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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Selected New Titles in Ames Library, September 2016

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(Listing titles added in August)

Nyāyaratnadīpāvali of Ānandānubhava.  Ānandānubhava, (New Delhi: Indian Council of Philosophical Research and Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited, Delhi, 2015)
Ames Library B132.A3 A4613 2015

Faultless to a fault: Gaṅgeśa on Upamāna in Indian epistemology.  Chattopadhyay, Uma, (New Delhi: DK Printworld, 2015)
Ames Library B132.U62 C533 2015

Kr̥ṣṇa in the Harivaṁśa.  Couture, André, (New Delhi: DK Printworld, 2015)
Ames Library BL1138.86.C66 2015

The Gaṇeśa-Purāṇa.  Bailey, Greg, (Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Limited, 2015)
Ames Library BL1140.4.G362 E5 2015

Spiritual despots: modern Hinduism and the genealogies of self-rule.  Scott, J. Barton, (Chicago; The University of Chicago Press, 2016)
Ames Library BL1153.5.S33 2016

Śabda pramāṇa and Indian Biblical hermeneutics: an inter-cultural dialogue.  Giri, K. (New Delhi: Christian World Imprints, 2015)
Ames Library BL1215.H47 G57 2015

In Andal's Garden: art, ornament and devotion in Srivilliputtur.  Venkatesan, Archana (Mumbai: Marg Foundation, 2015)
Quarto Ames Library BL1226.15.S65 V46 2015

Happiness unlimited: conversational adaptation from the internationally acclaimed TV series: awakening with Brahma Kumaris.  Shivani, (New Delhi, India: Third Eye; 2015)
Ames Library BL1274.252.S55 2015

Approaching the divine: the integration of Alvar bhakti in Srivaisnavism.  Jagannathan, Bharati, (New Delhi: Primus Books, 2015)
Ames Library BL1288.232.S6 J34 2015

Beyond otherness: Sikhism: new mystical experience and interfaith dialogue.  Siddhū, Guramīta Siṅgha, (Chennai: Notion Press, 2015)
Ames Library BL2018.15.S53 2015

The volatile world of sovereignty: the vrātya problem and kingship in South Asia.  (New Delhi: DK Printworld, 2015)
Ames Library BL2020.V7 B76 2013

Sufism: its spirit and essence.  Bhattacharjya Tato, Dhritabrata, (New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications, 2015)
Ames Library BP189.B53 2015

Studies in history and archaeology of Vikramaśilā Mahāvihāra: the last beacon of Buddhist philosophy.  Sinha, Rajiva Kumar, (Patna: Bauddha Sanskriti Kendra; 2015)
Ames Library BQ162.I42 B348 2015

The Kāśyapaparivarta.  Pāsādika, (New Delhi: Aditya Prakashan, 2015)
Ames Library BQ1762.E5 P37 2015

Buddhist monks and the politics of Lanka's Civil War: ethnoreligious nationalism of the Sinhala saṅgha and peacemaking in Sri Lanka, 1995-2010.  Rāghavan, Suren, (Sheffield; Equinox Publishing Ltd, 2016)
Ames Library BQ4570.S7 R34 2016

Christian missions in Bihar and Jharkhand till 1947: a study by P.C. Horo. (New Delhi: Christian World Imprints & Gossner Theological College, 2014)
Ames Library BV3280.B54 H67 2014

100 iconic Indians.  O'Brien, Derek. ([New Delhi?]: Red Turtle by Rupa Publications 2014.)
Ames Library CT1506.O27 2014

India's war: World War II and the making of modern South Asia.  Raghavan, Srinath, (New York: Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, 2016)
Ames Library D767.6.R34 2016

Connectivity and integration in South Asia.  (Delhi: Kalpaz, 2015)
Ames Library DS341.G74 2013

Insights into evolution of contemporary Pakistan.  Chandra, Satish (New Delhi: Pentagon Press, 2015)
Ames Library DS383.5.A2 I57 2015

Genocide in Bangladesh 1971.  Nāsimula Kāmāla, E. Ke. Ema, (Dhaka: Banglaprakash, 2015)
Ames Library DS395.5.G396 2015

Caste consciousness & power politics in Bihar, 1937-1967.  Kant, Vimal, (Delhi: B.R. Publishing Corporation, 2016)
Ames Library DS422.C3 K294 2016

Communal violence and propaganda.  Elst, Koenraad, (New Delhi: Voice of India, 2014)
Ames Library DS422.C64 E47 2014

Indian culture and art: continuity and change: Shri R.C. Tripathi felicitation volume.  Tripathi, R. C. (Delhi: Swati Publications, 2015)
Quarto Ames Library DS423.I55232 2015

On being a Naga: essays.  Ao, T. (Dimapur: Heritage Publishing House, 2014)
Ames Library DS432.A57 A6 2014

Ao Naga world-view: a dialogue.  Miri, Sujata, (New Delhi: Indian Council of Philosophical Research: 2015)
Ames Library DS432.A57 M57 2015

Folktales of a forgotten folk.  Dani, Samuel, (New Delhi: Authorspress, 2015)
Ames Library DS432.K187 D36 2015

From maternal uncle to father: an anthropological study on changing patriarchy among the Khasis.  Mawrie, Barnes L., (Shillong: Vendrame Institute Publications, 2015)
Ames Library DS432.K5 M3783 2015

Preservation of endangered languages of Bangladesh, Lahra.  Towhid Bin Muzaffar, (Dhaka: Adorn Publications, 2015)
Ames Library DS432.L234 T69 2015

Migration, mobility and multiple affiliations: Punjabis in a transnational world.  Irudaya Rajan, S. (Daryaganj, Delhi, India: Cambridge University Press, 2015)
Ames Library DS432.P232 M43 2015

State, militancy, and human rights: a study of Punjab (1980-95).  Malkit Singh (New Delhi: Regal Publications, 2015)
Ames Library DS432.S5 M333 2015

Central Asia: India's northern exposure.  Book (New Delhi: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, 2015)
Ames Library DS450.A783 S76 2015

India's security interest in her neighbourhood.  Adhikari, Shekhar, (New Delhi: Pentagon Press, 2015)
Ames Library DS450.A85 I53 2015

India-Pakistan relations: issues and challenges.  Kumar, Sanjay, (New Delhi: G.B. Books in association with; 2016)
Ames Library DS450.P18 I567 2016

India-U.S. relations and Asian rebalancing.  Josukutty, C.A., (New Delhi: New Century Publications, 2015)
Ames Library DS450.U6 I535 2015

The making of India: the untold story of British enterprise.  Lalvani, Kartar, (London: Bloomsbury Continuum, 2016)
Ames Library DS463.L35 2016

Dynamics of colonialism and imperialism: India and West Asia.  Shukla, R. L., (New Delhi: Manak Publications, 2015)
Ames Library DS463.S513 2015

The Indian sepoy, soldier of the raj.  Sengupta, Ranjeet (New Delhi: Reliance Publishing House, 2016)
Ames Library DS475.S486 2016

The patton wreckers: an account of the actions of 3 Cavalry in the battle of Asal Uttar - September, 1965.  Hai, Khutub A., (New Delhi: Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., 2015)
Ames Library DS480.84.H35 2015

Revisiting India's partition: new essays on memory, culture, and politics.  Singh, Amritjit, (Lanham: Lexington Books, 2016)
Ames Library DS480.842.R48 2016

1962: a view from the other side of the hill.  Shankar, Vinay, (New Delhi, India: Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, 2015)
Ames Library DS480.85.A15 2015

The life and times of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee: a complete biography.  Roy, Tathagata, (New Delhi: Prabhat Prakashan, 2012)
Ames Library DS481.M783 R69 2012

Revisiting Nehru in contemporary India.  Mann, Baljit S., (New Delhi: KW Publishers Pvt Ltd in association with Nehru Studies Centre, University of Jammu, Jammu, 2015)
Ames Library DS481.N35 R457 2015

Desabhakta- the colossus: a study of eminent freedom fighter.  Venkateswara Reddy, D., (Delhi, India: Meena Book Publications, 2015)
Ames Library DS481.V44 V43 2015

Becoming Assamese: colonialism and new subjectivities in Northeast India.  Sengupta, Madhumita, (Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2016)
Ames Library DS485.A87 S46 2016

Lost addresses: a memoir of India 1934-1955.  Basu, Kr̥shṇā, (New Delhi, India: Niyogi Books, 2015)
Ames Library DS485.B493 B36485 2015

Illustrious leaders of Bihar & Jharkhand.  Verma, Jawahar Lal, (Patna: Janaki Prakashan, 2015)
Ames Library DS485.B516 V47 2015

The great rebellion of 1857 in Chotanagpur: with special reference to the adivasi uprising.  Chaudhuri, Biresh, (New Delhi, India: Shivalik Prakashan, 2015)
Ames Library DS485.C6 C43 2015

Excavations in Gujarat.  Rao, Shivananda V., (Delhi: Agam Kala Prakashan, 2015)
Ames Library DS485.G83 R36 2015

The other Kashmir: society, culture and politics in the Karakoram Himalayas.  Warikoo, K. (New Delhi: Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses: 2014)
Ames Library DS485.K193 O84 2014

The Kashmir conflict: from empire to the Cold War, 1945-66.  Ankit, Rakesh, (Abingdon, Oxon; Routledge, 2016)
Ames Library DS485.K2 A76 2016

Understanding Kashmir and Kashmiris.  Snedden, Christopher, (London: Hurst & Company, 2013)
Ames Library DS485.K25 S64 2015

Why didst thou trust?: story of the betrayal with Sikhs.  Narāiṇa Siṅgha, (Amritsar: Singh Brothers, 2014)
Ames Library DS485.P88 N37 2014

Śāḷuvān̤kuppam excavations, 2005-07.  Badhreenath, Sathyabhama, (New Delhi: The Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, 2015)
Quarto Ames Library DS486.S14 B33 2015

Ten newly discovered early Brahmi inscriptions of Trincomalee district.  Thantilage, Arjuna, (Colombo, Sri Lanka: Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR), University of Kelaniya 2014)
Quarto Ames Library DS489.1.S46 2014

Kaltota survey - phase I.  Somadeva, Raj, (Colombo: Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR), University of Kelaniya 2014)
Quarto Ames Library DS489.1.S66 2014

Edward Henry Pedris: national hero who awakened a nation.  Imbulana, Charnika, (Nugegoda: Sarasavi Publishers, 2015)
Ames Library DS489.73.P42.I43 2015

Quest for historical knowledge: doctoral dissertations in history by Nepalese scholars.  Manandhar, Vijay Kumar, (Kathmandu: Central Department of History, Tribhuvan University, 2015)
Ames Library DS493.4.M364 2015

The Khukri braves: the illustrated history of the Gorkhas / by Jyoti Thapa Mani.  Mani, Jyoti Thapa, (New Delhi: Rupa Publications India, 2015)
Quarto Ames Library DS493.9.G8 M36 2015

What led to the 2006 democratic revolution in Nepal?.  Mishra, Chaitanya, (Kathmandu: Himal Books, 2015)
Ames Library DS495.6.M57 2015

Glimpses of Dhulikhel, Nepal: a pictorial guidebook of Dhulikhel and its surroundings.  Kunwar, Keshav, (Dhulikhel, Nepal: Dhulikhel Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Tourist Information Centre, 2014)
Ames Library DS495.8.D49 G65 2014

Kathmandu.  Bell, Thomas, (London: Haus Publishing Ltd, 2016)
Ames Library DS495.8.K3 B45 2016

The Kadambas of Goa & their inscriptions.  Śāntakumāri, Es. El., (Delhi: Agam Kala Prakashan, 2015)
Ames Library DS498.3.S36 2015

Indian Africa: minorities of Indian-Pakistani origin in eastern Africa.  Adam, Michel, (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Mkuki Na Nyota Publishers, ©2015.)
Ames Library DT429.5.E27 A3713 2015

Mahakashi.  (Kolkata: National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation, Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, 2015)
Ames Library G2284.V4 N3 2014

Journey of a lifetime: a memoir.  Weereratne, Rienzie, (Colombo: [Rienzie Weereratne], 2015)
Ames Library G246.W44 A33 2015

Urban morphometry: evolution and analysis.  Pathak, Usha K., (New Delhi, India: Research India Press, 2015)
Ames Library GB438.I4 P365 2015

Land, people and power: an anthropological study of emerging mega city of new town, Raharhat.  Chakrabarty, Kakali, (Kolkata: Anthropological Survey of India; 2015)
Ames Library GN635.I4 L36 2015

Nature, culture and gender: re-reading the folktale.  Porselvi, P. Mary Vidya, (Abingdon, Oxon; Routledge, 2016)
Ames Library GR305.P67 2016

Folklore and its relevance in North East India.  Rajkumar, Brajananda, (New Delhi: Rajesh Publications, 2015)
Ames Library GR305.5.N7 F63 2015

Dance drama in theory and practice.  Ramaratnam, S., (New Delhi, India: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 2015)
Quarto Ames Library GV1693.R36 2015

Kathak dance education: contemporary systems, problems and suggestions.  Jha, Rajeev Indramani, (Delhi: B.R. Rhythms, 2015)
Ames Library GV1796.K38 J43 2015

Odissi: the third classical form of Indian music.  Sendh, Rajesh, (New Delhi: Kanishka Publishers Distributors, 2015)
Ames Library GV1796.O34 S46 2015

Macro economic management in Bangladesh: performance, pitfalls, and prescriptions.  Azizul Islam, Mirza, (Dhaka: Gripper Mark Publication, 2015)
Ames Library HB172.5.A952 2015

BCIM-economic corridor: the road ahead.  (New Delhi: Pentagon Press, 2015)
Ames Library HC412.S426 2013

Public welfare policies and multidimensional poverty in Sri Lanka: an application of capability approach.  Semasinghe, W. M., (Nugegoda, Sri Lanka: Sarasavi Publishers, 2015)
Ames Library HC424.Z9 P6248 2015

Towards economic crisis (2012-2014) and beyond.  Acharya, Shankar N. (New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2015)
Ames Library HC435.3.A24 2015

Restart: the last chance for the Indian economy.  Sharma, Mihir S., (Gurgaon: Random House Publishers India, 2015)
Ames Library HC435.3.S48 2015

A theological response to special economic zones and livelihood in India.  Thomas, M. J., (New Delhi: Christian World Imprints, 2015)
Ames Library HC437.U88 T46 2015

Rentier capitalism: disorganised development and social injustice in Pakistan.  Ahmed, Shahid. (Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)
Ames Library HC440.5.A72264 2016

Accountability for economic development.  Hossain, Md. Shahadat, (Dhaka: Chitra Prokashani, 2015)
Ames Library HC440.8.H68 2015

Component completion report: labor intensive infrastructure development: Sunamganj Community Based Resource Management Project (SCBRMP).  ([Dhaka]: Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Local Government Engineering Department, 2014)
Quarto Ames Library HC440.8.Z9 C3328 2014

Zakat for sustainable livelihoods: innovations in financial empowerment.  Rahman, Hossain Zillur, (Dhaka: Power and Participation Research Centre (PPRC) 2014.)
Ames Library HC440.8.Z9 P34 2014

Poverty and vulnerability in rural Bangladesh.  Osmani, Siddiqur Rahman, (Dhaka: University Press Limited: 2015)
Ames Library HC440.8.Z9 P633346 2015

Growth of small and medium enterprises in Haryana (India) and e-business: an exploratory study.  Sharma, Pooja, (Delhi, India: Research India Publications, 2014)
Ames Library HD2346.I52 H37 2014

MGNREGA and gender equity.  (New Delhi: Kanishka Publishers, Distributors, 2015)
Ames Library HD5710.85.I4.N38 2013

Socio-political and quality aspects of work force in non-farm sector.  Azad, Binod Kumar, (New Delhi: Published on behalf of the Indian Economic Association by Regal Publications, 2015)
Ames Library HD5819.S63 2015

Shelter security in urban India: pathways, barriers, and outcomes.  Mahadevia, Darshini, (New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company, 2015)
Ames Library HD7287.96.I4 S55 2015

Globalisation, development and plantation labour in India.  Joseph, K. J., (London: Routledge 2016.)
Ames Library HD8039.P4962 I44 2016

The state of Bangladesh's working poor: progress and paradoxes.  Zainul Abedin, M., (Rajshahi: Institute of Bangladesh Studies, Rajshahi University, 2015)
Ames Library HD8690.6.S73 2015

Towards a framework for achieving food security in the mountains of Pakistan.  Rasul, Golam, (Kathmandu: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development; 2014)
Quarto Ames Library HD9016.P182 R37 2014

Comparative study on consumer preference of fruit drinks and carbonated drinks in Sri Lankan beverage market.  Rambukwella, Roshini, (Colombo, Sri Lanka: Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute, 2015)
Quarto Ames Library HD9349.S633 S757 2015

Indian steel industry: export prospects.  (Mumbai: Export-Import Bank of India, 2015)
Ames Library HD9526.I42 I53 2015

Indian capital goods industry: a sector study.  (Mumbai: Export-Import Bank of India, 2014)
Ames Library HD9680.I42 I53 2014

Growth of handloom industry: perspective approach.  Ramu, M., (Delhi, India: Research India Publications, 2014)
Ames Library HD9866.I43 C457 2014

Imperial Rome, Indian Ocean Regions and Muziris: new perspectives on maritime trade.  Mathew, K. S., (New Delhi: Manohar Publishers, 2015)
Ames Library HE175.I47 2015

Smart content for smart people: best practices of Sri Lankan e-content and applications of 2014.  Rathnayake, Shriyananda, (Colombo: Strategic Communications and Media Unit - ICTA, 2014)
Ames Library HE8700.62.S63 2014

Bangladesh: a study of India's trade and investment potential.  (Mumbai: Export-Import Bank of India, 2015)
Ames Library HF3788.B3 B36 2015

No regrets.  Ghosh, Dhruba Narayan, (New Delhi: Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd., 2015)
Ames Library HG1552.G54 R44 2015

Interest rates in India: towards harmony.  Prabhu, G. Giridhar, (Delhi: Shipra Publications, 2015)
Ames Library HG1623.I4 P73 2015

The Bank of India: 100 years of prudential banking, 1906-2006.  Ray, Abhik, (New Delhi: Maven/Rupa, 2015)
Ames Library HG3286.R39 2015

In the corridors of remittance: cost and use of remittances in Bangladesh.  (Dhaka: ILO Country Office for Bangladesh, 2014)
Quarto Ames Library HG3971.6.I58 2014

Medical insurance schemes for the poor: who benefits?.  Baru, Rama V., (New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2015)
Ames Library HG9399.I42 M43 2015

Tax system in India: evolution and present structure.  Sury, M. M., (New Delhi: 2015)
Ames Library HJ2921.S87 2015

Mapping of fiscal flow and local government financing in Bangladesh.  Kabir, Mahfuz, ([Dhaka]: Union Parishad Governance Project & Upazila Governance Project, 2015)
Ames Library HJ9569.6.K33 2015

Towards a sane society.  Hettige, S. T. (Nugegoda: Sarasavi Publishers, 2015)
Ames Library HM836.H47 2015

Crises of social transformation in India.  Ahlawat, S. R. (Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2015)
Ames Library HN682.C72 2015

The Indian social sector: trends and issues.  Mishra, R. K., (New Delhi: Academic Foundation in association with Institute of Public Enterprise, 2015)
Ames Library HN683.5.I53755 2015

When politics becomes terrorism.  ([Dhaka]: [ALBD], 2015)
Quarto Ames Library HN690.6.Z9 V589 2015

Social mobility among urban women.  Shetty, Jyoti Sunil, (New Delhi, India: Serials Publications (P) Ltd., 2015)
Ames Library HN690.P78 S54 2015

Omnibus of North Bengal: the history and culture of the hills and the plains.  Bagchi, Anita, (Delhi: B.R. Publishing Corporation, 2015)
Ames Library HN690.W48 O46 2015

Elderly women in Indian village: tradition and transition.  Vandana Kumari, (Delhi: The Women Press, 2015)
Ames Library HQ1064.I4 V36 2015

Women's empowerment in South Asia: NGO interventions and agency building in Bangladesh.  Panday, Pranab Kumar, (London; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016)
Ames Library HQ1745.6.P35 2016

Sri Lanka's global factory workers: (un) disciplined desires and sexual struggles in a post-colonial society.  Hewamanne, Sandya, (Abingdon, Oxon; Routledge, 2016)
Ames Library HQ29.H49 2016

Social work and human relations.  Siddiqui, H. Y., (Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2015)
Ames Library HV50.S53 2015

The worm within: corruption and erosion of India's accountability institutions.  Basu, Shantanu, (New Delhi: Authorspress, 2015)
Ames Library HV6771.I4 B37 2015

Ethics in governance in India.  Chakrabarty, Bidyut, (Abingdon, Oxon; Routledge, 2016)
Ames Library JQ229.E8 C53 2016

A short history of the Communist Party of India.  Bālaṟām, En. I., (Kozhikode: Poorna Publications, 2012)
Ames Library JQ298.C6 B3 2012

Dominant executive and dormant legislature: executive-legislature relations in Bangladesh.  Khan, Mohammad Mohabbat, (Dhaka: A H Development Publishing House, 2014)
Ames Library JQ636.K54 2014

The local government system in Bangladesh: a comparative analysis of perspectives and practices.  Ahmed, Nizamuddin, (Dhaka: Union Parishad Governance Project & Upazila Governance Project, 2014)
Quarto Ames Library JS7100.3.A2 A364 2014

Local governance and decentralization in Bangladesh: politics and economics.  Barkat, Abul, (Dhaka: Pathak Shamabesh, 2015)
Ames Library JS7100.3.A2 B37 2015

Exploring state of governance at union-level and its relevance for wider influencing.  Hussain, Akhter (Dhaka: Care Bangladesh: 2013)
Quarto Ames Library JS7100.3.A2 H87 2013

Midterm evaluation final report.  ([Dhaka]: Union Parishad Governance Project & Upazila Governance Project, 2014)
Quarto Ames Library JS7100.3.A2 M53 2014

Strengthening local government in Bangladesh: the role of empowerment, participation, and leadership.  Samiul Islam, Mohammad, (Dhaka: Osder Publications, 2014)
Ames Library JS7100.3.A2 S26 2014

India-Pakistan nuclear diplomacy: constructivism and the prospects for nuclear arms control and disarmament in South Asia.  Carranza, Mario Esteban, (Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016)
Ames Library JZ6009.S64 C37 2016

The cost: causes of and potential redress for high recruitment and migration costs in Bangladesh.  (Dhaka: ILO Country Office for Bangladesh, 2014)
Quarto Ames Library KNG1278.A44 C67 2014

Gresham's law syndrome and beyond: an analysis of the Bangladesh bureaucracy.  Khan, Akbar Ali, (Dhaka: The University Press Limited, 2015)
Ames Library KNG2400.K43 2015

Building the Sri Rama temple in Ayodhya.  Swamy, Subramanian, (New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications Pvt Ltd, 2015)
Ames Library KNS46.B33 S93 2015

Constitutional and legal status of Jammu Kashmir.  Bhatia, K. L., (New Delhi: Regal Publications, 2015)
Ames Library KNT7671.B43 2015

University governance in Sri Lanka: a critique and ideas for reform.  Uyangoda, Jayadeva, (Colombo: Social Scientists' Association, 2015)
Ames Library LA1148.U93 2015

The Nizams: educational transformation in princely state.  Nasreen Begum, (New Delhi: Research India Press, 2016)
Ames Library LA1154.H9 N38 2016

Planning and development in India: education & health sectors and human development criteria's in perceptive.  Sangeeta (New Delhi: Reliance Publishing House, 2015)
Ames Library LA1154.J46 S26 2015

The chaotic order: an unknown teacher's pedagogic travelogue.  Pathak, Avijit, (Delhi: Aakar Books, 2015)
Ames Library LA2383.I62 P37687 2015

Art, architecture and iconography of India.  Pathak, Guptajit, (New Delhi: S.K. Book Agency, 2015)
Ames Library N7302.P38 2015

Nalini Malani: you can't keep acid in a paper bag, 1969-2014.  Malani, Nalini, (New Delhi: Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, 2015)
Ames Library N7310.M36 A4 2015

Cave-temples in the regions of the Pāṇdya, Muttaraiya, Atiyamān̤ and Āy dynasties in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.  Dayalan, D., (New Delhi: Archaeological Survey of India, 2014)
Quarto Ames Library NA4640.D38 2014

An uncommon man.  Laxman, R. K., (New Delhi: Times Group Books, 2015)
Ames Library NC1719.L39 A4 2015

Romancing with colours: my art journey.  Kulkarni, Uday (New Delhi: Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., 2015)
Quarto Ames Library ND1010.K827 A4 2015

Sigiriyā paintings of Śrilankā: identification & interpretation.  Talim, M. V. (Delhi: Buddhist World Press, 2015)
Ames Library ND2830.Z9 S54 2015

Simplified grammar to Pali language.  Barua, Alka, (New Delhi: New Bharatiya Book Corp., 2015)
Ames Library PK1020.B36 2015

Metamodern and other tendencies.  Huda, Muhammad Nurul, (Dhaka: Banglaprakash, 2014)
Ames Library PK1701.H73 2014

Cry, river, cry.  Oẏālīullāh, Saiẏada, (Dhaka: writers.ink, 2015)
Ames Library PK1718.O95 K3613 2015

Rabindranath Tagore Gora: a critical companion.  Bhattacharya, Nandini, (Delhi: Primus Books, 2015)
Ames Library PK1723.G63 R33 2015

Three novels.  Imadādula Haka Milana, (Dhaka: Ananya, 2015)
Ames Library PK1730.24.M25 A6 2015

Charmful strains.  Mojumder, Md. Abu Taher, (Dhaka: Annesha Research Centre, 2015)
Ames Library PK1730.29.O429 C53 2015

Seven heavens.  Ahmed, Samim, (Gurgaon, India: Hachette Book Publishing India, 2015)
Ames Library PK1731.12.H36 S2813 2015

Urdu in Bangladesh: a glance at the history and literature.  Ilīyās, Aḥmad, (Dhaka: Bangla-Urdu Sahitya Foundation, 2012)
Ames Library PK1971.I45 2012

The complete Bījak of Kabīr: Guru Kabīr's mystical teachings on God-realization.  Kabir, (New Delhi, India: New Age Books, 2015)
Ames Library PK2095.K3 B5513 2015

The rousing voice of Baba Nagarjun: charting new territories for the Hindi novel.  Pandey, Indu Prakash, (New Delhi: Radha Publications, 2015)
Ames Library PK2098.M46 Z792 2015

The world I saw: memoir of a commoner.  Ilīyās, Aḥmad, (Dhaka: Tanjila Ilias (Rubina), 2014)
Ames Library PK2200.I488 Z46 2014

Mansion.  Dharmakīrti, Ranjit, (Nugegoda, Sri Lanka: Sakila Prakashana, 2014)
Ames Library PK2859.D456 S27 2014

Splendour of Sanskrit research.  Varma, Satya Vrat, (Delhi, India: Eastern Book Linkers, 2015)
Ames Library PK2903.V37 2015

Yamaka Bhāgavatam of Kaviratna Puruṣottama Miśra: with the commentary of Raghunātha Miśra; critical edition and study.  Tripathy, Pratap Chandra, (Delhi: Pratibha Prakashan, 2015)
Ames Library PK3798.P828 Y338 2015

Contribution of Odisha to Sanskrit: creative literature.  Panda, P. K. (Delhi: Pratibha Prakashan, 2015)
Ames Library PK3800.O75 P35 2015

World of Khusrau: innovations & contributions.  Hossain, Shakeel, ([New Delhi]: Aga Khan Trust for Culture; 2014)
Ames Library PK6451.A59 Z693 2014

Kokborok morphology and phonology.  Chakraborty, Uttam, (New Delhi: Akansha Publishing House, 2015)
Ames Library PL4001.K721 C43 2015

Hijan hirao: text, context, and translation.  Singh, Premchandra Kshetrimayum, (Kakching: Sahitya Seva Samiti, 2015)
Ames Library PL4001.M319 H55 2015

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