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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Selected New Titles in Ames Library, February 2018

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Listing titles added in January

Colonial museums: an inner history. Burdhan, Anand, (New Delhi, India: Research India Press, 2017)
Ames Library AM73.A2 A53 2017

India's intellectual traditions as revealed through Sanskrit sources. (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2016)
Ames Library B131.N395 2013

Lokāyata/Cārvāka: a philosophical inquiry. Gokhale, Pradīpa, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2015)
Ames Library B132.L6 G65 2015

Essays on Christopher Isherwood and Vedanta. Ramaswamy, S., (Delhi, India: Eastern Book Linkers, 2016)
Ames Library B132.V3 R376 2016

The mysterious, the mystical, and the unexplained. Hay, Bernie, (Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka: A Stamford Lake Publication, 2015)
Ames Library BF1031.H298 2015

Caring to know: comparative care ethics, feminist epistemology, and the Mahābhārata. Dalmiya, Vrinda, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library BJ1475.D35 2016

The grandeur of the Upanishads. Thakur, Damodar, (New Delhi: Jnanada Prakashan (P & D): 2017)
Ames Library BL1124.56.T43 2017

Vision of Advaita Vedānta in Taittirīya Upaniṣad: with special reference to Śaṅkarabhāṣya. Atmaprajnananda Saraswati, (New Delhi: DK Printworld, 2016)
Ames Library BL1124.7.T356 A86 2016

Hindu pasts: women, religion, histories. Dalmia, Vasudha, (Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2017)
Ames Library BL1153.5.D35 2017

Śiva vidyāratnākaram. Uma Devi, Mudigonda, (Hyderabad: Rasagangotri Publications, 2012)
Ames Library BL1218.2.U43 2012

Devadasis in South India: a journey from sacred to profane spaces. Jeevanandam, S., (Delhi: Kalpaz, 2017)
Ames Library BL1237.58.D48 J44 2017

Swaminarayan Hinduism: tradition, adaptation and identity. Williams, Raymond Brady, (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library BL1289.24.S93 2016

Woman, religion and liberation.  (Shillong: Synod College; 2016)
Ames Library BL2015.W6 W62 2015

The good life: an introduction to religion and consciousness. Dharmawardhane, Iromi, (Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka: A Stamford Lake Publication, 2016)
Ames Library BL624.D48 2016

A soldier's faith: country before gods. Raina, Ajay K., (New Delhi: Vitasta, 2017)
Ames Library BL65.W2 R35 2017

Introduction to Sociology: an Islamic perspective. (New Delhi: Genuine Publications, 2017)
Ames Library BP173.25.M66 2017

Sociology in Islamic perspective: selected readings. (New Delhi: Institute of Objective Studies, 2017)
Ames Library BP173.25.S63 2017

Islamic microfinance RDS model. Mannan, Muhammad Abdul, (Dhaka, Bangladesh: Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, 2016)
Ames Library BP173.75.M32346 2016

Refractions of Islam in India: situating Sufism and yoga. Ernst, Carl W., (New Delhi: Sage /YODA Press, 2016)
Ames Library BP188.8.I4 E76 2016

Lives of early Buddhist nuns: biographies as history. Collett, Alice, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library BQ6150.C65 2016

The meditator's nest. Tenzin, Khenpo Jamyang, (Kathmandu, Nepal: Vajra Books, 2016)
Ames Library BQ7405.T46 2016

Buddhism in Tibet. Sāṅkr̥tyāyana, Rāhula, (New Delhi: Samyak Prakashan, 2016)
Ames Library BQ7576.S3613 2016

The history of Christianity in Mizoram, 1944-1994. Zaihmingthanga, (Aizawl, Mizoram: Lengchhawn Press, 2016)
Ames Library BR1156.M59 Z35 2016

Power, politics, and plurality: an exploration of the impact of interfaith dialogue on Christian faith and practice. Ariarajah, S. Wesley, (Colombo, Sri Lanka: The Ecumenical Institute for Study and Dialogue, 2016)
Ames Library BR127. A755 2016

Christology in context: a tribal-indigenous appraisal of North East India. Vashum, Yangkahao, (New Delhi: Christian World Imprints, 2017)
Ames Library BT198.V37 2017

Tribal theology: reviewing the Naga traditional worldview. James, Lovely Awomi, (New Delhi, [India]: Christian World Imprints, 2017)
Ames Library BT83.9.J36 2017

The uprising: colonial state, Christian missionaries, and anti-slavery movement in North-East India (1908-1954). Nag, Sajal, (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library BV3265.N24 2016

Arnose Pathiri: a pioneer Indologist. Puliurumpil, James Abraham, (Kottayam: Oriental Institute of Religious Studies, India, 2015)
Ames Library BV3269.A76 P85 2015

Mother Teresa: a life. Rāẏacaudhurī, Sudeba, (Calcutta: Sampark Publishing House, 2016)
Ames Library BX4406.5.Z8 R3913 2016

Studies in maritime heritage of Odisha. Patnaik, Sunil Kumar, (Bhubaneshwar: Odishan Institute of Maritime and South East Asian Studies: 2016)
Ames Library CC77.U5 P37 2016

Modern South Asia: history, culture, political economy. Bose, Sugata, (Abingdon, Oxon; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018)
Ames Library DS340.B66 2018

China and India: history, culture, cooperation and competition. Mukherjee, Paramita, (New Delhi, India; SAGE Publications, 2016)
Ames Library DS35.2.C455 2016

Bangladesh: history, politics, economy, society and culture: essays in honour of professor Alamgir Muhammad Serajuddin. Huque, Mahmudul, (Dhaka, Bangladesh: The University Press Limited, 2016)
Ames Library DS394.5.B36 2016

The parallax view: a collection of critical essays. Ahsan, Mohammad Badrul, (Dhaka, Bangladesh: University Press Limited, 2016)
Ames Library DS395.5.A3535 2016

Miscellaneous writings. Umara, Badaruddīna, (Dhaka: Jatiya Sahitya Prakash, 2016)
Ames Library DS395.5.U436 2016

Methodologies of interpreting the ancient past of South Asia: studies in material culture. Dasgupta, Nupur, (Delhi: Sharada Publishing House, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto DS418.M48 2016

Untouchability: the Dalits protest movement during 1875-1975 in India. Ambedkar Ashok, Sadamalla, (New Delhi [India]: A.P.H. Publishing Corporation, 2016)
Ames Library DS422.C3 A66 2016

Rohith: saga of dalit discrimination. Bhaskar, B., (Vijayawada: Student's Federation of India (SFI), Andhra Pradesh Committee, 2016)
Ames Library DS422.C3 R64 2016

Communalism from Indian perspective. Chatterjee, S. K. (New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd., 2016)
Ames Library DS422.C64 C48 2016

Syncretism in India: multidisciplinary approach. Arakeri, A. V., (Kolkata: Anthropological Survey of India, 2013)
Ames Library DS423.S96 2013

Indus-Sarasvati (Harappan) civilization vis-a-vis Rigveda. (Delhi: B.R. Publishing Corporation in association with Draupadi Dream Trust, 2017)
Ames Library Quarto DS425.M3226 2015

Classic India: western accounts before Christ. Puliurumpil, James Abraham, (Kottayam: Oriental Institute of Religious Studies, 2016)
Ames Library DS425.P735 2016

The Bediyas: marginality explored. Manna, Samita, (New Delhi, India: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2017)
Ames Library DS432.B413 M36 2017

The Germans in India: elite European migrants in the British Empire. Panayi, Panikos, (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2017)
Ames Library DS432.G4 P36 2017

The lost glory of the Kaibarttas in Assam. Hazarika, Profulla, (Guwahati: Purbanchal Prakash, 2016)
Ames Library DS432.K167 H39 2016

Tribal land alienation and marginalization. Dalapati, Tapas Kumar, (New Delhi: S.K. Book Agency, 2016)
Ames Library DS432.K192 D35 2016

Socio-economic and political change among the Lubanas in Punjab. Jaswant Singh, (New Delhi: Writers Choice, 2013)
Ames Library DS432.L34 J37 2013

Punjabi diaspora in Britain. Manjit Inder Singh, (Patiala [India]: Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, Patiala, 2016)
Ames Library DS432.P232 P53 2016

Telugu diaspora through the ages: from the earliest times. (Delhi: B.R. Publishing Corporation, 2017)
Ames Library DS432.T4 N38 2005

Indo-Japan: a connect over millennia. Hari, D. K., (Bangalore: Sri Sri Publications Trust, 2015)
Ames Library DS450.J3 H37 2015

The Agartala doctrine: a proactive Northeast in Indian foreign policy. Bhaumik, Subir, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library DS450.S64 A33 2016

Even the past speaks: fragments of ancient Indian history and culture: essays in tribute to Prof. S.N. Agnihotri. Agnihotri, S. N. (Delhi: LG Publishers Distributors, 2016)
Ames Library DS451.E846 2016

Studies in medieval Indian polity and culture: the Delhi Sultanate and its times. Habib, Mohammad, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library DS459.H33 2016

The History of Akbar. Abū al-Faz̤l ibn Mubārak, (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2014)
Ames Library DS461.3.A2313 2015

The ascent of John Company: from traders to rulers (1756-1787). Cheema, G. S., (London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018)
Ames Library DS465.C44 2018

Mutiny at the margins: new perspectives on the Indian uprising of 1857. Bates, Crispin, (New Delhi; SAGE Publications, 2013)
Ames Library DS478.M87 2013

Gandhi and liberalism: Satyagraha and the conquest of evil. Haksar, Vinit, (London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018)
Ames Library DS481.G3 H244 2018

1991: how P.V. Narasimha Rao made history. Baru, Sanjaya, (New Delhi: Aleph, 2016)
Ames Library DS481.N312 B37 2016

Royal to public life. Scindia, Vijayaraje, (New Delhi: Prabhat Prakashan, 2016)
Ames Library DS481.S364 A3 2016

First person singular. Mitra, Ashok, ([Kolkata, India]: Paranjoy, 2016)
Ames Library DS485.B493 M538 2016

Inside Bodoland: land, people, culture & society. Joshi, S. C., (New Delhi: Supriya Books, 2015)
Ames Library DS485.B555 J67 2015

River of life, river of death: the Ganges and India's future. Mallet, Victor, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017)
Ames Library DS485.G25 M35 2017

Marching ahead!. Naik, Ram, (New Delhi, India: Prabhat Prakashan, 2016)
Ames Library DS485.M348 N34413 2016

Punjab politics: a study of Muslim-Sikh relations: 1885-1947. Dhaliwal, Kuldip Kaur, (New Delhi: Writers Choice, 2016)
Ames Library DS485.P87 D443 2016

Living with tigers. Thapar, Valmik, (New Delhi: Aleph, 2016)
Ames Library DS485.R2 T43 2016

Khas Mahal to Taj Mahal. Ê»Abdulqaiyūm, Muḥammad, (Hyderabad: World City Tourism Pvt. Ltd., 2016)
Ames Library Quarto DS486.A3 A33 2016

Local history of western coast of Mumbai. Mishra, Ranjana, (Delhi: Vidyanidhi Prakashan, 2016)
Ames Library DS486.B7 M57 2016

Hashimpura 22 May: the forgotten story of India's biggest custodial killing. Vibhuti Narain Rai. (Gurgaon, Haryana, India: Penguin Books, 2016)
Ames Library DS486.M44 R39 2016

Metal technology of Sirpur. Sharma, A. K. (Delhi: B.R. Publishing Corporation, 2017)
Ames Library Quarto DS486.S572 S56 2017

Sri Lanka, changing faces of a country: an introduction to the land, the history and the culture of the people of Sri Lanka. Warnasuriya, Chandrani, (Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2016)
Ames Library DS489.6.W37 2016

Issues of truth and accountability: narrative iii: the last stages of the war in Sri Lanka. (Ethul Kotte, Sri Lanka: Marga Institute; 2014)
Ames Library DS489.84.I77 2014

My Jaffna: pen pictures of post-war Jaffna. Sriyananda, Shanika, (Colombo: Fast Publishing, 2016)
Ames Library DS490.J3 S65 2016

Musing over Nepal's glorious heritage: rambling thoughts & recollections. Singh, Harischandra Lal, ([Lalitpur]: Shirish Singh, 2014)
Ames Library DS493.7.S55 2014

Ethnographic profile of ten ethnic/caste groups of Jhapa District. Dahal, Dilli Ram, (Kathmandu: Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies, Tribhuvan University, 2015)
Ames Library DS493.8.E85 2015

Limbu indigenous knowledge and culture. Limbu, Ramesh K., (Lalitpur: National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities, 2015)
Ames Library DS493.9.L5 L56 2015

Exploring connectivity: Southeastern Bengal and beyond. Ghosh, Suchandra, (Kolkata: Institute of Social and Cultural Studies, 2015)
Ames Library DS525.9.B3 G46 2015

Contemporary issues in the Indian diaspora of South Africa. (New Delhi, India: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2017)
Ames Library DT1768.E38 C66 2015

Megalithic culture of Mizoram. Malsawmliana, (New Delhi, India: Research India Press, 2017)
Ames Library GN790.M35 2017

Critical inventory of north-eastern tribal literature. Ahmad, Sufian, (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2014)
Ames Library GR305.C75 2014

A collection of Nepalese folk tales. Vaidya, Karuṇākara, (Kathmandu, Nepal: Ratna Pustak Bhandar, 2016)
Ames Library GR307.N4 V3313 2016

Exquisiteness of Indian classical dance: Rasa & Bhava. Banerjee, Utpal K. (Gurgaon, India: Shubhi Publications, 2017)
Ames Library GV1693.B2683 2017

Charya Nepal: Vajrayana Tantrika Charyā dance. Munikāra, Candramāna, (Kathmandu, Nepal: Vajra Kalā Kunja, 2015)
Ames Library GV1703.N4 M86 2015

Kiting the hurricane. Mee, Dom, (Galle: Kew Villas Publishing, 2015)
Ames Library GV810.92.M44 M44 2015

SRS based abridged life tables 2007-11, 2008-12 & 2009-13. (New Delhi: Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, 2015)
Ames Library Quarto HB1469.S787 2015

Entrepreneurship and social capital: relationships and start-ups in Indian ICT industry. Sengupta, Anirban, (Jaipur [India]: Rawat Publications, 2016)
Ames Library HB615.S416 2017

Report on listing stage: economic census 2013/14: industry, trade, and services.  ([Battaramulla]: Department of Census and Statistics, Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affarirs, 2015)
Ames Library Quarto HC424.R467 2015

Peace audit Nepal. (London: International Alert, 2015)
Ames Library HC425.P43 2015

Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy of Bombay: partnership and public culture in empire. Palsetia, Jesse S., (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2015)
Ames Library HC432.5.J36 P35 2015

Economic history of India, AD 1206-1526: the period of the Delhi Sultanate and the Vijayanagara Empire. Habib, Irfan, (New Delhi, India: Tulika Books, 2016)
Ames Library HC434.H33 2016

Economics. Chandrasekhar, C. P., (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2015)
Ames Library HC435.3.E3368 2015

Manipur state development report 2016. (New Delhi: Institute for Human Development, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto HC437.M33 M395 2016

Seventh five year plan: FY 2016-FY 2020: accelerating growth, empowering citizens. (Dhaka: General Economics Division, Planning Commission, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, 2015)
Ames Library Quarto HC440.8.S485 2015

State of the Bangladesh economy. (Dhaka: Economic Reporters' Forum, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto HC440.8.S7417 2016

Ensuring equitable access to land through the land rights movement, 2009-2013. Uprety, L. P. (Kathmandu: Community Self-reliance Centre, 2013)
Ames Library Quarto HD1333.N35 U77 2013

Flickering fortunes in changing Ceylon of mid-20th century. Ratnapala, Lakshman, (Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2016)
Ames Library HD2745.R38 R38 2016

Taking wings and winning: learning from nurturing: a life sciences company from inception. K.V. Subramaniam.(New Delhi: Rupa Publications, 2016)
Ames Library HD38.25.I4 S83 2016

MGNREGS: an analysis of governance performance 2006-07 to 2014-15 / Gitanjali Mishra.Mishra, Gitanjali, (New Delhi: Winshield Press, 2017)
Ames Library HD5710.85.I4 M57 2017

Detailed action plan to implement the National Human Resources and Employment Policy. (Colombo: Secretariat for Senior Ministers, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HD5812.8.A6 D48 2014

Decent Work Country Programme, Nepal: 2013-2017. ([Lalitpur]: ILO Country Office for Nepal, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HD5812.9.A6 D425 2014

Globalization lived locally: a labour geography perspective. Neethi, P., (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library HD5820.K4 N44 2016

Corporate social responsibility practices in emerging economies: the case of Bangladesh. Majumdar, Md. Nazmul Amin, (Dhaka, Bangladesh: University Press Limited, 2016)
Ames Library HD60.5.B26 M35 2016

Beyond business: mapping the CSR and sustainable development initiatives of Tata Steel. Prasad, Anirudh, (Ranchi, Jharkhand: Xavier Institute of Social Service, 2016)
Ames Library HD60.5.I5 P73 2016

Financial performance of petroleum industry in India: a study on selected companies. Das, Ram Chandra, (New Delhi: Creative Crows Publishers LLP, 2016)
Ames Library HD9576.I42 D37 2016

Bringing the rainbow: the Hindware story. Somany, R. K., (New Delhi: Maven/Rupa, 2016)
Ames Library HD9715.9.P682 S667 2016

Out of the shadows?: the informal sector in post-reform India. Rajesh Raj, S. N., (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library HD9736.I52 R35 2016

Capacity building for boosting services trade leveraging on WTO's provisions for LDCs: a report on 4-day Training Workshop on Trade in Services. (Lalitpur, Nepal: Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, 2014)
Ames Library Quarto HD9989.D44 T7327 2014

Assessment of Bangladesh-India trade potentiality: need for cross-border transport facilitation & mutual recognition of standards. (Jaipur: CUTS International, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto HF1590.15.B36 A87 2016

Facilitating trade between India and Sri Lanka. Jayaratne, Suwendrani, (Colombo, Sri Lanka: Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto HF1590.15.S72 J39 2016

Socio-economic status of business communities in the kingdom of Lahore: 1799-1839. Sharma, Rakesh (New Delhi: Writers Choice, 2015)
Ames Library HF3789.P8 S53 2015

Advertising and youth: impact of advertising on youth in metro and remote area. Tripathi, Durgesh, (New Delhi: Manak Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2016)
Ames Library HF5813.I4 T88 2016

Demonetisation: the economists speak. Kapila, Uma, (New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2017)
Ames Library HG1235.D35 2017

Women empowerment through self help groups in Andaman Islands. Banerjee, Hema, (New Delhi: Abhijeet Publications, 2016)
Ames Library HG178.33.I4 B36 2016

Inclusive growth through social capital formation: is micro-finance an effective tool for targeting women?. Christabell, P. J., (New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd., 2016)
Ames Library HG178.33.I4 C56 2016

Finances of panchayats in West Bengal: current state and prospective areas of resource generation. Ghosh, Tapan Kumar (New Delhi: Abhijeet Publications, 2016)
Ames Library HJ9568.W47 G46 2016

Municipal finances in Bangladesh: untapped potential or white elephant?. Yunus, Mohammad, (Dhaka, Bangladesh: BRAC Institute of Governance and Development, BRAC University, 2015)
Ames Library HJ9569.6.Y86 2015

Economic freedom country audit report Nepal 2015. (Kathmandu: Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation, 2015)
Ames Library HJ9927.N4 E36 2015

Learning non-violence. (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library HM1281.C65 2008

Perspectives in cultural studies. (Guwahati: Purbanchal Prakash, 2016)
Ames Library HM623.P47 2016

Globalisation and cultural pluralism: challenges and possibilities. (Delhi: Akansha Publishing House, 2016)
Ames Library HM753.E835 2013

Socio-economic changes in South Asia. Tiwana, Balwinder Singh, (Patiala: Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, 2016)
Ames Library HN670.3.A8 S63 2016

The broken ladder: the paradox and potential of India's one-billion. (Duke University).Krishna, Anirudh, (Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press, 2017)
Ames Library HN683.5.K757 2017

Driving development: a story of BRAC's evolution and effectiveness. Hossain, Mahabub, (Bangladesh: University Press Limited in association with BRAC, 2016)
Ames Library HN690.6.Z9 C6348 2016

Social exclusion, marginalisation and deprivation in Manipur. (New Delhi: Akansha Publishing House, 2017)
Ames Library HN690.M392 T86 2015

Feminisms of discontent: global contestations. (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2015)
Ames Library HQ1154.F4449 2011

Empowering dalit women with self-help groups: an analysis. Gowri Sankar Rao, Allu, (New Delhi: Regal Publications, 2017)
Ames Library HQ1744.A53 G864 2017

Suleiman charitra. Kalyāṇamalla, (Gurgaon: Penguin Books, 2015)
Ames Library HQ470.S3 K35 2015

Alternative sexualities in India: the construction of queer culture. García-Arroyo, Ana, (Kolkata: Books Way, 2010)
Ames Library HQ73.3.I4 G37 2010

Will for children. Satyarthi, Kailash, (New Delhi, India: Prabhat Prakashan, 2017)
Ames Library HQ789.S156 2017

The status of children in colonial India: a study of Punjab. Vijay Lakshmi (New Delhi, [India]: Writers Choice, 2013)
Ames Library HQ792.I5 V55 2013

Human rights situation of dalit community in Nepal. (Lalitpur: Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization, 2015)
Ames Library Quarto HT725.N35 H86 2015

Fatal accidents of birth: stories of suffering, oppression and resistance. Mander, Harsh, (New Delhi [India]: Speaking Tiger, 2016)
Ames Library HV393.M263 2016

From relief to resilience: LWF Nepal's response to the Gorkha earthquake. (Kathmandu, [Nepal]: The Lutheran World Federation Nepal, 2016)
Ames Library HV600 2015.N35 F76 2016

Nepal Earthquake 2015: building resilience, rebuilding lives findings from the ground. (Lalitpur, Nepal: Humanitarian Accountability Monitoring Initiative (HAMI), 2016)
Ames Library Quarto HV600 2015.N35 N45 2016

Nepal: earthquake one- year progress report. ([Kathmandu, Nepal]: Nepal Red Cross Society, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto HV600 2015.N35 N48 2016

Violence against women in the militarized Indian frontier. McDuie-Ra, Duncan, (New Delhi: Critical Quest, 2015)
Ames Library HV6250.4.W65 M3395 2015

The search for justice: the Sri Lanka papers. Jayawardena, Kumari, (New Delhi: Zubaan 2016.)
Ames Library HV6250.4.W65 S42 2016

Socio-legal aspects of domestic violence. Prasanna, K., (New Delhi: Avni Publications, 2016)
Ames Library HV6626.23.I4 P73 2016

Roads to freedom: prisoners in colonial India. Hasan, Mushirul, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library HV9792.H37 2016

Educating ex-criminal tribes: issues and concerns. Gandhi, Malli, (Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2017)
Ames Library HV9794.A53 G36 2017

Revolution, yes! right liquidationism, no!: series of letters sent to the headquarters of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). Śarmā, Ajaya, (Delhi: Aakar Books, 2016)
Ames Library HX385.9.A6 S2613 2016

How India became democratic: citizenship and the making of the universal franchise. Shani, Ornit, (Cambridge, United Kingdom; Cambridge University Press, 2018)
Ames Library JQ292.S468 2018 

Bharatiya Janata Party in Punjab: florescence of lotus. Paramjit Kaur, (Chandigarh, India: Unistar, 2017)
Ames Library JQ298.B55 K38 2017

Making a common cause: public management and Bangladesh. Khan, Jamal, (Dhaka, Bangladesh: Academic Press and Publishers Library, 2016)
Ames Library JQ635.K43 2016

Human migration in South Asia: dynamics and implications. (New Delhi: Akansha Publishing House, 2016)
Ames Library JV8501.I58 2014

Cases on Muslim law of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Serajuddin, Alamgir Muhammad, (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2015)
Ames Library KNC114.S47 2015

Religious freedom under the personal law system. Ahmed, Farrah, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library KNS540.A36 2016

Education, conflict and peace. Krishna Kumar, (New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2016)
Ames Library LA1151.K759 2016

Disciplinary dialogues on social change: gender, early childhood, and theatre. (New Delhi, [India]: Academic Foundation, 2016)
Ames Library LB1139.3.I4 D57 2013

A national equivalency programme framework for promoting lifelong learning in Nepal. (Lalitpur, Nepal: UNESCO Kathmandu Office, 2015)
Ames Library LC5257.N35 N37 2015

Select documents: Langat Singh College: inception, consolidation and expansion, 1899-1959. Aounshuman, Ashok, (Patna: Janaki Prakashan in collaboration with Langat Singh College, Muzaffarpur, 2016)
Ames Library LG169.L36 S45 2016

Her majestic voice: South Indian female playback singers and stardom, 1945-1955. Kiranmayi, (New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2016)
Ames Library ML2075.K53 2016

Karnataka's rich heritage: art and architecture: from prehistoric times to the Hoysala period. Chugh, Lalit, (Chennai: Notion Press, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto N7302.C48 2016

Art and emergency: modernism in twentieth-century India. Terracciano, Emilia, (London; I.B. Tauris, 2018)
Ames Library N7304.T47 2018

Zero tolerance, translating the silence. Hussain, Zakkir, (New Delhi: Vadehra Art Gallery, 2015)
Ames Library Quarto N7310.H88 A4 2015

Iconography, art, religion and culture: visualizing the past. Krishna Kumari, M., (Delhi: B.R. Publishing Corporation, 2017)
Ames Library Quarto N8195.A5 K75 2017

A Magic world: new visions of Indian painting. Aitken, Molly Emma, (Mumbai, India: Published by Radhika Sabavala for the Marg Foundation, 2016)
Ames Library Quarto ND1007.R32 M34 2016

Precious Indian weapons: and other princely accoutrements. Kaoukji, Salam, (London: Thames & Hudson, 2017)
Ames Library Quarto NK6603.M35 K36 2017

NELTA Conference proceedings 2015. (Kathmandu, Nepal: Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, 2015)
Ames Library PE1068.N38 N45 2015

The languages of Manipur. Devy, G. N., (Hyderabad, Telangana, India: Orient BlackSwan: 2016)
Ames Library PK1541.L365 2016

Blossoms in the graveyard. Bhattacharyya, Birendra Kumar, (New Delhi, India: Niyogi Books, 2016)
Ames Library PK1569.B457 K33 2016

Striving for freedom. Ḍekā, Kanakasena, (New Delhi: Authorspress, 2017)
Ames Library PK1569.D43 S87 2017

Rabindranath Tagore: selected essays on aesthetics. Tagore, Rabindranath, (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2016)
Ames Library PK1701.T34 2016

Anthology of Bengali short stories. Gangopadhyaya, Sunil, (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2016)
Ames Library PK1716.5.E5 A58 2016

A temporary sojourn and other stories. Nāsarīna Jāhāna, (Dhaka, Bangladesh: University Press Limited, 2015)
Ames Library PK1730.3.A64 A2 2015

But who cares. Āpaṭe, Hari Nārāyaṇa, (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2015)
Ames Library PK2418.A58 P36 2015

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

New Book: Modern India: A Very Short Introduction

If your background is not focused on India, but you find yourself taking a class or an internship or work project in or focused on India, reading this book is one good option for getting a sense of the context, complexities, and contestations around teaching, learning, and work in India.


You can find it in the Ames Library at DS423 .J44 2017

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dissertation to book workshop at Madison South Asia Conference, 2018

Workshop: Transforming your dissertation into a book
Sponsored by AIIS and  AIPS

Sponsored by the several organizations devoted to the study of South Asia, this workshop aims to help a select number of recent PhDs re-vision their doctoral dissertations as books.  Applications to participate are due by July 30, 2018, emailed to Susan S. Wadley, wadleysusansnow@gmail.com Participants must arrange their own transport to  and all costs for the University of Wisconsin Annual Conference  on South Asia in October. The workshop will begin at 7 pm Wednesday evening, Oct. 10 , and all participants are expected to be present at this time. 

For selection: Required is an email containing a current cv; the dissertation abstract, its table of contents,  and either the introduction or the first content chapter (whichever best explains the dissertation focus and content)  plus a book prospectus.  These should all be in ONE PDF file. (For the prospectus, guidelines from a press: here is the link to SUNY Press guidelines  http://www.sunypress.edu/l-45-submissions-guidelines.aspx)

Senior Faculty Participants:  Susan S. Wadley (Anthropology, Syracuse), Convener; Geraldine Forbes (History, SUNY Oswego);  Sarah Lamb (Brandeis); Tulasi Srinivas (Emerson College); Anand Yang, (U,. of Washington), more tba.  Our role is to read the materials prior to the meeting and be prepared to intervene and comment, “in the background” primarily, though with key interventions as needed. AIPS has been sending one scholar focused on Pakistan as well.


Wednesday evening:

7-9 Introductions plus discussion by one or two recent successful authors of the transformation process (Kalyani Menon and tba), plus “pairing assignments” for Thursday’s discussion.

Thursday morning is divided into 8 half-hour segments for discussion of the 8 projects (plus two 15 minute breaks).  For each half-hour session, one participant will have been assigned on Wednesday evening to make a 5 minute presentation of someone else's project—preferably how that individual would revise the dissertation, and the key themes to be emphasized.  During the remaining 25 minutes of that session, all of the other participants join in discussing the project -- except the project's author, who is not allowed to speak.  The author of the project under discussion can only listen, take notes, even record, how their project is being understood, mis-understood, stretched, queried, and critiqued by knowledgeable peers with closely related interests, but working in varying theoretical perspectives, disciplines, time periods, etc.  

On Thursday afternoon/evening, each participant is given a 40 minute time slot to respond to the more important queries, issues, and suggestions raised in the morning, and, most important, to seek feedback or further discussion of areas of their projects with which they recognize they are having difficulty. 

We will take an hour break for dinner Thursday evening before continuing the final two discussions after dinner.

Conversations can carry over into Friday and Saturday at the South Asia Conference!