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Thursday, April 28, 2011

South Asia Courses -- Fall 2011

South Asian Topics

Contemporary Indian Dance 1 (DNCE 3311): Ananya Chatterjea

Modern South Asian Literature (ALL 3637W, GLOS 3900 section 002): Simona Sawhney

Culture and Society of India (ALL 3676, ANTH 3023, GLOS 3961): Gloria Goodwin Raheja

The Diversity of Traditions: Indian Art 1200 to Present (ArtH 5777 EMS 8500 section 003): Cathy Asher

Topics in Asian Literature: Political Fiction in 20th Century India (ALL 5900): Simona Sawhney

Seminar in Musicology: Indian Music History (MUS 8640 section 001): Matt Rahaim

South Asian Languages

Beginning Hindi and Urdu (HNUR 1101, 4001)

Intermediate Hindi and Urdu (HNUR 3101, 4003)

Hindi-Urdu Language Teaching Tutorial (HNUR 3290)

Advanced Hindi (HNDI 4161)

Of Related Interest

Globalization and Social Justice (GLOS 1112): Ajay Skaria

Art of Islam (ARTH 3015W): Cathy Asher

Globalize This! Understanding Globalization through Sociology (GLOS 4221): Michael Goldman

Monday, April 11, 2011

AIIS dissertation to book workshop in October 2011 - Register Soon!

Workshop: Transforming your dissertation into a book
Sponsored by the American Institute of Indian Studies
Madison, Oct. 19-20, 2011

Sponsored by the several organizations devoted to the study of South Asia, this workshop aims to help a select number of recent PhDs re-vision their doctoral dissertations as books. Applications to participate are due by June 15, 2011, emailed to Susan S. Wadley, sswadley@syr.edu. Participants must arrange their own transport and stays to Madison, Wisconsin for the Annual Conference on South Asia in October. The workshop will begin at 7:30 pm Wednesday evening, Oct. 19 , and all participants are expected to be present at this time.

For selection: Required is an email containing a current cv; the dissertation abstract, its table of contents, and its first chapter plus a not more than 5 page "book proposal" , as if you were submitting to a press (a three- to six-page description of the project, including its purpose, potential audience, scope, contribution to scholarship, and relations to existing literature, including a vision of the book as different from the dissertation). Email to sswadley@syr.edu by midnight on June 15, 2011.

Susan S. Wadley (Anthropology, Syracuse), Convener, plus other more 'senior' scholars will be present in each concurrent session. Their role is to read the materials prior to the meeting and be prepared to intervene and comment, "in the background" primarily, though with key interventions as needed.

Wednesday evening: 7-9 Introductions plus discussion by one or two recent successful authors of the transformation process.
Thursday morning is divided into half-hour segments for discussion of each project. For each half-hour session, one participant will have been assigned to make a 5 minute presentation of someone else's project--preferably how that individual would revise the dissertation, and the key themes to be emphasized. During the remaining 25 minutes of that session, all of the other participants join in discussing the project -- except the project's author, who is not allowed to speak. The author of the project under discussion can only listen, take notes, even record, how their project is being understood, mis-understood, stretched, queried, and critiqued by knowledgeable peers with closely related interests, but working in varying theoretical perspectives, disciplines, time periods, etc.
On Thursday afternoon/evening, each participant is given an (approx.) 40 minute time slot to respond to the more important queries, issues, and suggestions raised in the morning, and, most important, to seek feedback or further discussion of areas of their projects with which they recognize they are having difficulty.
We may take an hour break for dinner Thursday evening before continuing the final discussions after dinner.
Conversations can carry over into Friday and Saturday at the South Asia Conference!
Susan S. Wadley
Ford Maxwell Professor of South Asian Studies, Maxwell School
Professor of Anthropology
Office: 327 Eggers, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY 13244
Mailing address:
Anthroplogy, 209 Maxwell
Syracuse University
Syracuse NY 13244
Phone: 315-443-4198 (email is way better than phone to reach me)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - April 2011

Below you can read a list of selected new titles added to the Ames Library of South Asia in March 2011. Or click here to download a copy.

AC5.K436 2010 Khan, Mohammad Ali. Bored of virtue: a compilation of self essays. [Islamabad?]: [publisher not identified], 2010 (Islamabad: Roohani Art Press)
AS465.H363 2009 Handbook on cultural institutions in Kerala. [Thiruvananthapuram]: Department of Culture, Government of Kerala, 2009.
B67.S75 2009 Srinivasan, K. Gandhi, Roy, and other essays. Bangalore: Prism Books, 2009.
B131.B327 2011 Bartley, C. J. An introduction to Indian philosophy. New York: Continuum, c2011.
B132.L6 J3913 2010 Jayarasibhatta. Jayarasi Bhatta's Tattvopaplavasimha: an introduction. Delhi: Parimal Publications, 2010.
B132.Y6 O56 2008 Oommen, Abraham. A Christian outlook on yoga. New Delhi: ISPCK/MPCCEIT, 2008.
BF724.V37 2008 Varghese, K. J. The effectiveness of counselling on adolescents in relation to psychological stress, self-concept, adjustment and educational aspirations. Bangalore: Centre for Publications, Christ College, 2008.
BL60.G533 2009 Giri, Ananta Kumar. The calling of practical spirituality: transformations in science and religion and new dialogues on self, transcendence, and society. Chennai: Madras Institute of Development Studies, 2009.
BL60.G534 2008 Giri, Ananta Kumar. Sociology as quest for a good society: a conversation with Robert Bellah. Chennai: Madras Institute of Development Studies, 2008.
BL600.C46 2008 Chongloi, Hemkhochon. Indoi: a study of Primal Kuki religious symbolism in the Hermeneutical framework of Mircea Eliade. Delhi: ISPCK, 2008.
BL1055.H42 2011 Health and religious rituals in South Asia: disease, possession, and healing. London; New York: Routledge, 2011.
BL1112.26.E78 2009 Essai sur la Indologica: a volume presented to the memory of Acharya Gaurinath Sastri on the occasion of his birth centenary year. Kolkata: Sanskrit Sahitya Parishat, 2009.
BL1140.4.B737 D37 2008 Das, Ratna, Dr. Socio-political and religious aspects in the Brahmanda-Purana. Kolkata: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar, 2008.
BL1215.P65 S93 2010 Swamy, Subramanian. Hindutva and national renaissance / Subramanian Swamy. New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications, 2010.
BL1215.P8 R35 2008 Rajshekar Shetty, V. T. Know the Hindu mind. Bangalore: Dalit Sahitya Akademy, 2008.
BL1225.D8 A63 2010 Amazzone, Laura. Goddess Durga and sacred female power. Md.: Hamilton Books, c2010.
BL1243.74.T67 2009 Top ten temple towns of India. Kolkata: Mark-Age Serivces, 2009.
BL1243.76.J362 S654 2010 Jagmohan. Reforming Vaishno Devi and a case for reformed, reawakened, and enlightened Hinduism. New Delhi: Rupa & Co., 2010.
BL1280.292.R36 T93 2010 Tyagananda, Swami. Interpreting Ramakrishna: Kali's child revisited. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, 2010.
BL1281.292.B37 A25 2008 Basava. Light of devotion: Basavesvara vachanas with commentary. Mysore: Akhila Bharatha Sharana Sahitya Parishath, 2008.
BL1283.835.S68 U73 2010 Urban, Hugh B. The power of tantra: religion, sexuality, and the politics of South Asian studies. London; New York: I.B. Tauris; New York: Dist. in USA by Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
BL1284.56.S65 2009 A brief study on Sri Hastisavaibhavam and Sri Hastisavaibhavaparisistam of Sri Koliyalam Svamiji Sri Rangaramanuja Mahadesikan. Chennai: G.R. Srinivasan, 2009.
BL1288.292.R36 G37 2009 Garudaswamy. Ramanuja a reality not a myth: Garudaswamy's rebuttal to Nagaswamy's tirade on Ramanuja. Trichy: Sri Vaishnava Sri, 2009.
BL2016.A37 J35 2010 Jain, Poornima. Religious sects and social development: a comparative study of Jains, Christians, and Sikhs. Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2010.
BL2020.S5 K38 2009 Kathettu, Sabu Mathai. The Sikh community and the gospel: an assessment of Christian ministry in Punjab. Delhi: Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 2009.
BP161.3.S544 2010 Siddiqui, Wajih-uddin. Renaissance and reformation of Islamic society: need for revival and development of confidence, creativity & pluralism. Karachi: Royal Book Company, 2010.
BP172.S4212 2009 Senapati, Binod Peter. Jesus the Kalimatullah: a Christian-Muslim relation. New Delhi: Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 2009.
BP173.H5.M57 2009 Mirza, Sarfaraz Hussain. Hindu-Muslim confrontation: a case study of Pakistan. Lahore: Nazaria-I-Pakistan Trust, 2009.
BP190.5.R43 S85 2010 Sulehria, Farooq. A letter to Osama on anti-imperialism of fools. Lahore: Good Books, 2010.
BP190.5.T47 T74 2008 Trends in militancy in Bangladesh: possible response. Dhaka: University Press Limited, 2010.
BQ4363.M37 2010 Marasinghe, M. M. J. Merit in Buddhism: concept and adaptation in ritual Buddhism. Nugegoda: Sarasavi Publishers, 2010.
BQ6150.T35 2010 Talim, M. V. Life of women in Buddhist literature. Delhi: Buddhist World Press, 2010.
BQ7699.G36 D84 2010 Duff, Tony. The Longchen Nyingthing Chod practice sound of Dakini laughter. Kathmandu: Padma Karpo Translation Committee, 2010.
BQ1349.5. K367 U33 2010 Uddiyan, Saber. Kalama sutta: rediscovery of conscience. Kathmandu: Vajra Publications: Distributed by Vajra book Shop, 2010.
BR99.7.S56 2009 Singh, M. Peter. Cybertheology. New Delhi: Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 2009.
BR115.C8 A87 2008 Association of Christian Philosophers of India. Bangalore: Asian Trading Corp., 2008.
BS491.5.G66 2008 Gomes, Jules. Glimpses of glory: reflections for all seasons. Bangalore: Asian Trading Corp., 2008.
BS537.K35 2009 Kalluveettil, Paul. Word as metaphor: towards a poetic hermeneutics. Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2009.
BT304.917.A2713 2008 Abraham, Koshy. Christ in ancient Indian thought. Cochin: Mantra Publishers, 2008.
BT761.3.V35 2010 Vanlalthlana. Doctrine of grace: Augustine's doctrine of grace and human free will and an appraisal from a Mizo Christian perspective. Delhi: ISPCK, 2010.
BV2082.I57 L35 2010 Lalhlira, Chhakchhuak. The role of intercultural communication in Christian witness: a study on the intercultural witness of the Mizo Church. New Delhi: ISPCK, 2010.
BV3265.3.J67 2010 Joshi, Shashi. Mission, religion, and caste: themes in the history of Christianity in India. Shimla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study, 2010.
BV3280.G84 V35 2008 Valiamangalam, Joseph. Community in mission: mission consciousness of Christian communities: a contextual missiological study. New Delhi: ISPCK, c2008.
BV3290.S4 L35 2010 Lalhmangaiha, Andrew. Holistic mission and the Serampore trio. New Delhi: Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 2010.
BX177.15.B76 2008 Brock, Sebastian P. Studies in Syriac spirituality. Bangalore: Centre for Eastern and Indian Christian Studies: Dharmaram Publications, 2008.
BX2320.5.I4 V38 2008 Vasantha Rao, Chilkuri. Jathara: a festival of Christian witness. Delhi: Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge for CSI, Medak Diocese, Secunderabad; Bangalore: Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society, 2008.
BX2347.72.I4 D38 2009 David, Maria A. Beyond boundaries: Hindu-Christian relationship and basic Christian communities. Delhi: Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 2009.
BX4700.G83 P38 2008 Paulraj, Brother. The heart of living. Bangalore: Asian Trading Corp., c2008.
BX4710.35.F66 2009 Fonseca, Venancio L. The patriarchate of the East Indies. Mumbai, Inida: Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture, 2009.
BX8063.I6 C47 2008 Christudas, D. Tranquebar to Travancore. Delhi: Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 2008.
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DS383.5.A2 S37 2010 Sattar, Abdul. Pakistan's foreign policy, 1947-2009: a concise history. Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2010.
DS385.J5 K37 2010 Karim, Saleena. Secular Jinnah & Pakistan: what the nation doesn't know. Karachi: Paramount Publishing Enterprise, 2010.
DS389.K43 2008 Khan, Ghulam Asghar. Global affairs and Pakistan. Lahore: Quaid-e-Azam Academy, 2008.
DS392.S56 N32 2010 Nabi Bakhshu Khanu Balocu. Searchings into Sophia. Islamabad: Mr. Books, 2010.
DS393.83.R64 P55 2010 The plight of the stateless Rohingyas: responses of the state, society & the international community. Dhaka: University Press, 2010.
DS395.D57 2009 Dismemberment of Pakistan: an over-view. Lahore: Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust, 2009.
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Information and a request from the American Institute of Indian Studies

I recently attended the annual board meeting of the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) Trustees on behalf of the U of MN, and I write to highlight a few aspects for scholars who work in India

Travel to India for study, research, conferences, etc.:
If you or any of your students are planning to travel to India, make sure that you do so using the correct visa (i.e. student visa, research visa, conference visa, etc.) and not on a tourist visa. Also note that if you enter India on a Tourist Visa and then leave the country, you will not be allowed back until 60 days have passed, with some exceptions. For more details, refer to the websites of the Indian Consulate (http://chicago.indianconsulate.com/) and the Indian Visa Center (https://indiavisa.travisaoutsourcing.com/).

What AIIS can do for faculty and students:

Research fellowships

Language programs
o the academic year language programs are particularly valuable for young scholars and fellowship support is available
Assistance for international learning
o AIIS has a unique capacity to assist with obtaining student visas.,
o AIIS can help undergraduates, scholars and other groups with opportunities for international learning.
o AIIS provides logistical support to Fellows, language students, members of its academic consortium, and to other scholars working in India.
• AIIS supports scholarly research centers in Art & Archaeology and Ethnomusicology, and engages in outreach by sponsoring lectures, exhibitions, and workshops. See the AIIS homepage for more information.

AIIS needs your help:
The AIIS will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2012. As the Institute embarks on its next 50 years, it seeks to sustain the high quality of its programs while supporting the growth of research, teaching, and learning about India. In the current fiscal environment, this requires building the Institute's support base. AIIS is seeking $6,000,000 in new philanthropic support, principally to serve as endowments for fellowships.
• Please give if you can, and/or suggest potential donors
• To learn more about the funding needs and priorities of AIIS as well as ways to give, please view The Journey That Matters.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Website on Kashmiri Literature

Abir Bazaz, Doctoral Student in Asian Languages and Literatures, has just published Kunear, an introductory website on Kashmiri literature. The website includes a Kashmiri script tutor intended to teach those who know the Nastaliq (Persian, Urdu) script the additional diacritical marks and characters they would need to know to learn the Kashmiri script. Visit Kunear!

New: South Asia Image collections

The Libraries have produced a curated collection of links to quality image collections. These resources include local collections, licensed content, and select open online collections of images.

For South Asia image collections click here!