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Saturday, April 16, 2016

South Asia seminar, Apr. 21: Anish Vanaik on Lineages of the Housing Question in Colonial Delhi, 1911-1947

Lineages of the Housing Question in Colonial Delhi, 1911-1947

by Dr. Anish Vanaik,
Clinical Assistant Professor, Purdue Honors College

Date:  Thursday, April 21.
Time:  4 PM
Place: 609 Social Sciences

The shift of the Imperial capital to Delhi in 1911 led to a rapid rise in the value of house property and rent. In turn, these escalations led to calls for the provision of housing through mechanisms that curbed the excesses of the market. Unlike in industrial cities, however, neither from below (as a consolidated political constituency that struggled for rights) nor from above (as an administrative problem) was the working class placed at the heart of Delhi's housing question. This paper tracks the more variegated 'lineages’ of the housing question in caste struggles, Gandhian ideals, rent control, state employment and sanitation discourse.

Dr. Anish Vanaik is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Purdue Honors College where he teaches a range of interdisciplinary courses. His PhD, very mono-disciplinary and completed at the University of Oxford, studied the history of property in the city of Old Delhi from 1911-47. Dr. Vanaik is currently in the process of writing a manuscript based on the dissertation. Apart from urban history, his other research interest is in the field of political cartoons in India and elsewhere. He is currently co-authoring an article on cartoons about the Black Lives Matter movement.

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