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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Selected New Titles in Ames Library, March 2018

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MARCH 2018

Listing titles added in February

Philosophizing the body: physical, social, psychosomatic & spiritual dimensions: papers presented at the 40th Annual Research Seminar of ACPI held at Vijnananilayam, Janampet, Eluru, 22-25 October, 2015. (New Delhi [India]: Christian World Imprints & Association of Christian Philosophers of India, 2016)
Ames Library B105.B64 A87 2015

Chaturvedi Badrinath: unity of life and other essays. Badrinath, Chaturvedi, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library B131.B23 2016

Musings and meanings: hermeneutical ripples.... Irudayadason, Nishant Alphonse, (New Delhi [India]: Christian World Imprints & Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, 2016)
Ames Library BD241.M88 2016

The loom of time: on the recursive nature of reality. Kak, Subhash, (New Delhi: D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd., 2017)
Ames Library BD331.K237 2017

Science and spiritual quest: serving the self and society: the role of science and spirituality: proceedings of 8th All India Students' Conference 1-2 February 2014, IIT (BHU) Varanasi, UP, India. (Kolkata: Bhaktivedanta Institute, 2014)
Ames Library BF1275.S3 A45 2014

The Mahabharatans: eighteen characters in search of dharma. Girja Kumar, (New Delhi: Har-Anand Publishers Pvt. Ltd, 2016)
Ames Library BL1138.3.G57 2016

Hinduism in India. The early period. Bailey, Greg, (New Delhi, India; SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd, 2017)
Ames Library BL1152.7.H56 2017

Mythology of evil. Varadpande, Manohar Laxman, (Gurgaon, India: Shubhi Publications, 2017)
Ames Library BL1215.D46 V37 2017

Shadow armies: fringe organizations and foot soldiers of Hindutva. Jha, Dhirendra K., (New Delhi, India: Juggernaut, 2017)
Ames Library BL1215.P65 J43 2017

Hindu nationalist and Sangh Parivar. Singh, M. K., (New Delhi: Lucky International, 2017)
Ames Library BL1215.P65 S56 2017

Dharma Pātañjala: a Śaiva scripture from ancient Java: studied in the light or related old Javanese and Sanskrit texts. Acri, Andrea, (New Delhi: International Academy of Indian Culture and Aditya Prakashan, 2017)
Ames Library Quarto BL1280.545.A27 2017

Lost heritage: the Sikh legacy in Pakistan. Amardeep Singh, (New Delhi: The Nagaara Trust in association with Himalayan Books, 2016)
Ames Library Folio BL2018.367.P18 A16 2016

Religious division and social conflict: the emergence of Hindu nationalism in rural India. Froerer, Peggy, (Abingdon, Oxon; Routledge, 2018)
Ames Library BL2032.A25 F76 2018

Conversions, reconversions and moderate religious organisations. Sidhu, Rattan Amol Singh, (Mohali-Chandigarh: Lokgeet Parkashan, 2016)
Ames Library BL639.S53 2016

Muslim progress index A. Khan, Zubair Zafar, (New Delhi: Maktaba Shah Waliullah, 2015)
Ames Library BP52.5.M87 2015

A functional analysis of three concepts of Theravada Buddhism: vinnana, kamma and punabbhava. Kusumaratna, Kē. El. Es., (Colombo: S. Godage & Brothers (Pvt) Ltd, 2016)
Ames Library BQ7230.K87 2016

The emerging challenges to Christian mission today: revisioning mission from religious, cultural, historical & women perspectives. (Pune: Ishvani Kendra & Christian World Imprints, 2016)
Ames Library BV2061.3.N38 2015

India's most powerful women. Ahluwalia, Prem, (New Delhi, India: Young Asia Publications, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto CT3720.A35 2016

India and the Great War. Chhina, Rana, (New Delhi, India: Centre for Armed Forces Historical Research, United Service Institution of India, 2015)
Ames Library Quarto D547.I5 C55 2015

Silver: the spy who fooled the Nazis: the most remarkable agent of the Second World War. Bose, Mihir, ([Oxford, England; Fonthill, 2016)
Ames Library D810.S8 T363 2016

Exploring emergent global thresholds: towards 2030. Falk, Richard A., (Hyderabad (Telangana) India: Orient Blackswan, 2017)
Ames Library D862.E97 2017

The past of the outcaste: readings in dalit history. Bhattacharya, Sabyasachi, (Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan, 2017)
Ames Library DS422.C3 P37 2017

Transaction and hierarchy: elements for a theory of caste. Tambs-Lyche, Harald, (London: Routledge, Taylor and Francis, 2018)
Ames Library DS422.C3 T338 2018

Mythscapes of communal expressions. Shajahan, P. K., (New Delhi: AlterNotes Press, 2012)
Ames Library DS422.C64 S482 2012

Modern India: a very short introduction. Jeffrey, Craig, (Oxford, United Kingdom; Oxford University Press, 2017)
Ames Library DS423.J44 2017

Traditional culture of the Angami Nagas. Zetsuvi, K. S. (Dimapur, Nagaland: Heritage Publishing House, 2014)
Ames Library DS432.A546 Z487 2014

A heritage of tribes in India: ethnic diversity of the Juang tribes. Sahoo, Madhusmita, (New Delhi: SSDN Publishers & Distributors, 2017)
Ames Library DS432.J84 S24 2017

India's fragile foreign policy towards neighbouring nations. Bhattacharjee, Shibdas, (New Delhi: Overseas Press (India) Private Limited, 2017)
Ames Library DS450.S64 B43 2017

Attendant lords: Bairam Khan and Abdur Rahim: courtiers & poets in Mughal India. Raghavan, T. C. A., (Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India: HarperCollins Publishers India, 2017)
Ames Library DS461.9.K43 R34 2017

Unearthing the past to forge the future: Colin Mackenzie, the early colonial state, and the comprehensive survey of India. Wolffhardt, Tobias, (New York: Berghahn Books, 2018)
Ames Library DS470.M17 W6513 2018

Contemporary India. Datta, Rekha, (Abingdon, Oxon; Routledge, 2018)
Ames Library DS480.853.D3827 2018

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar: struggles and message. Shahare, M. L., (New Delhi: Samyak Prakashan, 2016)
Ames Library DS481.A6 S52 2016

Peace process in North-East India. (New Delhi: Published for Department of Social Work, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Regional Campus, Manipur & Conflict and Human Rights Studies Network, Manipur by Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd., 2016)
Ames Library DS483.75.P43 2016

Archaeology, history and numismatics of South India. Raman, K. V., (Delhi: Rishi Publication, 2017)
Ames Library Quarto DS484.3.R36 2017

Pledge for an integrated India: Dr. Mookerjee in throes of Jammu and Kashmir, 1951 to 1953. Mukhopādhyāẏa, Śyāmāprasāda, (New Delhi, India: Prabhat Prakashan, 2015)
Ames Library DS485.K26 M85 2015

Kashmir: history, politics, representation. Zutshi, Chitralekha, (Cambridge, United Kingdom; Cambridge University Press, 2018)
Ames Library DS485.K27 K28 2018

Essays on the history and society of Kerala. Panikkar, K. N., (Thiruvanthapuram: Kerala Council for Historical Research, 2016)
Ames Library DS485.K47 P36 2016

Khyats and allied works of historical genre. Goyal, Shankar, (New Delhi, India: DK Publishers Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2017)
Ames Library DS485.R26 G69 2017

History of Tripura: as reflected in the manuscripts. (New Delhi: National Mission for Manuscripts: 2016)
Ames Library DS485.T8 N38 2012

Socio-cultural and spiritual traditions of Tripura. (Guwahati: Heritage Foundation 2011.)
Ames Library DS485.T8 W67 2010

In search of Ram Rajya: a journey through U.P. politics. Lal, Manjula, ([New Delhi]: Kurious Kind Media Private Limited, 2017)
Ames Library DS485.U64 L35 2017

Early historic settlements at Shetrunji River in India. Paul, Ashit Boran, (Delhi: Agam Kala Prakashan, 2017)
Ames Library Quarto DS486.P177 P38 2017

9th season Pattanam excavation report 2015. Cherian, P. J., (Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Council for Historical Research, 2015)
Ames Library Quarto DS486.P267 A16 2015

Pattanam excavations: interim report of the eighth season-2014. Cherian, P. J., (Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Council for Historical Research, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto DS486.P267 P38 2014

Sri Lanka in the new world order. Chandraratna, Donald, (Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2015)
Ames Library DS489.5.C44 2015

Unearthed: ten years in Sri Lanka 2005 to 2015. Perera, Kusal, ([Colombo]: Ravaya Publishers, 2016)
Ames Library DS489.84.P4765 2016

Portuguese India and Mughal relations, 1510-1735. Correia, Luis de Assis, (Panjim, Goa: Broadway Publishing House, 2017)
Ames Library DS498.C632 2017

Caught in a trap: tribes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Sumathi, S., (Chennai: University of Madras, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto GN635.I4 S86 2016

Oral narratives of Manipur. (Imphal: Cultural Research Centre Manipur on behalf of Kha Manipur College Kakching, 2016)
Ames Library GR305.5.M32 T86 2016

Paadha bhedhah: vocabulary of feet movements in dance: Bharatanatyam. Eshwar, Jayalakshmi, (New Delhi: Jayalakshmi Eshwar 2012.)
Ames Library Quarto GV1796.B4 E84 2012

Displacement and rehabilitation psychology: a study on Pong Dam oustees. Zinta, R. L. (New Delhi: Indu Book Services, 2016)
Ames Library HB2100.K36 Z56 2016

Community natural resource management and poverty in India: evidence from Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Enarth, Shashidharan, (New Delhi, India: SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd, 2016)
Ames Library HC433.5.E53 2016

Special category states of India. Bhattacharjee, Govind, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library HC435.2.B45456 2016

From Narasimha Rao to Narendra Modi: 25 years of Swaminomics. Anklesaria Aiyar, Swaminathan S., (New Delhi: Times Group Books, 2016)
Ames Library HC435.3.A647 2016

Demonetization, digital India and governance. Sahoo, Niranjan, (New Delhi: New Century Publications, 2017)
Ames Library HC435.4 S23 2017

Neoliberalism and the transforming left in India: a contradictory manifesto. Das, Ritanjan, (Abingdon, Oxon; Routledge, 2018)
Ames Library HC437.W44 D368 2018

Regional disparities in socio-economic development of West Bengal. Sarkar, Satyen, (New Delhi: Abhijeet Publications, 2016)
Ames Library HC437.W47 S27 2016

Bangladesh's development: some issues and perspectives: essays in honour of A. M.A. Muhith. Ahmad, Qazi Kholiquzzaman, (Dhaka: Palok Publishers, 2016)
Ames Library HC440.8.B3755 2016

Reengineering India: work, capital, and class in an offshore economy. Upadhya, Carol, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library HC440.I55 U73 2016

STR, capitalism and postcapitalism: the great transition. Rajimwale, Anil, (Delhi: Aakar, 2017)
Ames Library HC440.T4 R35 2017

Economic growth, democracy and human development: in reference to MGNREGA & panchayati raj institutions. Puthenkalam, John Joseph, (Bangalore, India: Claretian Publications, 2016)
Ames Library HD5710.85.I42 B546 2016

Master plan to implement the National Human Resources and Employment Policy for Sri Lanka. (Colombo: Secretariat for Senior Ministers, 2013)
Ames Library Quarto HD5812.8.A6 M37 2013

Synopsis on the status of migration for employment with a focus on return and reintegration: policy to practice. (Colombo: ILO Country Office for Sri Lanka and the Maldives, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HD5856.S72 S96 2014

Mainstreaming child labour issues in key development policies and programmes: Sri Lanka: report on a preliminary review. Khan, Sherin, (Colombo, Sri Lanka: International Labour Organization, 2010)
Ames Library Quarto HD6250.S722 M366 2010

Down the drain!: a study on occupational and health hazards and the perils of contracting faced by sewerage workers in Delhi. (New Delhi: a Praxis Institute for Participatory Practices, 2014)
Ames Library HD8039.S2572 I44 2014

Hena, Wewa, and Purana: ancient dry zone land use system evolved by farmers and failed by rulers. Handawela, James, (Colombo, Sri Lanka: S. Godage & Brothers (Pvt) Ltd., 2016)
Ames Library HD860.8.H36 2016

Assessment of nutritional status and food security levels among resettled families: October - November 2010. Jayatissa, Renuka, (Colombo: Medical Research Institute: 2011)
Ames Library Quarto HD9016.S72 J395 2011

Sri Lanka, consolidated livelihood exercise for analysing resilience: a special report prepared by the World Food Programme, and the Ministry of Economic Development. Krishnamurthy, Krishna, ([Colombo, Sri Lanka]: [Ministry of Economic Development]: 2014)
Ames Library HD9016.S72 K75 2014

Food security in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka: a comprehensive food security assessment report Sri Lanka 2012. Vhurumuku, Elliot, ([Colombo]: United Nations World Food Programme, Ministry of Economic Development and Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute, 2012)
Ames Library Quarto HD9016.S723 V48 2012

An evaluation of selected dedicated economic centers: comparative analysis in Norochcholai and Nuwara Eliya. Priyadarshana, Duminda, (Colombo, Sri Lanka: Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto HD9225.S732 N67 2016

Transforming lives with mobile. Gurpriya Singh, (New Delhi, India: Inomy Media Pvt. Ltd., 2016)
Ames Library Quarto HE9715.S64 T74 2016

Promoting Nepalese trade and investment relations with India and China. Adhikari, Rishi Raj, (Kathmandu: Institute of Foreign Affairs: 2015)
Ames Library HF3770.9.Z7 I5385 2015

Indo-ASEAN trade and investment: historical and contemporary perspective. (New Delhi, [India]: Institute of Objective Studies; 2017)
Ames Library HF3788.S646 I53 2011

Trade and state craft in medieval Andhra: a reappraisal (600-1600 AD). Dayakar Rao, T., (Delhi: B.R. Publishing Corporation, 2016)
Ames Library HF3789.A5 D39 2016

Nawabs, nudes, noodles: India through 50 years of advertising. Parameswaran, Ambi, (New Delhi [India]: MacMillan, 2016)
Ames Library HF5813.I4 P35 2016

Microfinance institutions in Sri Lanka: examination of different models to identify success factors. Chandrasiri, J. K. M. D., (Colombo, Sri Lanka: Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto HG187.S72 C43 2016

Engendering development and gender budgeting in India. (New Delhi, India: Madhav Books (P) Ltd., a unit of Serials Publications in association with Center for Action and Development Research (CADRE India), Kanya Kumari, Tamil Nadu, 2017)
Ames Library HJ2157.N38 2014

Taxation in Sri Lanka: current trends and perspectives. Waidyasekera, D. D. M., (Colombo, Sri Lanka: Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto HJ2920.8.W35 2016

Public expenditure and economic growth of India and Tanzania. Prakash, Shri, (New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2017)
Ames Library HJ7890.P73 2017

Nonviolent resistance in India 1916-1947. Hardiman, David, (Surat [India]: Centre for Social Studies, Surat, 2014)
Ames Library HM1281.H35 2014

Nonviolence as a way of life: History, Theory and Practice. Cicovacki, Predrag, (Delhi: Motilal Banarasidass Publishers Private Limited, 2017)
Ames Library HM278.N66 2017

Social policy. Drèze, Jean, (New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2016)
Ames Library HN683.5.S6146 2016

India 2047: voices of the young. (New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2017)
Ames Library HN687.I53 2017

Life in peace and conflict: indigeneity and state in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Nasir Uddin (Hyderabad, Telangana, India: Orient BlackSwan, 2017)
Ames Library HN690.6.C45 L54 2017

Many faces of development. (Jhargram, West Bengal: Indian National Confederation and Academy of Anthropologists, 2012)
Ames Library HN690.Z9 C655323 2010

Marginalities in India: themes and perspectives. Bhattacharyya, Asmita, (Singapore: Springer Verlag 2018)
Ames Library HN690.Z9 M266 2018

Unsettling the archetypes: femininities and masculinities in Indian politics. (New Delhi, India: Women Unlimited, an associate of Kali for Women, 2017)
Ames Library HQ1236.5.I4 F46 2008

Politics brought transformation: life story of Dalit women of mid and far western regions and the transformation in their lives. Bhaṇḍārī, Kr̥shṇamurārī, (Kathmandu, Nepal: Feminist Dalit Organization, 2015)
Ames Library HQ1735.9.Z75 A3 2015

Gender and space: multidisciplinary insights. (New Delhi: New Delhi Publishers, 2016)
Ames Library HQ1742.R3954 2015

On sustainable development: praxis and perspectives. (Jhargram: Indian National Confederation and Academy of Anthropologists, 2016)
Ames Library HV1559.I4 I645 2013

Garrisoned minds: women and armed conflict in South Asia. Murthy, Laxmi, (New Delhi, India: Speaking Tiger, 2016)
Ames Library HV6250.4.W65 G385 2016 

Community spirit: rebuilding community infrastructure in the North and East of Sri Lanka. (Colombo: UN-HABITAT Sri Lanka; 2015)
Ames Library HV640.4.S72 C65 2015

Sleepwalking to surrender: dealing with terrorism in Pakistan. Ahmed, Khaled, (Gurgaon, Haryana, India: Penguin/Viking, 2016)
Ames Library HV6433.P18 A33 2016

Splintered justice: living the horror of mass communal violence in Bhagalpur and Gujarat. Farasat, Warisha, (Gurgaon, India: Three Essays Collective, 2016)
Ames Library HV6485.I42 B434 2016

Domestic violence against women in India and implementation of PWDV act, 2005. (New Delhi, India: Madhav Books (P) Ltd., 2017)
Ames Library HV6626.23.I4 N38 2014

Politics and left unity in India: the united front in late Colonial India. Kuracina, William F., (Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2018)
Ames Library HX394.K86 2018

Tribals participation in Naxalite movement: perception, motivation and survival. Anuradha, K., (New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd., 2016)
Ames Library HX395.O75 A58 2016

Think with me: fundamentals for making our country ideal. Rāẏa, Subrata, (New Delhi, [India]: Rupa, 2016)
Ames Library HX806.R685 2016

e-Governance in Andhra Pradesh: a case of Mee Seva. Mishra, R. K., (New Delhi: Academic Foundation: 2016)
Ames Library JF1525.A8 M57 2016

Swinging the mandate: developing and managing a winning campaign. Sharma, Dheeraj, (Gurgaon: Random Business, 2016)
Ames Library JF2112.C3 S53 2016

Europe, India, and the limits of secularism. Roover, Jakob de, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2015)
Ames Library JQ220.S43 R66 2015

Political parties in Nagaland. Jimomi, V. Hokuto, (Dimapur, Nagaland: Graphic Printers, 2009)
Ames Library JQ620.N27 J56 2009

Ethnic politics in Nepal. Magar, Shyamu Thapa, (Lalitpur: National Foundation for the Development of Indigenous Nationalities, 2015)
Ames Library JQ628.A38 M519 2015

Conflict management in Kashmir: state-people relations and peace. Mahapatra, Debidatta Aurobinda, (Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press, 2018)
Ames Library JZ5584.I4 M33 2018

The cunning of rights: law, life, biocultures. Chandra, Rajshree, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library K3488.5.C437 2016

The Joint Committee on the Enforcement of Security Interest and Recovery of Debts Laws and Miscellaneous Provisions (Amendment) Bill, 2016: Sixteenth Lok Sabha: report of the joint committee: presented to Lok Sabha on 22nd July, 2016, laid in Rajya Sabha on 22nd July, 2016. (New Delhi: Lok Sabha Secretariat, 2016)
Ames Library KNS956.5.A23 2016

The politics of sequencing: a threat to justice?. Randeny, Indumini, (Colombo, Sri Lanka: South Asian Centre for Legal Studies, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto KZ7145.R365 2016

Navigating the labyrinth: perspectives on India's higher education. Kapur, Devesh, (Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan, 2017)
Ames Library LA1153.N38 2017

Crack down on JNU to redefine India. Bhaskar, B., (Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh: Student's Federation of India, Andhra Pradesh Committee, 2016)
Ames Library LC179.I4 C73 2016

Thinking gender, doing gender: feminist scholarship and practice today. Chakravarti, Uma, (New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2016)
Ames Library LC197.T45 2016

Catalogue of manuscripts on performing arts: music, dance and drama. Gupta, Kaushalya, (New Delhi: National Mission for Manuscripts; 2016)
Ames Library Quarto ML135.G87 2016

Vaisnavite music of Assam: its institutionalization and performative context. (Guwahati: Purbanchal Prakash, 2016)
Ames Library ML3197.V35 2012

Ghazal wizard Ghulam Ali: the life, times and experiences of a living legend. Sadhana, J. (New Delhi: Bennet Coleman & Co 2013.)
Ames Library ML420.G48 S23 2013

M.S. Subbulakshmi: the definitive biography. George, T. J. S., (New Delhi: Aleph, 2016)
Ames Library ML420.S925 G46 2016

Punjab: building the land of the five rivers. Lambah, Abha Narain, (Mumbai, India: The Marg Foundation, 2017)
Ames Library Folio NA1507.P86 P86 2017

Peshwa's official residence Shaniwàr Wàdà. (Pune: Snehal Prakashan, 2015)
Ames Library NA1508.P86 G43 2015

Last post: Indian war memorials around the world. Chhina, Rana, (New Delhi: Centre for Armed Historical Research, United Service Institution of India, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto NA9325.I4.C44 2014

Gaṇeśa: the God of Asia. (New Delhi: Aryan Books International, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto NB1912.G35 D43 2016

Birds of Nepal: the art of Hira Lal Dangol & his family legacy. ([Nepal]: Dangol's Bird Art Gallery & Nepal Investment Bank Ltd., 2017)
Ames Library ND1383.N35 D36 2017

Translation and postcolonialities: transactions across languages and cultures. Translation and Postcolonialities (Conference) (2009: Dharwad, India) (New Delhi: Orient Blackswan 2013.)
Ames Library P306.T73 2009

The languages of Rajasthan. Devy, G. N., (Hyderabad, Telangana, India: Orient BlackSwan: 2017)
Ames Library PK1541.L37 2017

How I wish. Bhaṭṭācārya, Maṇikuntalā, (New Delhi, India: LiFi Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2016)
Ames Library PK1569.B4443 A2 2016

The Chieftain's daughter. Caṭṭopādhyāẏa, Baṅkimacandra, (Gurgaon, Haryana, India: Penguin Books, 2016)
Ames Library PK1718.C43 D87 2016

Folk tales from the bard's mouth. Meghāṇī, Jhaveracanda Kālīdāsa, (Rajkot, Gujarat: Shree Jhaverchand Meghani Loksahitya Kendra, Saurashtra University; 2016)
Ames Library PK1859.M4 A2 2016

Fiction as history: the novel and the city in modern North India. Dalmia, Vasudha, (Ranikhet: Permanent Black, 2017)
Ames Library PK2042.D335 2017

A life misspent. Tripāṭhī, Sūryakānta, (Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India: Harper Perennial, 2016)
Ames Library PK2098.T7 K813 2016

Zool = Caparison. Nemāḍe, Bhālacandra, (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi; 2016)
Ames Library PK2418.N37 J4813 2016

Pāli sandesa literature. Kumarasinghe, G. Upul, (Colombo, Sri Lanka: S. Godage & Brothers (Pvt) Ltd, 2015)
Ames Library PK4525.K86 2015

Sorajjem. Kuṭumbarāvu, Akkinēni, (New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2016)
Ames Library PL4780.9.K84 S67 2016

No stereotypes plz!: a grassroots comics campaign against the discrimination of Northeastern states people. Sharma, Sharad, (New Delhi, India: National Foundation for India; 2015)
Ames Library Quarto PN6790.I43 N6 2015

Four things: a selection of poems in English with some German translations. Ranasinghe, Anne, ([Colombo]: [Anne Ranasinghe], 2016)
Ames Library PR9440.9.R35 A6 2016

Figuring the gender: reflections on Indian cinema and literature. Rabb, Asha N., (New Delhi: Sarup Book Publishers (P) Ltd., 2017)
Ames Library PR9484.6.R33 2017

Subaltern spaces in new literatures: an anthology presented to K. Damodar Rao. Damodar Rao, K., (New Delhi, India: Authors Press, 2017)
Ames Library PR9489.6 S817 2017

Myth and psychology in the plays of Girish Karnad. Potsangbam, Amita, (New Delhi: Sunmarg Publishers & Distributors, 2017)
Ames Library PR9499.3.K288 Z78 2017

My winding path. Upadhyaya, Eda, (Kathmandu: Ratna Pustak Bhandar, 2016)
Ames Library PR9570.N43 U63 2016

Jamali-Kamali: a tale of passion in Mughal India. Chase, Karen, (Ahmedabad: MapinLit 2011.)
Ames Library PS3553.H33464 J36 2011

Science communication. (Patiala: Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, 2016)
Ames Library Q224.3.I4 S46 2012

A yak in the fridge: life and work in Nepal. Dickinson, John (Kathmandu, Nepal: Ekta Books, 2016)
Ames Library R644.N454 D53 2016

Health, education and human development. Dash, L. N., (Delhi: B.R. Publishing Corporation, 2017)
Ames Library RA395.I5 D37 2017

Public health and private wealth: stem cells, surrogates, and other strategic bodies. Hodges, Sarah, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library RA529.P82 2016

Living with epidemics in colonial Bengal, 1818-1945. Samanta, Arabinda, (New Delhi: Manohar, 2017)
Ames Library RA643.7.I4 S263 2017

Western medicine and colonial society: hospitals of Calcutta, c.1757-1860. Chatterjee, Srilata, (Delhi: Primus Books, 2017)
Ames Library RA990.I44 K65 2017

An amazing grace: a life sketch of Dr. Ajit Phadke. Jośī, Acalā, (Mumbai, [India]: Mouj Prakashan Griha, 2015)
Ames Library RC870.92.P53 J68 2015

The weavers: the curious world of insects. Iyer, Geetha (Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India: HarperCollins Publishers India, 2016)
Ames Library SF553.I4 I84 2016

Water security in peri-urban South Asia: adapting to climate change and urbanization. Narain, Vishal, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library TD302.9.W38 2016

World of garbage and waste: undercurrents of Swatchh Bharat and Sabka Vikas in India. P.S. Vivek. (Mumbai: Himalaya Publishing House, 2015)
Ames Library TD789.I4 V58 2015

Figures in time. Bourne & Shepherd, (Bangalore: Tasveer Arts Pvt. Ltd., 2015)
Ames Library Quarto TR646.I4 B68 2015

Dravidian catharsis: September 13-October 9, 2016. Cormier, Yannick, (Pondicherry: Kalinka Art Gallery, 2016)
Ames Library TR647.C674 2016

The Deepak Puri collection: legacy of photojournalism. Gaskell, Nathaniel, (Bangalore: Tasveer Arts Pvt. Ltd., 2015)
Ames Library Quarto TR647.D437 2015

Maharanis: women of royal India. Poddar, Abhishek, (Ahmedabad, India: Mapin Publishing in association with Tasveer, Bangalore, 2015)
Ames Library Folio TR681.Q44 M34 2015

Sri Lanka Armoured Corps: 60 years of history: 1955-2015. Senaratne, Jagath P., ([Sri Lanka] Sir Lanka Armoured Corps, 2015)
Ames Library Quarto UA853.S72 S46 2015

Ground based air defence: contemporary issues. Saxena, Vijay Kumar, (New Delhi: IMR Media Pvt. Ltd, 2014)
Ames Library UG730.S29 2014

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