 2013

The game changer: a brief history of television in Pakistan.  Anand, Tanya, (Karachi: Ushba Publishing International, 2014)
HE8700.9.P18 A53 2014

Impact evaluation study on construction of 1.10 lakh MT capacity new food godown at the Northern region of the country.  (Dhaka: Development Technical Consultants, 2013) 
Quarto  HF5489.S723 I47 2013

For love or money?: motivating workers.  Naeem, Saima. (Islamabad: Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, 2013)
HF5549.5.M63 N344 2013

Konjo.  Goyal, Sandeep, (Noida: Collins Business 2014.)
HF5810.G69 A3 2014

Meet our friend JJ.  (Karachi: Paramount s, 2014)
HF5810.J38 M44 2014

The effects of financial openness: an assessment of the Indian experience.  (Mumbai: Export-Import Bank of India, 2013)
HG187.I4 E37 2013

Fiscal decentralisation and economic growth: role of democratic institutions.  Iqbal, Nasir. (Islamabad: Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, 2013)
HJ1340.5.P345 2013

Public expenditure in Assam: an emperical study.  Hussain, Moon Moon, (Guwahati: EBH Publishers (India), 2013)
HJ7891.A87 H87 2013

Public accountability in peril: a compendium of investigative journalism reports on municipal budget performance.  (Kathmandu: Asia Foundation-Nepal, 2012)
HJ9559.9.P83 2012

Impact evaluation study of Rural Development Project - 24: Greater Faridpur rural infrastructure development project: employment generation and poverty alleviation project through participatory rural infrastructure development.  (Dhaka: Research Evaluation Associates for Development, 2013) 
Quarto  HN690.6.Z9 C6364 2013

Senescence in India: proceedings of a seminar. (Kolkata: The Asiatic Society, 2013)
HQ1064.I4 S44 2013

Endless atrocity: women survivors of witch accusation.  (Kathmandu: Care Nepal / Sancharika Samula, 2014)
HQ1735.9.E53 2014

Women and climate change in Bangladesh.  Alston, Margaret. (New York: Routledge, 2015)
HQ1745.6.A874 2015

Eighth Seminar on Urban and Regional Planning: Dynamics of land in planning. (Karachi: Department of Architecture and Planning, NED University of Engineering and Technology, 2012)
HT169.P18 S46 2013

Compact townships and the magical 10%.  Rashid, Salim, (Dhaka: University Press, 2013)
HT384.B3 R37 2013

Democratic governance and decentralised planning: rhetoric and reality.  Datta, Prabhat Kumar, (Kolkata: Das Gupta & Company, 2012)
HT395.I42 W465 2012

Committing to the future of Bangladesh: Joint Programme to address Violence against Women: key achievements and lessons learned during the intervention period, 2010-2013.  Song, Yeseul Christeena, (Dhaka: UNFPA, 2013)
HV6250.4.W65 S66 2013

Kolkata and its police: a history of city police from Charnock's to present day.  Chattopadhyay, Tapan, (Kolkata: Naya Udyog 2013.)
HV7810.K65 C43 2013

The man who saw tomorrow: remembering K. F. Rustamji.  (Lucknow: Kathachitra Prakashan, 2013)
HV7911.R87 A3 2013

Safeguarding our children: a handbook for responsible adults.  (Jayawardenapura Kotte: National Child Protection Authority, 2013)
HV800.S722 S24 2013

Impact of training on the performance of IPS officers.  Dora, Hec. Je., (Hyderabad: SVP National Police Academy, 2012)
HV8248.5.D67 2012

The Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment : a study on Bangladesh compliance.  Shahabuddin, Mohammad, (Dhaka: National Human Rights Commission, Bangladesh, 2013)
HV8599.B3 S53 2013

Empowering citizens through right to information: success stories from Nepal.  (Kathmandu, Nepal: Freedom Forum, 2013)
JC598.E47 2013

Poverty, hunger and public action in the process of decentralization: India and West Bengal; a study of six districts of West Bengal.  (Kolkata: Gangchill 2013.)
JQ220.S8 P68 2013

e-Connectivity of panchayats.  Satish Chandra, P. (Hyderabad: National Institute of Rural Development, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, 2013)
JQ229.A8 S28 2013

An undocumented wonder: the great Indian election.  Quraishi, S. Y. (New Delhi: Rainlight 2014.)
JQ292.Q73 2014

Constituent assembly election 2013: monitoring report.  (Kathmandu, Nepal: Informal Sector Service Centre, 2014)
JQ628.A95 C66 2014

Permanent revolution: managing for deliverable democracy: in democracy, effective management at national....  Saeed, Syed Mumtaz, (Karachi: Ushba, 2013)
JQ629.A58 S242 2013

Assessment of the quality of democracy in first 100 days of National and provincial governments, June -September 13, 2013.  (Karachi: Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency, 2013) 
Quarto  JQ629.A91 A866 2013

2013 General election, Observation and analysis of election day processes.  (Islamabad: Free and Fair Election Network, 2014) 
Quarto  JQ629.A95 A13 2014

2013 General elections: National Assembly Election results analysis: Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT), comparative turnout and party trends.  (Islamabad: Free and Fair Election Network 2014.) 
Quarto  JQ629.A956 A134 2014

The Pakistan election compendium: a compendium of data on elections to the national and provincial assemblies of Pakistan.  (Karachi: Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan: 2012)
JQ629.A956 P355 2012

Comparison of labour laws: select countries.  (Mumbai: Export-Import Bank of India, 2013)
K1705.C66 2013

The trial of Udham Singh.  (Chandigarh: Unistar s, 2013)
KD373.U34 T75 2013

Special supplement on proposed Financial Reporting Act 2013.  (Dhaka, Bangladesh: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh, 2013)
KNG956.6.S67 2013

Lawyers' movement in Pakistan.  Kokab, Rizwan Uullah, (Lahore: Pakistan Study Centre, University of the Punjab, 2013)
KPL53.3.K65 2013

APRSU: a glorious saga of students' struggle.  ([Hyderabad]: Virasam Publications 2012.)
LA1153.7.A67 2012

Light house: the house of light- the house of Munir: autobiography of Prof. Dr. Munir M. Hasan.  Hasan, Munir Mohammad, (Karachi: Royal Book Company, 2013)
LA2383.P182 H37 2013

The lighthouse Prof. Dr. Hameed Raza Siddiqui.  Siddiqui, Daniyal, (Lahore: Beacon Books, 2014)
LA2383.P182 S537 2014

Women education: a comparative study on India and Bangladesh. Taraphdar, Sampa, (Kolkata: R.N. Bhattacharya, 2014)
LC1666.I4 T37 2014

Tribal education in India: challenges & strategies. (Kolkata: Firma KLM Private Limited, 2014)
LC4097.I4 T75 2013

75 years of Sadiq Egerton College Bahawalpur, 1886-1960.  Ḥusain, Sult̤ān Maḥmūd, (Lahore: Izharsons, 2014)
LG169.15.S24 H87 2014

Folk music of North Gujarat: a critical evaluation.  Mahershi, Narendra, (Ahmedabad: Reliable Publishing House, 2014)
ML3748.7.G85 M34 2014

Sultans of Deccan India, 1500-1700: opulence and fantasy.  Haidar, Navina Najat, (New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2015) 
Quarto  N7307.D4 H35 2015

SAARC Research Programme on Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Sustainable Development in South Asia: book of abstracts. (Colombo: SAARC Cultural Centre, 2014)
N9050.6.S23 2014

The traditional Newar architecture of the Kathmandu valley: the śikharas, a presentation of the different śikhara temple types found in the Kathmandu valley.  Korn, Wolfgang, (Kathmandu, Nepal: Ratna Pustak Bhandar, 2014)
NA1510.8.N42 K38 2014

The legendary folklore, medium, and essence of Janam Sakhis.  Kabotra, Neeta, (New Delhi: Unistar Books, 2014)
ND1337.I4 K33 2014

Textile blocks in the collection of Government Museum, Chennai.  (Chennai: Government Museum, 2012)
NK8876.A1 T49 2012

Textile tradition of Assam: an empirical study.  Mazumdar, Labanya, (Guwahati: Bhabani Books, an imprint of Bhabani Offset Pvt. Ltd.; 2013)
NK8976.A3 A87 2013

Urbanisation and Assamese fiction: an analysis of the post - war urban Assamese society and its impact on Assamese fiction.  Deka, Taranee, (New Delhi: Lakshi Publishers, 2013)
PK1564.D452 2013

Banalata Sen.  Das, Jibanananda, (Calcutta: Sampark 2012.)
PK1718.D2613 A6 2012

Beloved and other stories.  Mukhopādhyāẏa, Prabhātakumāra, (Kolkata: Thema, 2014)
PK1718.M79136 A6 2014

Hard times and other stories.  Mitra, Amara, (Kolkata: Sopan, 2013)
PK1730.29.I719 A6 2013
Dawn of the waning moon.  Rahamāna, Jharnā, (Dhaka: Writers.ink, 2012)
PK1730.34.H386 A2 2012

Human and humanity: a translation by the author of his Bengali book of poems Manab o manobota.  Āhameda, Jasīma Uddina, (Dhaka: Palok Publishers, 2014)
PK1731.12.H35 M3613 2014

Symphony of silence.  Ojhā-Vaidya, Kājala. (Ahmedabad: Navbharat Sahitya Mandir 2014.)
PK1859.O48 M38 2014

Muslim women writers of the subcontinent (1870-1950).  (Islamabad, Pakistan: Emel Publications, 2014)
PK2163.M87 2014

Wrist in the clutches of death: English version.  Jaʻfarī, Javāz. (Lahore: Fiction House, 2013)
PK2198.J28 W75 2013

Iqbal his life and our times.  Shafīq, Ḵẖurram ʻAlī, (Lahore: Iqbal Academy Pakistan, 2014)
PK2199.I65 Z8785235 2014

The ocean searches for me: selected poems of Ashfaq Hussain.  Ḥusain, Ashfāq, (Karachi: Pakistan Study Centre, University of Karachi, 2014)
PK2200.H7346 A6 2014

Metaphysical and cultural perspectives of Khwaja Ghulam Farid's poetry and Iqbal.  Qaiser, Shahzad, (Lahore: Iqbal Academy Pakistan 2012.)
PK2892.9.G485 Z79 2012

Some aspects of Sanskrit literary criticism.  Misra, Gopalchandra, (Kolkata: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar, 2012)
PK2903.M488 2012

Ujjvala-nīlamaṇi: with commentaries of Jiva Gosvami and Visvanahta [i.e. Visvanatha] Cakravarti Thakura.  Rūpagosvāmī, (Chennai: ISKCON, 2014)
PK2916 R853 2014

Sanskrit drama at a glance.  Biswas, Bhagirathi. (Kolkata: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar 2013-)
PK2931.B57 2013

A sociolinguistic study of Wakhi language of Northern Pakistan.  Malik, Nadeem Shafiq, (Islamabad: National University of Sciences and Technology, 2014)
PK6996.W3 M35 2014

Dirge of the failed: a brief study of the evolution of dalit novel in Malayalam.  Chandramohanan, S. R. (Thiruvananthapuram: Raven Publications 2013.)
PL4718.4.C43 2013

The struggle of life: novel.  Rāmulu, Bi. Es., (Hyderabad: Vishala Sahithya Academy, 2013)
PL4780.9.R33162 B3713 2013

SAARC Film Festival 2013: 26th to 31st May 2013: a brochure of information on films screened at the SAARC Film Festival-2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka.  (Colombo: SAARC Cultural Centre, 2013)
PN1993.5.A753 S23 2013

SAARC Film Festival: 20th - 25th May, 14'.  (Colombo: SAARC Cultural Centre, 2014)
PN1993.5.A753 S23 2014

English stage in India: 18th & 19th century.  Mitra, Amal, (Kolkata: Dasgupta & Co 2012.)
PN2886.C3 M58 2012

The untold story of a journalist.  Bhuyan, Atanu, (Guwahati: Aank-Baak, 2012)
PN5376.B48 A3 2012

Media safety in Pakistan: a study of threats to journalists in Pakistan.  (Islamabad: Pak Institute for Peace Studies, 2014)
PN5449.P18 M43 2014

Across the seas: incorrigible drift.  Khan, Sayeed Hasan, (Karachi: Ushba Publishing International, 2013)
PN5449.P182 K44 2013

Torment and creativity: a psychoanalytic study of literature and literati.  Ahmad, Shamim, (Karachi: Ushba Publishing International, 2014)
PN56.P93 A36 2014

Monsoonletters: collection of poems.  (Dhaka, Bangladesh: The University Press Limited, 2014)
PR9420.6.M66 2014

The almsgiving.  Arasanayagam, Jean, (Colombo: Social Scientists' Association, 2014)
PR9440.9.A73 A6 2014

Multiple perspectives on Indian/Punjabi diaspora: identities, locations and intersections. (Patiala: Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, 2014)
PR9484.6.N38 2013

Khushwant Singh: the legend lives on-.  (New Delhi: Hay House Publishers (India) c2014.)
PR9499.3.S53 Z74 2014

The wise man.  Abdullah, Zahid. (Islamabad: Narratives, 2014)
PR9540.9.A23 W57 2014

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science: a citadel of scientific research, 1876-1947.  Mondal, Anjali, (Kolkata: Corpus Research Institute, 2012)
Q180.I5 M66 2012

Public health in rural Bengal during the colonial period, 1921-1947: selections from journals and newspapers.  (Kolkata: Papyrus 2012.)
RA312.B3 P83 2012

Impact evaluation of Women and Children Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Hospital.  Abdul Quiyum, Md., (Dhaka: Evaluation Sector, Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Ministry of Planning, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, 2013) 
Quarto  RA645.D5 A23 2013

The délice of cooking: a cook book that will give you the true pleasure of cooking.  Khan, Maria, (Lahore: Sang-e-Meel Publications, 2014)
TX724.5.P18 K43 2014

My best recipe book. Khawaja, Kokab, (Lahore: Jahangir Books, 2013)
TX725.P18 K435 2013

Indian Air Force in India's national defence 2032.  Gupta, Nishant. (New Delhi: KW Publishers in association with Centre for Air Power Studies c2014.)
UG635.I4 G87 2014

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