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Monday, January 11, 2016

Selected new titles in Ames Library - January 2016

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Listing books added in December

Science of consciousness: a synthesis of Vedānta and Buddhism.  Misra, V. N., (New Delhi, India: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 2014)
Ames Library B132.C6.M57 2014

An Indian analysis of aesthetics: the dance, the dancer and the spectator.  Puranam, Madhavi, (New Delhi: Abhinav Publications, 2015)
Ames Library BH301.D36 P87 2015

Understanding ethics.  Chaturvedi, Vibha, (Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited, 2015)
Ames Library BJ122.U53 2015

Puṣpitāgrā= a collection of essays on Indology.  (Kolkata: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar, 2014)
Ames Library BL1112.26.P87 2014

The philosophical aspects of Gāyatrī: theory and practice.  Datta, Prajnaranjan, (Kolkata: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar, 2014)
Ames Library BL1112.56.D385 2014

Verbal forms of the Ṛgveda: Maṇḍala II.  Katre, Shailaja Shashikant, (New Delhi: Adarsha Sanskrit Shodha Samstha, 2013)
Ames Library BL1112.57.K38 2013

The Gita and the Gitas.  Thottakara, Augustine, (Bangalore: Published by Dharmaram Publications for Jeevass Publications, Aluva, 2014)
Ames Library BL1138.67.T46 2014

Women in patriarchy.  Bhandari, Uma, (Kathmandu, Nepal: Bhrikuti Academic Publications, 2014)
Ames Library BL1237.46.B43 2014

The presidents of SGPC: in service of the Sikh Panth.  Rūpa Siṅgha, (Amritsar: Singh Brothers, 2015)
Ames Library BL2018.35.R87 2015

An understanding of salvation in Khasi religion and its implications for Christian theology.  Mawblei, Riewphona, ([Shillong]: [Riewphona Mawblei], 2014)
Ames Library BL2032.K45.M375 2014

Sons of desert.  Bhatia, Jhamandas D., (Karachi: Sindh Archives, Information & Archives Department Government of Sindh, 2014)
Ames Library BP188.8.P32 S562 2014

Religion as the foundation of a nation: the making and unmaking of Pakistan.  Upadhyay, P. K., (New Delhi: Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses, 2014)
Ames Library BP63.P2 U63 2014

Joy and happiness: Buddha's teachings for laypersons.  (Colombo: S. Godage & Brothers (Pvt) Ltd., 2015)
Ames Library BQ1617.K86 2015

The gospel and the newspaper: theological queries digging the Indian quarry.  Gispert-Sauch, G., (Delhi: ISPCK: 2013)
Ames Library BR118.G574 2013

Hindutva challenge: Christian response as a call to community.  Lankapalli, Prasad, (Delhi: Jointly published by Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, 2014)
Ames Library BR128.H5 L36 2014

Studies in Indian numismatics.  Mukherjee, Dolly. (Kolkata: Pritonia Publishers & Distributors 2012.)
Ames Library CJ1391.M85 2012

Original Meetei names: collected from old books, documents, etc. (for giving baby Meetei names).  Bhushan, Salam Bharat, (Imphal: Rinda Publications, Rinda Library & Preservation Foundation 2013)
Ames Library CS2375.I4 B48 2013

Being Muslim in South Asia: diversity and daily life.  Jeffrey, Robin, (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2014)
Ames Library DS339.3.M87 B45 2014

Borders in South Asia: interlinkages & challenges.  Bhardwaj, Vinod K., (New Delhi: G.B. Books, 2015)
Ames Library DS341.B67 2015

India's foreign policy: changing perspective (with special reference to SAARC countries).  Singh, Sanjay Kumar (Delhi: Prashant Publishing House, 2015)
Ames Library DS341.3.I4 S555 2015

Political alliances & movements in Pakistan.  Mushtaq, Abdul Qadir. (Faisalabad: Misaal Publishers, 2015)
Ames Library DS384.M88 2015

Unending violence in Pakistan: analysing the trends.  Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, (New Delhi: Magnum Books Pvt. Ltd, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto DS389.U54 2014

The Bangladeshi Urdu-speaking community: new generation, new challenges.  Ilias, Ahmed, (Dhaka: Al-Falah Bangladesh, 2014)
Ames Library DS393.83.B5 I45 2014

Leap across Meghna: blitzkreig of IV corps 1971.  Goraya, Onkar Singh, (New Delhi: Creative Crows Publishers LLP, 2015)
Ames Library DS395.5.G646 2015

Humorously yours.  Mahbub, Naveed, (Dhaka: Daily Star Books, 2014)
Ames Library DS395.5.M3324 2014

The spectral wound: sexual violence, public memories, and the Bangladesh war of 1971.  Mookherjee, Nayanika, (Durham: Duke University Press, 2015)
Ames Library DS395.5.M65 2015

Nation building amidst new challenges.  Anam, Mahfuz, (Dhaka, Bangladesh: Daily Star Books, 2014)
Ames Library DS395.5.N383 2014

A profile of Bangladesh: rule by two queens.  Singh, Sunjoy K., (Delhi: Sunjoy K. Singh, 2015)
Ames Library DS395.5.P757 2015

The politics of caste in West Bengal.  Chandra, Uday, (Abingdon, Oxon; Routledge, 2016)
Ames Library DS422.C3 P65 2016

Modernity of slavery: struggles against caste inequality in colonial Kerala.  Mohan, P. Sanal, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2015)
Ames Library DS422.C3 S26 2015

Change and continuity: influences on self-identity of Christian dalits of Madiri Puram Village in South India, 1915-2005.  Solomon, Etala David, (Delhi: ISPCK, 2012)
Ames Library DS422.C3 S65 2012

The Maring tribe of Manipur.  Meitei, Naorem Jibit, (New Delhi: Ruby Press & Co., 2015)
Ames Library DS432.M27 M45 2015

Recasting the region: language, culture, and Islam in colonial Bengal.  Bose, Neilesh, (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2014)
Ames Library DS432.M84 B67 2014

Colonialism and the call to Jihad in British India.  Hasan, Tariq (New Delhi, India: SAGE Publications India, 2015)
Ames Library DS432.M84 H373 2015

The sting of a bee.  Jung, Najeeb, (New Delhi: Readworthy Publications, 2013)
Ames Library DS432.M84 J86 2013

The Newars of Sikkim: reinventing language, culture and identity in the diaspora.  Shrestha, Bal Gopal, (Kathmandu: Vajra Books, 2015)
Ames Library DS432.N49 S57 2015

Encountering modernity: situating Tangkhul Nagas in perspective.  Vashum, R. (New Delhi: Chicken Neck, an imprint of Bibliophile South Asia 2014)
Ames Library DS432.T32 E53 2014

Indian proto-history and colonial writings.  Khare, Ajay Prakash, (Delhi, India: Bookwell, 2015)
Ames Library DS435.K485 2015

Key concepts in modern Indian studies.  Dharampal, Gita, (Washington Square, New York: New York University Press, 2015)
Ames Library DS435.8.K47 2015

Management of national security: some concerns.  Vohra, N. N., (New Delhi: India International Centre, 2014)
Ames Library DS449.V64 2014

India's engagement with East Africa: opportunities and challenges.  Ray, Nivedita, (New Delhi, India: Vij Books India Pvt. Ltd: 2015)
Ames Library DS450.A353 R39 2015

Deepening India-Korea relations: towards a sustainable future.  Narsimhan, Sushila, (New Delhi: Manak Publishers Pvt. Ltd, 2015)
Ames Library DS450.K6 D44 2015

Original documents relating to Ranee Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi (1839-1859).  Gupta, Bhagavānadāsa, (New Delhi: Manohar, 2015)
Ames Library DS475.2.L34 G87 2015

Rammohan Roy and Bengal renaissance: a study of the reformist thought of Raja Rammohan Roy and its sources.  Mampra, Thomas, (Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2013)
Ames Library DS475.2.R18 M35 2013

The year of blood: essays of the revolt of 1857.  Mukherjee, Rudrangshu, (New Delhi: Social Science Press, 2014)
Ames Library DS478.3.M85 2014

Brethren in faith: the All India Muslim League and Palistine issue, (1917-1947).  Malik, Nadeem Shafiq. (Lahore: Fiction House, 2015)
Ames Library DS480.45.M334 2015

The Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah: the All India Muslim League, and the achievement of Pakistan (1906-47).  Malik, Nadeem Shafiq, (Lahore: Fiction House, 2014)
Ames Library DS480.45.Q435 2014

Benoy Kumar Sarkar: restoring the nation to the world.  Sen, Satadru, (New Delhi: Routledge, 2015)
Ames Library DS480.45.S46 2015

India: democracy and violence. (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2015)
Ames Library DS480.84.I53 2011

Border line of Wagha.  Chhina, S. S. (Amritsar, Punjab: Citizens Welfare Trust, 2013)
Ames Library DS480.842.C4413 2013

Towards a new Medina: Jinnah, the Deobandi Ulama, and the quest for Pakistan in late colonial India.  Dhulipala, Venkat, (New Delhi: India International Centre, 2013)
Ames Library DS480.842.D48 2013

Netaji for you: selected speeches, writings & letters of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.  Bose, Subhas Chandra, (Kolkata: Deep Prakashan, 2014)
Ames Library DS481.B6 A25 2014

Gandhi's footprints.  Cicovacki, Predrag, (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction Publishers, 2015)
Ames Library DS481.G3 C54 2015

Dialectics of religion, politics and ethics in Gandhi and Taylor: a rereading of Gandhi through the intellectual frames of Taylor.  Paramthottu, Joshy V., (Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2014)
Ames Library DS481.G3 P3445 2014

Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya: and the formative years of Indian nationalism.  Pandey, Vishwanath, (Delhi: LG Publishers Distributors, 2015)
Ames Library DS481.M3 P364 2015

Modi: wheels of change.  Ārephina, E. Esa. Ema. Sāmachula, (Kolkata: Bee Books, 2015)
Ames Library DS481.M56 A74 2015

Revisiting medieval Telangana and Andhra regions: a historical insight.  Varalakshmi, R., (New Delhi, India: Research India Press, 2015)
Ames Library DS485.A5565 V37 2015

Account of the revolutionary movement in Bengal.  Kanungo, Hem Chandra, (Kolkata: Setu Prakashani, 2015)
Ames Library DS485.B49 K375 2015

Revolutionary outrages in Bengal: swadeshi dacoites and political murders, 1906-1918.  Ray, Asok Kumar, (Kolkata, India: Papyrus, 2014)
Ames Library DS485.B49 R333 2014

Bidhan Chandra Roy.  Palit, Chittabrata, (Kolkata: Readers Service, 2013)
Ames Library DS485.B493 R6857 2013

Early British rule in Bihar: 1757 to 1772 A.D.  Choudhary, Madhab, (Varanasi: Manish Prakashan, 2013)
Ames Library DS485.B5165 C46 2013

State, society and ecology: Gorakhpur in transition, 1750-1830.  Bhargava, Meena, (Delhi: Primus Books, 2014)
Ames Library DS485.G65 B47 2014

Triumphal sun: a collection of research articles and inscriptions of Dr. Ziyauddin Abdul Hayy Desai (1925-2002).  Desai, Ziyaud-Din A., (Pankorenaka, Ahmedabad: Hazrat Pir Mohammed Shah Library and Research Centre, 2014)
Ames Library DS485.G85 D47 2014

Modi: making of a prime minister: leadership, governance & performance.  Fernandes, Vivian, (Delhi: Orient Publishing, 2014)
Ames Library DS485.G882 M6343 2014

My struggle for an independent Kashmir: a political autobiography.  Cauhdrī, Shabbīr, (London (U.K.): Institute of Kashmir Affairs, 2013)
Ames Library DS485.K27 C4952 2013

Brahman settlements in Kerala: historical studies.  Veluthat, Kesavan, (Thrissur: CosmoBooks, 2013)
Ames Library DS485.K4 V393 2013

Phizo and the Naga problem.  Zinyu, Mhiesizokho, (Daklane, Kohima, Nagaland: Mhiesizokho Zinyu, 2014)
Ames Library DS485.N27 P459 2014

Neiphiu Rio.  Rathore, Kunwar Ishwar Singh, (Delhi: Lenin Media, 2015)
Ames Library DS485.N27 R556 2015

Punjab: an anatomy of Muslim-Sikh politics.  Sandhu, Akhtar Hussain, (Lahore: Dogar Publishers, 2014)
Ames Library DS485.P87 S26 2014

Master Tara Singh and his reminiscences.  Kapūra, Prithīpāla Siṅgha, (Amritsar: Singh Brothers, 2015)
Ames Library DS485.P87 T37513 2015

Was Bhindranwale a Congress creation?: (Sikh struggle for survival).  Baldev Singh, (Kapurthala, India: The Author, 2015)
Ames Library DS485.P88 B3 2015

Web of Indian secularism: chakravyuh.  Gurtej Singh, (Amritsar: Satvic Books, 2014)
Ames Library DS485.P88 G875 2014

The tragic plight of a nation.  Ayivan, Vikṭar, (Maharagama, Sri Lanka: Ravaya, 2014)
Ames Library DS489.7.A95 2014

Operation Pawan: role of airpower with IPKF.  Kumar, Bharat, (New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2015)
Ames Library DS489.84.K86 2015

Tamil person and state: pictorial.  Roberts, Michael, (Colombo, Sri Lanka: Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2014)
Ames Library DS489.84.R63 2014

Bhutan, on the wings of the peaceful dragon.  Mallikarjuna, D. G., (Benguluru: Pragati Graphics, 2015)
Ames Library DS491.5.M3313 2015

The Nepali diaspora: migrants, ministry and mission.  Inchley, V. M., (Kathmandu: Ekta Books, 2014)
Ames Library DS493.8.I53 2014

Social ethnography of the hill Muslims of Nepal.  Upadhyay, Prakash (New Delhi: Adroit Publishers, 2014)
Ames Library DS493.9.M87 U63 2014

Resurrection!: a gesture to push ahead...  Shrestha, Aditya Man, (Kathmandu: Sahmai Sam Prakashan Griha, 2014)
Ames Library DS495.6.S55 2014

Bhaktapur: after a century.  Rohita, (Kathmandu: Ekta Books Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2015)
Ames Library DS495.8.B454 R63 2015

The Everest effect: nature, culture, ideology.  Mazzolini, Elizabeth, (Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press, 2015)
Ames Library DS495.8.E9 M39 2015

Chinese outbound tourism and destination image of Sri Lanka: a comparative study between the Beijing (North) & Guangdong (South) markets.  Gamlath, Dulmini Kaushika, (Colombo: S. Godage & Brothers, 2014)
Ames Library G155.C55 G36 2014

Wanderlust: travels of the Tagore family.  Mandal, Somdatta, (Kolkata: Visva-Bharati, 2014)
Ames Library G463.W36 2014

Perspectives for a national GI policy: including a national GI policy draft.  Rao, Mukund (Bangalore: National Institute of Advanced Studies, 2012)
Ames Library Quarto G70.215.I4 R36 2012

Flood early warning systems in Nepal: a gendered perspective.  Shrestha, Mandira, (Kathmandu, Nepal: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto GB1399.5.N35 S47 2014

Bangladesh environment and climate change outlook (ECCO) 2012.  (Dhaka: Department of Environment, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, 2013)
Ames Library Quarto GE190.B3 B354 2013

Folkloristic identity of tribal India.  Pathak, Guptajit, (New Delhi: S.K. Book Agency, 2015)
Ames Library GN635.I4 F65 2015

Hearing the voices of tribals and adivasis.  Chhungi, Hrangthan, (Delhi: Jointly published by Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and National Council of Churches in India-Commission on Tribals and Adivasis, Nagpur, 2014)
Ames Library GN635.I4 H43 2014

The megalithic culture of South India.  (New Delhi: Indian Archaeological Society, 2014)
Ames Library GN776.32.I4 M43 2011

Census of population and housing 2012: provisional information based on 5% sample.  (Colombo: Department of Census and Statistics, Ministry of Finance and Planning, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HA4570.8.A4 2012

State of migration in Nepal.  Sharma, Sanjay, (Kathmandu, Nepal: Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility, 2014)
Ames Library HB2096.9.S53 2014

Trend and impact analysis of internal displacement due to the impacts of disaster and climate change: study report.  Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (Bangladesh) (Dhaka: Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme (CDMP II), 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HB2100.6.A3 T74 2014

Post war development in Sri Lanka: rights, responsibilities, and disjunctures.  Buthpitiya, Vindhya, (Colombo: Law & Society Trust, Economic, Social & Cultural Rights Programme, 2013)
Ames Library Quarto HC424.B88 2013

Surveying livelihoods, service delivery and governance: baseline evidence from Nepal.  Upreti, Bishnu Raj, (London, UK: Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium, Overseas Development Institute, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HC425.U674 2014

Rokda: how Baniyas do business.  Inamdar, Nikhil, (Gurgaon: Random House India, 2014)
Ames Library HC432.5.A2 I53 2014

She & me.  Jaina, Bhãvaralāla Hirālāla, (New Delhi: Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd, 2014)
Ames Library HC432.5.J35 A3 2014

Studies in industrial history.  Biswas, Susanta Kumar, (Kolkata: Indian Institute of Oriental Studies and Research, 2014)
Ames Library HC434.B579 2014

Terrorism, naxalism, corruption & regionalism: challenges & threats to development.  Baghel, L. M. S., (Allahabad: Vohra Publishers, 2015)
Ames Library HC435.3 T47 2015

Globalization, governance and growth.  Husain, Ishrat, (Karachi: IBA Press, 2015)
Ames Library HC440.5.H88 2015

Medium term macroeconomic policy statement, 2014-15 to 2016-17: placed before the parliament in accordance with Section 11 of Public Money and Budget Management Act, 2009.  Bangladesh. (Dhaka: Macroeconomic Wing, Finance Division, Ministry of Finance, Government of People's Republic Bangladesh, 2014)
Ames Library HC440.8.M3876 2014

Dohati, economics: searching wealth of nations: an enquiry in to the nature and magnitude of poverty in a Bangladesh village.  Ālama, Jāhāṅgīra, (Dhaka: Mou Prokashoni, 2014)
Ames Library HC440.8.Z9 P612238 2014
Breaking through: India's stories of beating the odds on poverty.  Mitra, Meera, (New Delhi: Rainlight, Rupa Publications, 2015)
Ames Library HC440.P6 M58 2015

Labour force in informal economy.  Virk, Gurnam Singh, (New Delhi: Studera Press, 2015)
Ames Library HD2346.I4 V57 2015

Pipe politics, contested waters: embedded infrastructures of millennial Mumbai.  Björkman, Lisa, (Durham: Duke University Press, 2015)
Ames Library HD4465.I5 B57 2015

Women entrepreneurship in backward area.  Veera Raghavalu, M., (New Delhi: New Delhi Publishers, 2015)
Ames Library HD6072.6.I42 B45 2015

Forced to the fringes: disasters of 'resettlement' in India.  (New Delhi: Housing and Land Rights Network, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HD876.5.F763 2014

The Khasi land tenure system in the context of modern society.  Sumer, Jait, (Shillong: Ri Khasi Book Agency, 2014)
Ames Library HD879.M54 S85 2014

The Aos of Nagaland.  Jamir, Wangshimenla, (New Delhi, India: Mittal Publications, 2014)
Ames Library HD879.N34 J36 2014

Colonialism, development, and the environment: railways and deforestation in British India, 1860-1884.  Das, Pallavi V., (New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)
Ames Library HE3298.D37 2015

Golden era of B.D. Rampala: Sri Lanka railway: challenges in its way forward.  Dissanayake, Ranjith L., (Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka: Ranjith L. Dissanayake, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HE3300.3.Z8 C493 2014

Railway master plan (July 2010 to June 2030).  (Dhaka: Ministry of Railways, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, 2013)
Ames Library Quarto HE3300.6.R354 2013

Bypass roads and growth of towns: a study on the aspects of planning, human settlement and town development in Bangladesh.  Huq, Sayeedul, (Dhaka: VSO Bangladesh, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HE365.B3 H86 2014

Monetary policy analysis in an inflation targeting framework in emerging economics: the case of India.  Bhattacharya, Rudrani, (New Delhi: Publications Unit, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, 2014)
Ames Library HG1235.B662 2014

Micro finance and self help groups in India.  Majhi, Sanjib Kumar, (New Delhi: SSDN Publishers & Distributors, 2015)
Ames Library HG178.33.I4 M35 2015

Exchange rate regimes and inflation: evidence from India.  Mohanty, Biswajit (New Delhi: Publications Unit, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, 2014)
Ames Library HG3971.M64 2014

Global partnership towards development, 2012.  Sri Lanka. External Resources Department. (Colombo: External Resources Department, 2012)
Ames Library Quarto HG5720.8.A3 G56 2012

Socially responsible investing: an insight and future perspectives.  Tripathi, Vanita, (New Delhi, India: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2015)
Ames Library HG5732.T75 2015

Gender responsive budgeting as fiscal innovation: evidence from India on processes.  Chakraborty, Lekha S., (New Delhi: Publications Unit, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, 2014)
Ames Library HJ2157.C43 2014

Baseline survey on tax, tax gap analysis,  and tax system in Bangladesh.  Pulok, Mohammad Habibullah, (Dhaka: Sushasoner Jonny Procharavizan, 2013)
Ames Library HJ2940.6.P85 2013

Proceedings of the Seminar on Public Risk Perception: seminar held on 29th & 30th September 2011.  (Bangalore: National Institute of Advanced Studies, 2013)
Ames Library HM1101.S465 2011

Media in our globalizing world.  (New Delhi: Institute of Objective Studies, 2015)
Ames Library Quarto HM1206.C66 2011

Discover the eleven profit centres of life.  Langa Tshering, (Thimphu: Kuensel Corporation, 2014)
Ames Library HM1261.L39 2014

Metamorphosis of new media and digital culture.  Madhavi Reddy, R. K., (Delhi: Lenin Media, 2015)
Ames Library HM742.M48 2015

Social inclusion research: a source book.  Lama-Tamang, Mukta S., (Kathmandu: Mandala Book Point in association with Social Inclusion Research Fund, 2014)
Ames Library HN670.9.A8 S635 2014

Behind her wedding veil: struggles of my rebellious mother.  Panday, Kk., (Kathmandu: Vajra Books, 2015)
Ames Library HN670.9.Z9 C6 2015

Millennium development goals: Bangladesh country report 2013.  (Dhaka: Support to Sustainable and Inclusive Planning Project, General Economics Division, Planning Commission, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh & UNDP Bangladesh, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HN690.6.A8 M535 2014

Essays on health, education and women empowerment in India.  Chattopadhyay, Pranab Kumar (New Delhi, India: Renu Publishers, 2015)
Ames Library HN690.Z9 C6 2015

Purdah of the heart and the eyes: an examination of purdah as an institution in Pakistan.  Haque, Riffat, (Lahore: Sang-e-Meel Publications, 2015)
Ames Library HQ1170.H36 2015

Feminists and science: critiques and changing perspectives in India.  Krishna, Sumi, (Kolkata: Stree, 2015)
Ames Library HQ1191.I4 F46 2015

Study report on Dalit women's access to WASH services and rights.  Rai, Nar Gopal, (Kathmandu: Feminist Dalit Organization, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HQ1735.9.R35 2014

Emergence of feminism and feminist nationalism in Assam: role of Chandra Prabha Saikia and the Asom Pradeshik Mahila Samiti (1926-47).  (Shillong: North East India History Association, 2013)
Ames Library HQ1742.5.S25 B67 2013

Will the real Pakistani woman please stand up?: empire, visual culture and the brown female body.  Charania, Moon, (Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2015)
Ames Library HQ1745.5.C48 2015

A conceptual approach to early childhood development: assessing the need in adult entertainment sector.  Rana, Sulakshana. (Kathmandu: Saathi, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HQ777.6.R37 2014

Youth and social transformation: improving life chances of youth in Sri Lanka.  Hettige, S. T. (Colombo: A joint publication of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Social Policy Analysis & Research Centre, University of Colombo, 2014)
Ames Library HQ799.S74 Y68 2014

The ex-files: the story of my divorce.  Shah, Vandana, (Gurgaon, Haryana, India: Shobhaa Dé Books, 2014)
Ames Library HQ928.S43 2014

Urbanization, development and discourse of slum.  Goswami, Sribas, (New Delhi: Renu Publishers, 2015)
Ames Library HT384.I42 R35 2015

Caste, discrimination, and exclusion in modern India.  Borooah, Vani Kant, (New Delhi, India: SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd, 2015)
Ames Library HT720.B67 2015

Pilgrim: peering through the reminiscences.  Jamini Devi, (Imphal: Rinda Publications, 2014)
Ames Library HV40.32.J36 A3 2014

Beyond disaster: the disaster-risks and rehabilitation-strategies.  Dhir, Kahnu C. (New Delhi: Lakshi Publishers & Distributors, 2015)
Ames Library HV551.5.I5 D45 2015

Honour killings in India: a crime against humanity.  Manpreet Kaur, (New Delhi: Anamika Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd., 2015)
Ames Library HV6197.I4 M36 2015

We can: a model of behavioural change concerning violence against women: Bangladesh report.  Rajan, Anuradha, (Dhaka: Amrai Pari Paribarik Nirjaton Protirodh Jot, 2013)
Ames Library Quarto HV6250.4.W65 W392 2013

The terrorists' world: ideas and interpretations.  Sen, Parthapratim, (Kolkata: Levant Books, 2014)
Ames Library HV6431.T5542 2014

The al-Qaeda network in Pakistan.  Zahid, Farhan, (Islamabad: Narratives, 2015)
Ames Library HV6432.5.Q2 Z34 2015

Kafkaland: prejudice, law and counterterrorism in India.  Sethi, Manisha, (Gurgaon: Three Essays Collective, 2014)
Ames Library HV6433.I4 S48 2014

Learning from children exposed to sexual abuse and sexual exploitation: the bamboo project study on child resilience.  Veitch, Helen, ([Kathmandu]: Oak Foundation, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HV6570.4.N35 V45 2014

Be the change: fighting corruption.  Bedi, Kiran, (New Delhi: Sterling Paperbacks c2012.)
Ames Library HV6771.I4 B43 2012

Crime & corruption: from satan to saint.  Thakur, Shailendra Nath, (New Delhi, India: Manas Publications, 2015)
Ames Library HV7092.T43 2015

Fateh: triumph over tragedy.  Walia, Sapna, (Noida: Main Street, 2014)
Ames Library HV8886.I4 F38 2014

National identity cards and human dignity: a theological critique of Aadhaar.  Jose, Jeff Shawn, (Bangalore: Published by Dharmaram Publications for Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram 2014.)
Ames Library JC596.2.I4 J67 2014

Chronicles of time and chance.  Isar, Raymond Francis, (Delhi: Primus Books, 2015)
Ames Library JQ247.I83 2015

Electoral education in Nepal: appraisal of information, education & communication approach, June 2012-February 2013.  Shrestha, Sabin. (Lalitpur, Nepal: National Election Observation Committee, 2013)
Ames Library Quarto JQ628.A95 E543 2013

Voter registration observation in Nepal, June 2011-mid July 2012: a comprehensive report.  Siwakoti, Gopal Krishna, (Lalitpur, Nepal: National Election Observation Committee, 2012)
Ames Library JQ628.A95 V68 2012

Political parties in Bangladesh: challenges of democratization.  Jahan, Rounaq, (Dhaka: Prothoma Prokashan in association with Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2015)
Ames Library JQ639.A795 J34 2015

Report on baseline study, Union Parishad Governance Project (UPGP).  (Dhaka: Union Parishad Governance Project (UPGP), Local Government Division, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Cooperatives, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, 2013)
Ames Library Quarto JS7100.3.A2 H35 2013

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