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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - December 2012

Below you can read a list of selected new titles added to the Ames Library of South Asia in November 2012. Or click here to download a copy.

B132.A3 S723 2012 Srinivasa Rao. Advaita: a contemporary critique. New Delhi: Indian Council of Philosophical Research: Oxford University Press, 2012.
BD111.V446 2011 Verma, Kameshwar Prasad. The metaphysical foundations of Indian culture. Varanasi: Kala Prakashan, 2011.
BD161.E5 2011 The elements of bias in social science research. New Delhi: Institute of Objective Studies, 2011.
BF723.P4 K55 2012 Khalakdina, Margaret. The development of personality in the Indian ecology. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2012.
BL783.S85 2012 Sukla, Ananta Charana. Patterns of metamorphosis in Greek and Indian mythology. Kolkata: Punthi Pustak, 2012.
(Reference) Quarto BL1105.E53 2010 Encyclopedia of Hinduism. New Delhi: India Heritage Research Foundation: In association with Rupa & Co., c2010-c2011.
BL1152.5.A46 2010 Aloysius, G. The Brahminical inscribed in body-politic: a historico-sociological investigation of effective & enduring power in contemporary India. New Delhi: Critical Quest, 2010.
BL1153.5.N38 2011 Nath, Rakhal Chandra. The new Hindu movement, 1866-1911. Kolkata: Progressive Publishers, 2011.
BL1175.N6 R3913 2011 Raychaudhury, Girijashankar. Sister Nivedita and the ideas of revolution in Bengal. Kolkata: Aruna Prakashan, 2011.
BL1225.S57 A76 2011 Arni, Samhita. Sita's Ramayana. India: Tara Books, c2011.
BL1239.32.J33 2013 Jacobsen, Knut A. Pilgrimage in the Hindu tradition: salvific space. London; New York: Routledge, 2013.
BL2765.I4 S42 2011 Secularism and national integration: with special reference to Orissa. Shimla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study, 2011.
BQ4132.K378 2011 Karunasena, A. The journey towards awakening. Dehiwala: Buddhist Cultural Centre, 2011.
BQ5625.S25 2011 Samararatne, Godwin. A beautiful way of living: the meditation teachings of Godwin Samararatne. Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society, 2011.
BQ6160.S65 K87 2010 Kusuma, Bhikkuni. The dasasil nun: a study of women's Buddhist religious movement in Sri Lanka with an outline of its historical antecedents. Dehiwala: [Bhikkhuni Kusuma]: Distributor, Buddhist Cultural Centre, 2010.
BR1155.O27 2012 O'Brien, John. The unconquered people: the liberation journey of an oppressed caste. Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2012.
BR1156.A78 L35 2011 Lalrinthanga, Khiangte. Communicating Christ in Asian context: God's miracles among the Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Aizawl: Dr. Khiangte Lalrinthanga, 2011.
DS377.S55 2011 Sikand, Yoginder. Beyond the border: an Indian in Pakistan. New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2011.
DS380.M83 D59 2012 Dixit, Sonam. Mohajirs in Pakistan: evolution and politicization. Delhi: Kalinga Publications, 2012.
DS392.A93 A43 2012 Alam, Mohammad Monir. Pakistan occupied Kashmir: constitutional status and political reality. New Delhi: Lancer's Books, 2012.
DS392.A93 D49 2011 Dewan, Parvez. The other Kashmir: almost everything about- Aksai Chin, Baltistan, Gilgit, Hunza, Mirpur, Muzaffarabad. New Delhi: Manas Publications, c2011.
DS395.5.A33659 2012 Ahmed, Moudud. Bangladesh: a study of the democratic regimes. Dhaka: University Press, 2012.
DS395.5.R35 2012 Raja, Khadim Hussain. A stranger in my own country: East Pakistan, 1969-1971. Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2012.
DS395.7.M9.A55 2011 Mujibur Rahman, Sheikh. The voice of freedom. Dhaka: Bangla Academy, 2011.
DS395.7.M9 A3 2012 Mujibur Rahman, Sheikh. The unfinished memoirs. Karachi: Oxford university Press, 2012.
DS402.5.R43 2012 Recording the progress of Indian history: symposia papers of the Indian History Congress, 1992-2010. New Delhi: Primus Books, 2012.
DS422.C3 N354 2011 Nandi, Santibhusan. Caste functions, hierarchy, and social power: study of a rural society. Kolkata: Academic Publishers, 2011.
DS423.C5455 2012 Cheema, G. S. Our history, their history: the contrasting historical narratives of East and West. New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2012.
DS430.M56 2012 Minority studies. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2012.
DS432.A2 N36 2012 Narratives from the margins: aspects of adivasi history in India. New Delhi: Primus Books, 2012.
DS432.M84 A76 2011 Arfi, Khurshid Anwar. India, a nation in turmoil: a true picture of the state of affairs of the largest democracy of the world. New Delhi: Genuine Publications & Media, 2011.
DS432.N3 B34 2011 Baragohani, Homena. Scrolls of strife: the endless history of the Nagas. New Delhi: Rupa Publications India, 2011.
DS432.5.I498 2012 Indian diaspora in the era of globalisation. New Delhi: Kalpaz Publications, 2012.
DS450.A785 D45 2012 Delhi Dialogue III: beyond the first twenty years of India-ASEAN engagement. New Delhi: Indian Council of World Affairs: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2012.
DS450.P16 R57 2012 Rising India in the changing Asia-Pacific: strategies and challenges. New Delhi: Pentagon Press, 2012.
DS452.M43 2012 Medieval India 3: researches in the history of India. [Aligarh]: Centre for Advanced Study, Dept. of History, Aligarh Muslim University; New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2012.
DS463.S53 2010 Shah, Ahmad Ali, Miyan Sahib. Kashful Baghaavat Gorakhpur = Unveiling of the revolt at Gorakhpur: eyewitness account of a Sufi which unmasks the other side of the rebels of 1857. New Delhi: Rupa & Co., 2010.
DS479.H36 2012 Ahmed, Khwaja Iftikhar. Indian National Congress and the Indian Muslims: a Muslim perspective. New Delhi: Published by All India Muslim Majlis-e-Shoora in association with Manak Publications, 2012.
DS480.84.N27597 2011 Narayanan, K. R. In the name of the people: reflections on democracy, freedom, and development. New Delhi: Penguin Viking, 2011.
DS480.84.S4546 2011 Sharda, Ratan. Secrets of RSS: demystifying the Sangh. New Delhi: Manas Publications, 2011.
DS480.842.A45 2012 Ali, Rabia Umar. Empire in retreat: the story of India's partition. Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2012.
DS480.853 S64 2011 Sreenivasan, T. P. Mattering to India: the Shashi Tharoor campaign. Delhi: Pearson, c2011.
DS481.M3 M35 2011 Maini, S. K. Visionary of modern India: Madan Mohan Malaviya. New Delhi: Showcase: Roli Books, 2011.
DS485.B518 S59 2011 Sinha, Arun. Nitish Kumar and the rise of Bihar. New Delhi: Viking, 2011.
DS485.H3482 S245813 2011 Juneja, M. M. Lala Hardev Sahai: a biography. Zirakpur: Modern Publishers, 2011.
Quarto DS485.K2 P73 Prazanatha = Praznath: a discourse on Kashmiri identity and culture. [New Journal]. New Delhi: Sushil Pandit, 2010-
DS485.K25 B35 2012 Bakshi, S. P. The inside story of Jammu & Kashmir State. New Delhi: KW Publishers, c2012.
DS485.L2 H39 2012 Hazra, Kanai Lal. Ladakh: a Buddhist populated region. Delhi: Buddhist World Press, 2012.
DS485.M48 K333 2012 Kabui, Gangmumei. Lectures on history of Manipur. New Delhi: Akansha Pub. House, 2012.
DS485.M5 D43 2012 Dhal, Chhatish Chandra. Tribal peasant unrest: a paradox in welfare administration. New Delhi: Kaveri Books, 2012.
DS485.R48 M33 2012 Maddaiah, K. Freedom movement in Rayalaseema: a study of peoples' response to the major phases of national movement, 1905-1947. New Delhi: Serials Publications, 2012.
DS485.U3 M384 2012 Masters, Brian. Maharana: the story of the rulers of Udaipur. Ahmedabad: Mapin Pub.; [Ocean Township, N.J.?]: Grantha Corp., 2012.
Folio DS486.A4 A685 2011 Ahmedabad 600: portraits of a city. Mumbai: Marg Foundation; New Delhi: exclusively distributed in India by the Variety Book Depot, c2011.
DS486.B46 R38 2012 Bangalore: multiplicity. Bangalore: Gangarams Gallery, 2012.
Quarto DS489.84.W5412 2011 Wijesinha, Rajiva. The Darusman panel: a review of the evidence in the context of past realities and future plans. Kurunegala: International Book House, [2011]
Quarto DS489.84.W5425 2011 Wijesinha, Rajiva. The road to reconciliation and its enemies: documented evidence and logical argument against emotional exaggeration and soundbites. Kurunegala, Sri Lanka: International Book House, c2011.
DS489.86.P38 A5 2011 Pathmanathan, Thambiaiya Selvarasa. "KP" speaks out: an interview with former Tiger chief. Vavuniya: NERDO, 2011.
DS491.42.J54 2012 Jigs-med-ge-sar-rnam-rgyal-dban-phyug. Bhutan: through the lens of the King. New Delhi: Roli Books, 2012.
Quarto DS495.8.T37.C43 2012 Caudhari, Mahesa. Hidden treasures of the lowland Nepal & its surroundings. Dang: Shanti Chaudhary, c2012-
DS712.M679 2010 Moudud, Hasna Jasimuddin. Revisiting China after 32 years. Dhaka: Polash Publishers, c2010.
DS731.T56 D3313 2009 Dban-dus, Sa-gon. A hundred customs and traditions of Tibetan people. Dharamsala, H.P.: Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, c2009.
G76.5.I5 J36 2012 Jamia geographical studies: a collection of geographical essays. New Delhi: Manak Publications, 2012.
GT3510.S83 2012 Subrahmanyam, Sanjay. Courtly encounters: translating courtliness and violence in early modern Eurasia. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2012.
GT4876.A2 F475 2011 Festivals of India: some known, some unknown. New Delhi: Bennett, Coleman & Co.: Marketed & distributed by Times Group Books, 2011.
GV1694.I4 B37 2012 Bapat, Gururao V. Re-scribing tradition: modernisation of South Indian dance-drama. Shimla: Indian Institute of Advanced study, 2012.
Quarto HA4587.W47 C46 2011 Census of India, 2011. West Bengal: Directorate of Census Operations, 2011-
HB1050.A36 C46 2012 Choudhary, Kirti. Women and fertility behaviour. Jaipur: Pointer Publishers: Distributed by Aavishkar Publishers, Distributors, 2012.
HB2099.D53 2012 Dias, Anthony. Development and its human cost: land acquisition, displacement, and rehabilitation of tribals. Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2012.
HB3717 2008.A75 2011 Arise in unity: the international crisis and alternatives from the left. New Delhi: People's Democracy, 2011.
Quarto HC430.6.Z9 P6145 2011 Hunzai, Kiran. Understanding mountain poverty in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas: regional report for Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan. Kathmandu: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, 2011.
Quarto HC440.8.Z9 P61233652 2011 Das, Narayan C. Addressing extreme poverty in a sustainable manner: evidence from CFPR program. Dhaka: BRAC, Research and Evaluation Division, 2011.
Quarto HD2346.I5 E45 2010 Energy and green business: the way forward for MSMEs. Cochin: Institute of Small Enterprises and Development, 2010.
Quarto HD2346.I5 I4657 2010 India, the regional MSME scene. Cochin: Institute of Small Enterprises and Development, c2010.
Quarto HD2346.I5 M66 2010 MSMEs new dimensions of public private partnership. Cochin: Institute of Small Enterprises and Development, 2010.
HD2356.I55 G56 2011 Globalization and inequality. New Delhi: Deep & Deep Publications, c2011.
HD6054.2.I4 A73 2010 Aravamudan, Gita. Unbound: Indian women @ work. New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2010.
HD7748.N35 2011 Nalini, R. Social work and the workplace. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2011.
Quarto HD9710.I42 P74 2012 Profile of the automobile industry in India, 2010-11. New Delhi: Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, c2012.
HE271.Z7 B55 2012 Sinha, Nitin. Communication and colonialism in Eastern India: Bihar, 1760s-1880s. London; New York, NY: Anthem Press, 2012.
HF1359.G56 2012 Globalization and development: current trends. Kolkata: Institute of Foreign Policy Studies, Calcutta University; New Delhi: KW Publishers, c2012.
HG178.33.I4 M64 2012 Mohan, Prem. Women empowerment through microfinance. New Delhi: Axis Books, 2012.
Quarto HG178.33.I4 M76 2010 MSMEs and financial sector developments. Cochin: Institute of Small Enterprises and Development, c2010.
HN670.3.A8 H36 2011 Handbook of modernity in South Asia: modern makeovers. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2011.
HN687.G636 2012 Ghandy, Anuradha. Scripting the change: selected writings of Anuradha Ghandy. Delhi: Daanish Books, 2012.
HQ75.6.I4 D38 2012 Dave, Naisargi N. Queer activism in India: a story in the anthropology of ethics. Durham: Duke University Press, c2012.
HQ281.S66 2011 Sijapati, Bandita. Trafficking and forced labour in Nepal: a review of the literature. Kathmandu: Published by Himal Books for Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility, 2011.
HQ777.C533 2010 Chaturvedi, Vibha. Girl child: changing perceptions. Delhi: Women's Studies & Development Centre, in association with Women Press, 2010.
HQ792.I5 M64 2012 Mohapatra, Samapika. Exploring slum children's life world. New Delhi: Serials Publications, 2012.
HQ1190.K43 2012 Khanum, Rashida A. Contemporary gender issues. Dhaka: A.H. Development Pub. House; Kolkata: Distributor in India, Paragon Enterprise, 2012.
HQ1236.5.I4 E44 2012 Elected women representatives and empowerment. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2012.
HT147.I4 S56 2012 Singh, Abha Lakshmi. Urban sprawl: causes, consequences and policies. Delhi: B.R. Pub. Corp., 2012.
HT147.I5 U673 2011 Urban infrastructure for the common man. New Delhi: Centre for Urban Studies, Indian Institute of Public Administration, 2011.
HT169.I52 C337 2012 Datta, Partho. Planning the city: urbanization and reform in Calcutta, c. 1800-c. 1940. New Delhi: Tulika Books, 2012.
HT361.A33 2010 Accumulation by dispossession: transformative cities in the new global order. Los Angeles: SAGE, 2010.
HT395.I4 R44 2012 Regional economy of India: growth and finance. New Delhi: Published by Academic Foundation in association with Reserve Bank of India, 2012.
Quarto HV551.5.B3 N35 2010 National plan for disaster management, 2010-2015. Dhaka: Disaster Management Bureau, Disaster Management & Relief Division, 2010.
HV4600.D4 S48 2012 Sethi, Aman. A free man: [a true story of life and death in Delhi]. New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2012.
HV8242.8.A3 G86 2011 Gunaratne, Merril. Cop in the crossfire. [Colombo: Merril Gunaratne], 2011.
HX73.I43 2012 Imagining alternatives. New Delhi: OpenWord; Delhi: Daanish Books, 2012.
HX395.B54 K86 2012 Kumar, Manoj. The Naxalite movement in Bihar: ideology, setting, practice and outcome. New Delhi: Manak Publications, 2012.
JA84.I4 V23 2012 Vajpeyi, Ananya. Righteous republic: the political foundations of modern India. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2012.
JQ200.D83 2012 Dube, S. N. Ideas and movements in the age of the Mauryas: with special reference to Pali & Ardhamagadhi sources. Shimla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study, 2012.
JQ298.C66 C66 2008 Communist Party of India, XX Party Congress documents, P. K. Vasudevan Nair Nagar, Hyderabad, March, 23-27, 2008. New Delhi: Communist Party of India, 2009.
JS7025.S53 C549 2012 Chhetri, Durga P. Decentralised governance and development in India with special reference to Sikkim. New Delhi: Mittal Publications, 2012.
JZ1313.3.S86 2011 Summit declarations of Non-Aligned Movement, 1961-2009. Kathmandu: Institute of Foreign Affairs, 2011.
KNS46.B33 M355 2011 Making sense of Ayodhya verdict: towards efforts for a peaceful solution. New Delhi: Vitasta Pub.: Marketed and distributed exclusively in India & Sub-continent by Times Group Books, c2011.
KNS2095.C438 2012 Challenges to civil rights guarantees in India. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2012.
LC94.P18 M35 2011 Malik, Zafar I. Use of data for educational planning and management. Islamabad: National Education Management Information System, Academy of Educational Planning and Management, Ministry of Professional and Technical Training, 2011.
M1808.D43 2011 Dhar, Ratna. The folk music of Manganiyars: an anthropological appraisal. Kolkata: Anthropological Survey of India, Govt. of India, 2011.
ML338.R36 2012 Ramakrishna, Lalita. The krti in Karnatak music. Delhi: B.R. Rhythms, 2012.
ML419.B35 S26 2012 Sampath, Vikram. Voice of the veena: S Balachander: a biography. New Delhi: Rain Tree, 2012.
ML420.N25 R36 2011 Rao, Vidya. Heart to heart: remembering Naina Devi. New Delhi: HarperCollins Publishers India a joint venture with The India Today Group, 2011.
ML420.S473 A5 2011 Sen, Palash. Euphoria: the story of Palash Sen. Noida: Harper, 2011.
Quarto ML3518.F476 2012 Fernandes, Naresh. Taj Mahal foxtrot: the story of Bombay's jazz age. New Delhi: Lustre Press: Roli Books, c2012.
N6505.S874 2011 Super/power. New Delhi: Threshold Gallery, [2011]
Quarto N7304.H57 2012 The history of art: contemporary perspectives: festschrift to Dr. M.L. Nigam. Delhi: Sharada Pub. House, 2012.
N7305.A5 2011 Annual group show: 2nd to 5th April 2011, The Visual Arts Gallery, Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, 6th to 30th April 2011, Chawla Art Gallery, Square One Mall, Saket. New Delhi: Chawla Art Gallery, [2011]
N7305.F676 2011 Form & formlessness: August-October, 2011, Art Alive Gurgaon. Delhi: Art Alive Gallery, c2011.
N7310.D351 A4 2010 Dar, Vishal K. Brownation. New Delhi: Gallery Espace Art, 2010.
Quarto N8195.3.M34 S83 2012 Sudhakar, Karanam. Mahisasuramardini in the temple art of Andhra Pradesh. Delhi: B.R. Pub. Corp., 2012.
Folio NA1508.O73 R68 2012 Rothfarb, Ed. Orchha and beyond: design at the court of Raja Bir Singh Dev Bundela. Mumbai: Marg Foundation, 2012.
NA6010.8.N4 D36 2011 Dangol, Purusottam. Elements of Nepalese temple architecture. New Delhi: Adroit Publishers: Distributors, Akhil Book Distributors, 2011.
Quarto NB1912.C47 A43 2012 Amaladass, Anand. Christian themes in Indian art: from the Mogul times till today. New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2012.
NB1912.G38 B38 2010 Bautze-Picron, Claudine. The bejewelled Buddha from India to Burma: new considerations. New Delhi: Sanctum Books in association with Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, 2010.
ND1010.P37 A4 2011 Parimoo, Ratan. Ratan Parimoo: Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Vadodara, 2011-2012. Ahmedabad: Marvel Art Gallery, c2011.
ND1010.P386 A4 2011 Patnaik, Asit Kumar. Retrospect and prospects: recent works by Asit Kumar Patnaik: at Square One Mall, Saket, New Delhi, 2nd to 11th September 2011. New Delhi: Chawla Art Gallery, 2011.
ND1010.R39 A4 2011 Rawal, Yogesh. Single entry. New Delhi: Gallery Espace Art, 2011.
ND2829.T57 R35 2011 Rajamani, V. K. The Muckunda Murals in the Tyagarajasvami Temple, Tiruvarur. Chennai: Prakriti Foundation, 2011.
Folio NK8876.A1 J35 2011 Jain, Rahul. Rapture: the art of Indian textiles. New Delhi: Niyogi Books, 2011.
NX576.6.Z8 P69 2012 The power of Sri Lankan art, 1943-2012. Galle: Sri Serendipity Pub. House, 2012.
P40.5.L322 I4 2011 Cry for mother tongue: language maintenance and shift. Kolkata: Anthropological Survey of India, Govt. of India, 2011.
PK409.A2 I58 2012 Inventory of Sanskrit scholars = Samskrtavidvatparicayika. New Delhi: Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, 2012.
PK519.S82 2011 Subrahmanyam, P. S. Pa: ninian linguistics. Tirupati: Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, 2011.
PK1718.N43 Z74 2010 Kara, Sisira. British Raj and the rebel poet Nazrul. Dhaka: Nazrul Institute, 2010.
PK1726.K35 2009 Kansangara, Athmesh M. Critical perspectives on Rabindranath Tagore's 'Gora' and 'The wreck'. New Delhi: Sarup Book Publishers, 2009.
PK2098.V34 A63 2011 Vatsyayan, Sachchidanand Hiranand. To each his stranger: a novel. New Delhi: Rupa & Co., 2011.
PK2098.22.I78 K4313 2011 Gitanjali Sri. The empty space. Noida: Harper Perennial, 2011.
PK2199.F255 Z6 2011 Celebrating Faiz. New Delhi: Vij Books India, [2011?]
PK2200.C57 Z46 2012 Chughtai, Ismat Life in words: memoirs. New Delhi: Penguin Books India, 2012
PK2238.9.V45 A2 2010 Verenkara, Sanjiva. Village evening. Delhi: B.R. Pub. Corp., 2010.
PK2418.D534 A2 2009 Dhasala, Namadeva Salubai. A current of blood. New Delhi: Navayana Pub.: Distributed by IPD Alternatives, [2009?]
PK2650.G55 2011 Gilla, Tejawanta Singha. The history of Punjabi literature. Patiala: Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, 2011-
PL4718.O94 2012 The Oxford India anthology of Malayalam Dalit writing. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2012.
PL4780.9.R29 K613 2012 Ramamohan Rao, Mahidhara. Swarajyam. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2012.
PN2882.I53 2012 Trivedi, Madhu. The emergence of the Hindustani tradition: music, dance and drama in North India, 13th to 19th centuries. Gurgaon: Three Essays Collective, 2012.
PN6790.I4 M34 2011 Mahabharata. Mumbai: Amar Chitra Katha, 2011.
PR9484.3.C65 2009 A concise history of Indian literature in English. Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
PR9492.2.P38 2012 Patel, M. F. Post-modern Indian women novelists in English. Jaipur: Pointer Publishers, 2012.
PR9499.3.G52 S23638 2011 Prema Nandakumar. Sri Aurobindo's Savitri: a study of the cosmic epic. New Delhi: Published by Wisdom Tree in collaboration with Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry, 2011.
Q127.I4 S37 2012 Sarkar, Suvobrata. The quest for technical knowledge: Bengal in the nineteenth century. New Delhi: Ajay Kumar Jain for Manohar Publishers & Distributors, c2012.
RA530.B66 R36 2012 Ramanna, Mridula. Health care in Bombay Presidency, 1896-1930. Delhi: Primus Books, 2012.
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Quarto TR103.D45 C6 2012 Power and resistance: the Delhi Coronation Durbars, 1877, 1903, 1911. [Ahmedabad, India]: Mapin, 2012.
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UA853.P18 A43 2012 Alam, Shah. Pakistan military's role in governance. New Delhi: Centre for Land Warfare Studies: KW Publishers, c2012.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Matt Rahaim reads from his new book Musicking Bodies: Gesture and Voice in Hindustani Music

Musicking Bodies: Gesture and Voice in Hindustani Music

Matt Rahaim reads from his new book

Date: 11/29/2012
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: U of M Bookstore Coffman Memorial Union
Cost: Free

Matthew Rahaim, local author and University of Minnesota professor, will discuss his book Musicking Bodies: Gesture and Voice in Hindustani Music on Thursday, November 29 at 4:00 p.m. at the University of Minnesota Bookstore in Coffman Memorial Union, 300 Washington Ave. S.E. Minneapolis.

Indian classical music is performed with extensive physical motions and gestures that are both disciplined and spontaneous; singers implicitly theorize melody as motion, construct melodic objects, and transmit musical traditions. These gestures embody a special kind of melodic knowledge that results in lineages of vocalists who not only sound similar, but also engage with music kinesthetically according to similar aesthetic and ethical ideals. Musicking Bodies investigates the ways in which hand gestures are used to manifest melody and transmit culture, and is an important contribution to the field of ethnomusicology.

Rahaim will sign copies of his book following the discussion. This event is free and open to the public.

For more information: https://events.umn.edu/023877

Click here to add to your UMN Google Calendar

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sainath Lecture - India in the Age of Inequality: Farm crisis, food crisis & the media

India in the Age of Inequality:

Farm crisis, food crisis & the media

by P. Sainath

Date: 11/15/2012
Time: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: 1210 Heller Hall
Series: ICGC Distinguished Public Lecture

While India has caught the attention of the world with it's growth rates and generation of wealth these past two decades, a much less-told side of the story remains: levels of inequality are higher than at any time since the days of the British Raj. The problems of hunger and deprivation are sharp and alarming. Distress migrations out of the countryside have risen dramatically. And the country is still to come out of its worst agrarian crisis since the event of the Green revolution. A lot of these problems and crises are driven not by natural calamity, but by policies that favor a very small segment of the population.

P. Sainath is Rural Affairs Editor, The Hindu and the McGraw Professor in Writing at Princeton University. In addition, he wrote the book, Everybody loves a good drought: stories from India's poorest districts.

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - November 2012

Below you can read a list of selected new titles added to the Ames Library of South Asia in October 2012. Or click here to download a copy.

BF724.3.A32 B38 2011 Batra, Sushma. Turbulent teens: approaches to adjustment. New Delhi: Mittal Publications, 2011.
BL263.G645 2011 Gosling, David L. Darwin, science, and the Indian tradition: the Cambridge Teape-Westcott lectures for 2009, commemorating Charles Darwin's bicentenary. Delhi: Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 2011.
BL1138.25.B34 2011 Stories from the Mahabharata: 5-in-1. Mumbai: Amar Chitra Katha, 2011.
BL1138.26.S26 2012 Sarin, San. Samudramanthana. New Delhi: Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, 2012.
BL1225.D83 T366 2011 Mahalakshmi, R. The making of the goddess: Korravai-Durga in the Tamil traditions. New Delhi: Penguin Books India, 2011.
BL1238.56.B53 S65 2012 Sribhashyam, T. K. Blissful experience, bhakti: quintessence of Indian philosophy. New Delhi: D.K. Printworld, 2012.
BL1284.5.A9 S313 2011 Sarma, Tirthanatha. Auniati satra: a history: English translation of Assamese book Auniati Satrar Buranji. Delhi: Amar Granth Publications, 2011.
BL1317.D48 2010 Deutscher Orientalistentag. Jaina studies: proceedings of the DOT 2010 panel in Marburg, Germany. New Delhi: Aditya Prakashan, 2012.
BL2015.W6 H38 2012 Hauser, Beatrix. Promising rituals: gender and performativity in Eastern India. New Delhi; New York: Routledge, 2012.
BL2017.4413 2010 Arjun, Guru. Sukhmani Sahib: the fount of serenity. Amritsar: Singh Bros., 2010.
BL2017.9.R37 K86 2012 Kuldip Singh, Ph. D. Namdhari Guru Ram Singh and his movement. Chandigarh: Lokgeet Parkashan, 2012.
BL2018.7.N34 K85 2012 Kuldip Singh, Ph. D. Understanding the Namdhari movement, 1857-1959. Chandigarh: Lokgeet Prakashan, 2012.
BP166.S3913 2012 Sayyidu, Ji. Em. Religion and reality. Lahore: Fiction House, 2012.
BP173.6.I853 2012 Islam and state: practice and perceptions in Pakistan and the contemporary Muslim world. Islamabad: Islamabad Policy Research Institute: Hanns Seidel Foundation: Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue, International Islamic Univ., 2012.
BQ7230.J39 2010 Jayatilleke, Kulatissa Nanda. Facets of Buddhist thought: collected essays of K.N. Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society, c2010.
BQ7980.2.R47 2011 Reynolds, John Myrdhin. The practice of Dzogchen in the Zhang-Zhung tradition of Tibet: translations from the Bonpo Dzogchen practice manual: The Gyalwa Chaktri of Druchen Gyalwa Yungdrung and The seven-fold cycle of the clear light, the dark retreat practice from the Zhang-zhung Nyan-gyud. Kathmandu: Vajra Publications: Distributed by Vajra Book Shop, c2011.
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Friday, November 2, 2012

Screening of Jai Bhim Comrade by Anand Patwardhan

Screening of Jai Bhim Comrade

by Anand Patwardhan,

Visiting Humphrey Professor

Macalester College

Date: Monday, November 12, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: John B. Davis Lecture Hall in the campus center at Macalester College
Open to the public.

Synopsis: For thousands of years India's Dalits were abhorred as "untouchables" denied education and treated as bonded labour. By 1923 Bhimrao Ambedkar broke the taboo, won doctorates abroad and fought for the emancipation of his people. He drafted India's Constitution, led his followers to discard Hinduism for Buddhism. His legend still spreads through poetry and song. In 1997 a statue of Dr. Ambedkar in a Dalit colony in Mumbai was desecrated with footwear. As angry residents gathered, police opened fire killing 10. Vilas Ghogre, a leftist poet, hung himself in protest. 'Jai Bhim Comrade' shot over 14 years, follows the poetry and music of people like Vilas and marks a subaltern tradition of reason that from the days of the Buddha, has fought superstition and religious bigotry.

Review: http://kafila.org/2012/03/21/jai-bhim-comrade-patwardhan/

n.b.: The U of MN has a copy of the DVD in the Walter Library Smart Commons video collection. It and it circulates for 3 days and can be reserved for classroom use.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Talk by Richa Nagar, November 2

"Storytelling and Co-authorship in Feminist Alliance Work:

Reflections From a Journey"

Talk by Richa Nagar

Professor of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

University of Minnesota

Date: 11/02/2012
Time: 1:00 - 2:15 PM
Location: 400 Ford Hall

If all writing is fundamentally tied to the production of meanings and
texts, then feminist research that blurs the borders of academia and
activism is necessarily about the labor and politics of mobilizing
experience for particular ends. Co-authoring stories is a chief tool
by which feminists working in alliances across borders mobilize
experience to write against relations of power that produce social
violence, and to imagine and enact their own visions and ethics of
social change. Such work demands a serious engagement with the
complexities of identity, representation, and political imagination as
well as a rethinking of the assumptions and possibilities associated
with engagement and expertise. This presentation draws upon 16 years
of partnership with activists in India and with academic co-authors in
the US to reflect on how story telling across social, geographical,
and institutional borders can enhance critical engagement with
questions of violence and struggles for social change, while also
troubling dominant discourses and methodologies inside and outside of
the academy. In offering six "truths" of alliance work, this talk
reflects on the labor process, assumptions, possibilities, and risks
associated with co-authorship as a tool for mobilizing intellectual
spaces in which stories from multiple locations in an alliance can
speak with one another and evolve into more nuanced critical

Richa Nagar is Professor of Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies at
the University of Minnesota and she has worked closely with Sangtin
Kisaan Mazdoor Sangathan (Sangtin Peasants and Workers Organization)
in Sitapur District of India. She has co-authored Sangtin Yatra
(Sangtin, 2004), Playing with Fire (University of Minnesota Press and
Zubaan, 2006), A World of Difference (Guilford, 2009), and Ek Aur
Neemsaar (Rajkamal Prakashan, 2012) and she has co-edited Critical
Transnational Feminist Studies (SUNY Press, 2010). She has been a
residential fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies in the
Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) in Stanford and at the Jawaharlal Nehru
Institute for Advanced Studies in New Delhi.

Event URL: https://events.umn.edu/021316

AIIS summer 2013 and academic year 2013-2014 language programs

The American Institute of Indian Studies welcomes applications for its summer 2013 and academic year 2013-2014 language programs. Programs to be offered include Hindi (Jaipur), Bengali (Kolkata), Punjabi (Chandigarh), Tamil (Madurai); Marathi (Pune), Urdu (Lucknow), Telugu (Vizag), Malayalam (Thiruvananthapuram) and Sanskrit (Pune) and Pali/Prakrit (Pune). We will offer other Indian languages upon request.

All academic year applicants should have the equivalent of two years of prior language study. For regular summer Sanskrit, we require the equivalent of two years of prior study; for summer Bengali, Hindi and Tamil we require the equivalent of one year of prior study. For summer Urdu, we require the equivalent of one year of either Hindi or Urdu. We can offer courses at all levels, including beginning, in other Indian languages for the summer. AIIS is also offering a fall semester program. We offer Hindi and Urdu at all levels for the fall; we require two years of prior language study for other languages for the fall.

Summer students should apply for FLAS (graduate students) if available for funding to cover the costs of the program. Funding for Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi and Urdu may be available through the U.S. State Department's CLS program (see www.clscholarship.org). Academic year students are eligible to apply for an AIIS fellowship which would cover all expenses for the program.

The application deadline is January 31, 2013. Applications can be downloaded from the AIIS web site at www.indiastudies.org. For more information: Phone: 773-702-8638. Email: aiis@uchicago.edu.

Summer 2013
Academic Year 3013
Semester 2013

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boren Scholarships and Fellowships

The applications for the 2013-2014 David L. Boren Scholarships and Fellowships are now available at www.borenawards.org

Boren Awards provide unique funding opportunities for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students to study in Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East, where they can add important international and language components to their educations.

Boren Scholars and Fellows represent a variety of academic backgrounds, but all are interested in studying less commonly taught languages, including but not limited to Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Swahili. As part of the African Languages Initiative, Boren Award applicants have the opportunity to further their study of Akan/Twi, Hausa, Portuguese, Swahili, Wolof, Yoruba, or Zulu. For a complete list of languages, visit our website.

Undergraduate students can receive up to $20,000 for an academic year???s study abroad and graduate students up to $30,000 for language study and international research. In exchange for funding, recipients commit to working in the federal government for a minimum of one year.

National Application Deadlines
Boren Fellowship: January 31, 2013
Boren Scholarship: February 13, 2013*

*Many institutions have an earlier on-campus deadline. Visit our website for information about your campus deadline and Boren campus representative.

For more information about the Boren Awards, to register for one of our upcoming webinars, and to access the on-line application, please visit www.borenawards.org
You can also contact the Boren Awards staff at boren@iie.org or 1-800-618-NSEP with questions.

The Boren Awards are initiatives of the National Security Education Program (NSEP) and are administered by the Institute of International Education.

Sardar Patel Award 2012 for best dissertation

Sardar Patel Award 2012
Call for Submissions

The UCLA Center for India and South Asia, and the Department of History, UCLA announce the Sardar Patel Award for the best dissertation submitted at any American university on the subject of modern India in 2012. The amount of the award is $10,000.

1. The dissertation must be on any topic on Modern India (the dates of Modern India are defined as 1800 to the present).

2. The topic must also fall within the following fields of study: History, Social Sciences, Humanities, Education or the Fine Arts.

3. Dissertations submitted for consideration will have been completed during the 2011-2012 academic year (1 September 2011 through 31 August 2012). In some cases dissertations completed very close to these dates may also be considered.

4. The dissertation must have been written while enrolled at a U.S. accredited university in history, anthropology, sociology, literature, political science, or one of the other disciplines in the humanities, the arts, or the social sciences.

Applicants must submit TWO bound hard copies of their dissertation, TWO copies of an abstract of 500-1000 words, ONE copy of their curriculum vitae, and a letter from their dissertation supervisor or department chair attesting to the completion of the dissertation during the period stipulated in item #3.

Submission materials must be postmarked no later than January 04, 2013. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Submissions should be sent to:
Professor Akhil Gupta
Chair, Sardar Patel Award Committee
UCLA Center for India and South Asia
11387 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1487
Email: akgupta@anthro.ucla.edu

For more information: http://www.international.ucla.edu/southasia/patel/

Monday, October 22, 2012

Urbanization Postdoc Opportunity in Bangalore

The National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore announces a postdoctoral position under the collaborative research project with the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC) at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, entitled 'The Great Transformation: Urban Land Markets, Livelihoods and the Growing Ecological Crisis in Asia's Cities'.

Click here for details.

Monday, October 15, 2012

"The Long 1980s" conference (New Delhi): registration open

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the American Institute of Indian Studies, we invite you to join us on December 21-22, 2012 in Delhi to discuss The Long 1980s: Recovering a 'Lost Decade.'

Book-ended by the dramatic historical markers of the Emergency on the one hand and economic liberalization and the Mandal and Masjid controversies on the other, the period that we consciously choose to delineate here as "the long 1980s" is typically dismissed as an era of economic stagnation and political authoritarianism. And yet, in many ways, the 1980s was a period of extraordinary importance. In areas as distinct as the visual arts, classical and popular music, cultural patronage, the writing of national histories, and print and audio-visual media, the 1980s was an era of consolidation and productive re-alignment. Furthermore, these years witnessed a critical deepening of scholarship in the interpretive sciences on these realms both in the Indian academy and around the world. Propelled by this realization, we seek to bring together scholars from across the humanities and social sciences to pursue three interlocking projects: (1) to identify what we are calling the long 1980s as a pivotal turning point in India's twentieth-century history; (2) to take stock of the scholarship on the areas we have identified as historically constitutive of that period; and (3) to connect studies of cultural production with those of political practice and political economy.

The first of three conferences, "The Long 1980s: Recovering a 'Lost Decade'" is being organized by Sumathi Ramaswamy of Duke University, Karin Zitzewitz of Michigan State University, Rebecca Brown at Johns Hopkins University and Arvind Rajagopal of New York University and will be held at the India International Centre in New Delhi December 21-22, 2012.

This conference is open to the public without charge, but registration is required. For more information and to register, please go to http://thelong1980s.wordpress.com/

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the American Institute of Indian Studies will be hosting three two-day conferences that would provide an opportunity for U.S. based scholars to interact with scholars at the Indian institutions that provide research affiliations for AIIS fellows. These conferences will be funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs through the Council of American Overseas Research Centers. Faculty from AIIS member colleges and universities were invited to submit proposals for the conferences to be held at the AIIS centers in Gurgaon and New Delhi between December 2012 and January 2014. The purpose of the initiative is to showcase, in India, AIIS's deep commitment to India-focused research and to provide an opportunity for dialogue between U.S.-based and India-based scholars. By involving scholars at institutions with which AIIS fellows and faculty members affiliate, AIIS would like to acknowledge the important role of Indian institutions and scholars in hosting AIIS researchers, and to deepen and strengthen relationships between AIIS member institutions and affiliate Indian institutions.
The three conferences will be:
The Long 1980s: Recovering a 'Lost Decade' is being organized by Sumathi Ramaswamy of Duke University, Karin Zitzewitz of Michigan State University, Rebecca Brown at Johns Hopkins University and Arvind Rajagopal of New York University and will be held in December 2012.
Regions and Regionalism in India: Past Cases and Present Opportunities is being organized by Benjamin Cohen of the University of Utah and Sumit Ganguly of Indiana University and will be held in the summer of 2013.
Political Imaginaries: Rethinking India's Twentieth Century is being organized by Manu Goswami of New York University and Mrinalini Sinha of the University of Michigan and will be held in December 2013.

AIIS Book Prize Competitions for 2013

In order to promote scholarship in South Asian Studies, the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) announces the award of two prizes each year for the best unpublished book manuscript on an Indian subject, one in the humanities, "The Edward Cameron Dimock, Jr. Prize in the Indian Humanities" and one in the social sciences, "The Joseph W. Elder Prize in the Indian Social Sciences".

We want to encourage as many people as possible to submit their manuscripts for the 2013 book prize competition. Click here to download the details.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Talk by the Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, Dr. Lobsang Sangay

On his first official state visit to Minnesota, the Prime Minister of
the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, Dr. Lobsang Sangay, will be speaking
on campus in a guest lecture on US-China relations, the situation
inside Tibet, and human rights in the region, followed by a Q&A
session with the audience.

A Harvard Law School graduate, Dr. Sangay is the first democratically
elected Tibetan Prime Minister after His Holiness the Dalai Lama
devolved political power to him in 2011. He was a Senior Fellow at the
East Asian Legal Studies Program at Harvard Law School after he
obtained his LL.M. He is an expert on international law, democratic
constitutions, and contemporary China. In 2007, he was selected as one
of the twenty-four Young Leaders of Asia by the Asia Society and a
delegate to the World Justice Forum in Vienna, Austria, where top
legal experts and judges from around the world congregate.

The event will take place next Friday, October 12, 2012 at Walter
Mondale Hall (the law school) in Room 25. Doors open at 3:30 and the
event will begin at 4:00pm.

You can rsvp on the Facebook event page here:

Please feel free to contact Tenzin Pelkyi at palky001@umn.edu with any
questions about the event.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - October 2012

Below you can read a list of selected new titles added to the Ames Library of South Asia in September 2012. Or click here to download a copy.

BF1714.H5 D675 2011 Jambay Dorji. Astrologically auspicious aspects in building construction. Thimphu: Dhodter Rigtsel Publications, 2011.
BL1140.4.B7342 L3513 2011 Sri Lalita Sahasranamam = Sree Lalita sahasranamam: with meanings and commentaries in English. Nagercoil: CBH Publications, 2011.
Quarto BL1357.K37 J345 2010 Jain, L. C. Systemic sciences in the karma antiquity. Jabalpur: Gulab Rani Karma Science Museum and Shri Brahmi Sundari Prasthashram Samiti, 2010-<2011>
Quarto BL2018.367.P3 S53 2012 Shah, Safdar Ali, Dr. The Sikh heritage of Pakistan. Lahore: Constellation Plus, [2012]
BL2047.S55 F47 2009 Fernando, Keerthisiri. Religion and identity: comparing Sinhala Buddhists and Christians in and around London. Colombo: Godage International Publishers, 2009.
BP63.P2 H8 2012 Hussain, Asaf. Pakistan's cultural revolution: creation of a new Muslim empire. Karachi, Pakistan: Royal Book Company, 2012.
BP130.45.A25513 2011 Abdullah, M. S. M. Al-Quran on oneness of being: a novel approach towards it's research. [Colombo]: All Ceylon Thareekathul Mufliheen, 2011.
BP173.75 P3 2011 Patel, M. Iqbal. Exploitation and concentrtion [i.e. concentration] free fair and just distribution of wealth in Islamic economics system. Karachi: S.M. Suhail & Co., [2011?]
BP189.3.A364 2011 Ahmad, Kamran. Tareeqat: 7 elements of living Sufism in Pakistan. Islamabad: Mehergarh Publications, 2011.
BQ4570.P4 H46 2009 Hemananda, Madawala. Quantum theory & Buddhism: essential guide to inner peace and happiness. Dehiwala: [Madawala Hemananda]: Sole distributor, Buddhist Cultural Centre, 2009.
BT738.F47 2009 Fernando, Keerthisiri. Integrity and integration of Christian community in Sri Lanka: a sociological analysis. Colombo: Godage International Publishers, 2009.
DS35.3.O7425 A44 2011 Akhtar, Shahnaz. The Organization of Islamic Conference: political and economic co-operation, 1974-1994. Lahore: Research Society of Pakistan, University of the Punjab, 2005.
DS339.2.E84 2009 Ethnic activism and civil society in South Asia. Los Angeles: Sage: Asia-Link, EuropeAid Co-Operation Office: Midea, 2009.
DS354.58.Y68 2012 Yousufzai, Hassan M. Towards understanding Pukhtoon jirga: an indigenous way of peacebuilding [i.e. peace-building] and more--. Lahore: Sang-e-Meel Publications, 2012.
DS371.3.S758 2012 Strick van Linschoten, Alex. An enemy we created: the myth of the Taliban-Al Qaeda merger in Afghanistan. New York: Oxford University Press, c2012.
DS371.4.A34 2012 Afghanistan in the balance: counterinsurgency, comprehensive approach, and political order. Montreal; Ithaca [N.Y.: Published for the School of Policy Studies, Queen's University by] McGill-Queen's University Press, c2012.
DS371.4.J35 2011 Jalalzai, Musa Khan. Civil war and the partition of Afghanistan: independent Pashtunistan, Khurasan, Blackwater and warlord militias. Karachi: Royal Book Company, 2011.
DS376.9.K43 2011 Khan, Iftikhar Ahmad. Ippy's chronicles: a narration of torments jinxing Pakistan. [Islamabad]: IPP's Chronicles, c2011 (Islamabad: Profile Printing Publishing).
DS383.5.N4 C43 2012 Chaudhry, Aizaz Ahmad. Pakistan mirrored to Dutch eyes. Lahore: Sang-i Meel Publications, 2012.
DS385.U4 A3 2009 Ujjan, Zafar Ali. Exile in the land of Raam & Raawan. Islamabad: Kabir Publication, 2009.
Quarto DS389.A345 2010 AF-Pak think tank review. Peshawar: Pakistan Study Centre, [2010?]
DS389.22.B4 G7 2009 Great leader of Asia Shahed Benazir Bhutto. Badin, Sindh: Mirza Academy, 2009.
DS392.B28 B3486 2010 Balochistan: rationalisation of centre-province relations. Islamabad: Islamabad Policy Research Institute: Hanns Seidel Foundation, 2010.
DS392.S58 A9 2009 Azizu, Shaikha. Notes on Sindh. Jamshoro, Sindh: Sindhi Adabi Board, 2009.
DS392.T43 T43 2011 Thatta: a historical reflection. Thatta: District Govt., [2012]
DS392.2.K37 B85 2011 Bullo, Momin. Kashmore: now & then. Kandhkot, Sindh: District Govt. Kashmore: Pakistan Heritage Preservation & Promotion, [2011?]
DS392.2.M37 B85 2011 Bullo, Momin. Matiari: the cultural capital of Sindh. Matiari, Sindh: District Govt., Matiari: Pakistan Heritage Preservation & Promotion, [2011?]
DS393.8.K438 2010 Khatuna, Sanjida. My golden Bangla: story of the emergence of Bangladesh. Dhaka: Shahitya Prakash, 2010.
DS396.9.D3 D48 2010 Dhaka: a selected bibliography. Dhaka: Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2010.
DS432.N46 B34 2012 Bagchi, Romit. Gorkhaland: crisis of statehood. New Delhi; Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications India, 2012.
DS450.S6 C66 2012 Contemporary India and South Africa: legacies, identities, dilemmas. New Delhi; New York: Routledge, 2012.
DS480.45.M384 2012 Masud, Khwaja. Lessons of my life: Pakistan, Islam and the spirit of revolution. Lahore: ILQA Publications, 2012.
DS480.84.S26 2012 Samaddara, Ranabira. The nation form: essays on Indian nationalism. New Delhi; Thousand Oaks, Calif.: SAGE, 2012.
DS481.I65 S49 2012 Sevea, Iqbal Singh. The political philosophy of Muhammad Iqbal: Islam and nationalism in late colonial India. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012.
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DS485.B47 H85 2011 Husain, Shahanara. History of ancient Bengal: selected essays on state, society, and culture. [Rajshahi]: Institute of Bangladesh Studies, Rajshahi University, 2011.
DS485.K27 K4462 2012 Khan, Nyla Ali. The parchment of Kashmir: history, society, and polity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
DS485.M684.S2495 2010 Sailo, Keihawla. Golden history of Lushai hills: Zoram = Chin-Lushai-Kuki country. [Aizwal]: Keihawla Sailo, 2010.
DS490.M36 W35 2011 Waidyasekera, D. D. M. The royal artificers of Mangalagama and their descendants. Pannipitiya: Stamford Lake Publication, 2011.
Flat G2283.M6G3 M5 2009 Natural resources atlas of Mizoram. Aizawl: Mizoram Remote Sensing Application Centre, Science, Technology & Environment Wing, Planning Dept., Mizoram, 2009.
GE160.B3 E58 2010 Environment of capital Dhaka: plants, wildlife, gardens, parks, open spaces, air, water, earthquake. Dhaka: Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2010.
GN635.C5 M87 2011 Murakami, Daisuke. National imaginings and ethnic tourism in Lhasa, Tibet: postcolonial identities amongst contemporary Tibetans. Kathmandu: Vajra Publications: Distributor, Vajra Book Shop, c2011.
Quarto HA4587.A52 C46 2011 Census of India, 2011. Series 29, Andhra Pradesh. Paper. [New Delhi]: Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, 2011-
Quarto HA4587.L34 C49 2011 Census of India, 2011. Series 32, Lakshadweep. Paper. [New Delhi]: Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, 2011-
Quarto HA4587.M43 C46 2011 Census of India, 2011. Series 18, Meghalaya. Paper. [New Delhi: Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India], 2011-
Quarto HC440.5.P246 2011 Framework for economic growth Pakistan. Islamabad: Planning Commission Govt. of Pakistan, 2011.
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Quarto HM1126.A56 2010 Proceedings of the abstract of Annual Research Conference (ARC-2010) of University of Jaffna on "Knowledge for Reconciliation and Redevelopment": 15th November, 2010, University of Jaffna, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Jaffna: University of Jaffna, c2010.
HN690.Z9 V52 2012 Chitralekha. Ordinary people, extraordinary violence: Naxalites and Hindu extremists in India. New Delhi, India; Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2012.
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