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Friday, May 8, 2009

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - May 2009

Below is a list of selected new titles added to the Ames Library of South Asia in April 2009.

BL1175.S7 D48 2006 Devotees' experiences of Sri Sai Baba. Chennai: All India Sai Samaj, 2006.
BL2765.I4 K86 2008 Kunju, N. Secularising society: studies in faith, fundamentalism, fanaticism, fatalism, and terror. New Delhi: Reliance Pub. House, 2008.
BP189.S84 2008 Sufi traditions and new departures: recent scholarship on continuity and change in South Asian Sufism. Islamabad: Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations, Quaid-i-Azam University, 2008.
BQ239.I43 P563 2008 Allen, Charles. The Buddha and Dr. Fuhrer: an archaeological scandal. London: Haus Pub., 2008.
BQ345.B83 2009 Buddhism and modern Hindus. Delhi: Buddhist World Press, 2009.
BQ990.H367 G47 2007 Gerner, Manfred. Chakzampa Thangtong Gyalpo: architect, philosopher and iron chain bridge builder. Thimphu: Centre for Bhutan Studies, 2007.
BQ4440.P36 2008 Pandit, Moti Lal. The Buddhist view of knowledge and reality. New Delhi: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, 2008.
BQ4570.E25.W48 2008 Wickramasinghe, J. W. The Buddha, the peerless economist: people-friendly Buddhist economics. Colombo: Godage International Publishers, 2008.
BQ6315.F73 2007 Frasch, Albrecht. The Boudha stupa: a comprehensive guidebook. Ktm [i.e. Kathmandu]: Tashi Publishers, 2007.
BQ7374.N67 2008 Northern Buddhism in history. Kathmandu: Vajra Publications: Distributor, Vajra Book Shop, 2008.
BQ7645.L35 B7613 2007 Bsod-nams-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama III, 1543-1588. The essence of superfine gold: a guide on stages of the paths to enlightenment. Dharamsala: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives, 2007.
BQ7662.4.T76 2008 Tsoknyi Rinpoche. Hinting at Dzogchen: a compendium of teachings of Tsoknyi Rinpoche. Kathmandu: Padma Karpo Translation Committee, 2008.
BR1143.A36 2008 Ahmad, Kamran. Roots of religious tolerance in Pakistan and India. Lahore: Vanguard Books, 2008.
BT30.I4 C45 2007 Celvanayakam, Israyel. Samuel Amirtham's living theology. Bangalore: BTESSC/SATHRI, 2007.
BT82.2.T48 2008 Thomas, Pradip. Strong religion, zealous media: Christian fundamentalism and communication in India. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications, 2008.
CN1161.T53 F68 2008 Founding inscription in the Gser-khan of Lalung, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. Dharamsala: Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, 2008.
Quarto DS339.E58 2008 Eltsov, Piotr Andreevich. From Harappa to Hastinapura: a study of the earliest South Asian city and civilization. Boston: Brill, 2008.
DS341.G48 2009 Chapman, Graham. The geopolitics of South Asia: from early empires to the nuclear age. Farnham, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, c2009.
DS363.E9 2008 The Extermination of a British Army: the retreat from Cabul. New Delhi: A.P.H. Pub. Corp., c2008.
DS383.H877 2008 Hussain, Mumtaz. Let us have mercy on Pakistan. Rawalpindi: [s.n.], 2008.
DS385.B45 A663 2008 Ahmad, Syed Sami. The trial of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and the superior judiciary in Pakistan. Karachi: Royal Book Company, 2008.
DS389.Z35 2009 Zaidi, Syed Manzar Abbas. The new Taliban: emergence and ideological sanctions. New York: Nova Science Publishers, c2009.
DS389.22.M35 M35 2008 Malik, Munir A. The Pakistan lawyers' movement: an unfinished agenda. Islamabad: Pakistan Law House, 2008.
Quarto DS392.B16 N33 2009 Nadiem, Ihsan H. Cholistan to Bahawalpur: physiography, past, people and places. Lahore: Sang-e-Meel Publications, 2009.
DS392.B28 A96 2008 Axmann, Martin. Back to the future: the Khanate of Kalat and the genesis of Baloch nationalism, 1915-1955. Karachi; New York: Oxford University Press, 2008.
DS394.5.S34 2009 Schendel, Willem van. A history of Bangladesh. Cambridge, UK; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009.
DS422.C3 B244 2009 Badri Narayan. Fascinating Hindutva: saffron politics and Dalit mobilisation. Los Angeles: Sage, 2009.
DS432.A55 B43 2006 Bharati Debi. The Anglo-Indians of Calcutta: a community of communities. Kolkata: Prashik, 2006.
DS432.O7 T67 2007 Toppo, Ranjit. Dynamics of tribal migration in India. Ranchi: Dept. of Research and Publications, Xavier Institute of Social Service, 2007.
DS463.P29 2009 Patterson, Steven. The cult of imperial honor in British India. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
DS478.A1 J44 2008 Jeewan Lal traitor of mutiny. New Delhi: Vani Prakashan, 2008.
DS478.A1 W37 2008 The Warner letters: the experiences of two English brothers during the Indian rebellion of 1857-1859. New Delhi: Rupa & Co., 2008.
DS478.G68 2008 The Great revolt, a left appraisal. New Delhi: People's Democracy, 2008.
DS478.S24 2008 Saha, Panchanan. 1933- 1857 revolt: British response. Kolkata: Biswabiksha, 2008.
DS478.3.D46 2007 Remembering 1857. Chennai: Students' Federation of India, Tamilnadu State Committee in association with Bharathi Puthakalaya, 2007.
DS479.B488 2007 Bhattacaryya, Malayasankara. Studies in microhistory: political movements in some parts of India and Bangladesh, 1857-1947. Kolkata: Indian Institute of Oriental Studies and Research, c2007.
DS481.R314 A3 2008 Rao, P. J. Anecdotes from a diplomat's life. Chennai: East West Books (Madras), c2008.
DS481.S55 D38 2008 Datta, V. N. Gandhi and Bhagat Singh. New Delhi: Rupa & Co., 2008.
DS481.S62 B75 2008 Bright, Jagat S. Allah Bux Soomro: the golden brain of Sindh. Sehwan Sharif: Sain Publishers, 2008.
DS483.42.E75 2006 Ethnic identities and democracy: electoral politics in North-East India. New Delhi: Regency Publications, c2006.
Quarto DS485.D16 K36 2007 Kameshwar Singh, Maharaja of Darbhanga. Courage and benevolence: correspondence and speeches of India's prime-estate holder Maharajadhiraja Kameshwar Singh (1907-1962). Darbhanga: Maharajadhiraj Kameshwar Singh Kalyani Foundation, 2007.
DS485.K27 S546 2006 Sikkand, Yogindar. Religion, dialogue, and peace in Jammu and Kashmir. New Delhi: WISCOMP, Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, c2006.
Quarto DS485.M276 L54 2008 The life-world of the Tamils: past and present. New Delhi: Project of History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture: Centre for Studies in Civilizations: Distributed by Motilal Banarsidass, 2008.
DS485.M348 S564 2006 Ghodke, N. B. Sushilkumar Shinde: a child of destiny. Dharwad: Vijayalakshmi Prakashana, 2006.
DS485.P87 G47 2008 Ghummana, Bikarama Singha. Biography of a Sikh Saint Baba Visakha Singh. Amritsar: Waris Shah Foundation, 2008.
DS485.S562 S56 2008 Sinha, Awadhesh Coomar. Sikkim: feudal and democratic. New Delhi: Indus Pub. Co., c2008.
Quarto DS485.V6 K67 2008 Kotraiah, C. T. M. Archaeology of Hampi-Vijayanagara. New Delhi: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, 2008.
DS486.H9 H956 2008 Hyderabad hazir hai: writings from the city of nizams. New Delhi: Rupa, 2008.
DS486.L9 S417 2007 Shaam-e-Awadh: writings on Lucknow. New Delhi; New York: Penguin, 2007.
DS486.M7 L3 2006 Latif, Syad Muhammad. The early history of Multan. Lahore: Beacon Books, 2006.
Quarto DS486.N266 I58 2006 The heritage of Nalanda. New Delhi: Aryan Books International: Asoka Mission, 2008.
DS486.P1868 E93 2007 Excavations at Palur, 2001-2005. Chennai: Publication Division, University of Madras, 2007.
DS489.2.S625 2009 Spatialising politics: culture and geography in postcolonial Sri Lanka. Los Angeles: Sage, 2009.
DS489.5.P55 2008 Philologos: essays presented in felicitation of Merlin Peris, emeritus professor of Western Classics, University of Peradeniya. Colombo: Godage International Publishers, 2008.
DS489.84.L38 2008 Lawrence, Patrick. Conversations in a failing state. Hong Kong: Asian Human Rights Commission, 2008.
DS489.84.M37 2008 Matters of violence: reflections on social and political violence in Sri Lanka. Colombo: Social Scientists' Association, 2008.
DS489.84.N67 2007 Two decades of war, five years of CFA, what next?: NPC's Peace Symposium, 2007-02-21. Colombo: National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, 2008.
DS489.84.S475 2008 Silva, Senaka. Sri Lanka, three decades of hostilities: the terror campaign of the LTTE. Pannipitiya: Stamford Lake, 2008.
DS489.86.P7459 C6613 2008 Cooray, Evans. In the shadow of a people's president. Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2008.
DS490.T75 G55 2007 A Glimpse of the east: impressions of southern journalists. Colombo: National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, 2007.
DS493.53.W4413 2007 Wehrle, Charly. With dulcimer and double bass: trekking with music to the roof of the world. Varanasi: Pilgrims Pub., c2007.
DS493.9.M3 L42 2009 Lecomte-Tilouine, Marie. Hindu kingship, ethnic revival, and Maoist rebellion in Nepal. New Delhi; New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.
DS495.6.B9 2008 By the way: travels through Nepal's conflict. Kathmandu: Martin Chautari, 2008.
DS495.6.N4746 2007 Nepal politics review (1995-2007). Kathmandu: NYB Publications, 2007.
DS498.7.P377 2008 Pereira, A. B. de Braganca. Ethnography of Goa, Daman and Diu. New Delhi; New York: Penguin, Viking, c2008.
G155.I4 B53 2008 Bhatt, Seema. Ecotourism development in India: communities, capital, and conservation. New Delhi: Cambridge University Press, c2008.
(Reference) Quarto G2281.F7 N66 2007 India and its states. Kolkata: National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation, Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, 2007.
Quarto G2291.P2 A7 2007 Arjuna Consulting Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. Arjuna's road atlas of Sri Lanka. Dehiwala [Sri Lanka]: Arjuna Consulting Co. Ltd., c2007.
G7654.M2 2007.E43 Eicher Goodearth Limited. Chennai road map. New Delhi: Eicher Goodearth Ltd., c2007.
GE240.N35 J36 2007 Jana, Sudeep. Working towards environmental justice: an indigenous fishing minority's movement in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Kathmandu: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, 2007.
Quarto GN380.F57 2007 First international decade of the world's Indigenous people in Asia, 1995-2004: assessment synthesis report. Kathmandu: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, c2007.
GN635.I4 A788 2008 Arora, Daljeet. An anthropological study of Raigarh, a Sikh village in Punjab. Lewiston, N.Y.: Edwin Mellen Press, c2008.
GR305.5.K25 M57 2007 Mishra, Mahendra K. Oral epics of Kalahandi. Chennai: National Folklore Support Centre, 2007.
GR880.D37 2008 Dashti, Naseer. The cultural context of health: a Baloch perspective: an exploration of the cultural context and consequences of perceptions of illness and health-seeking behaviour of the Baloch. Quetta: Balochi Academy, 2008.
HB126.I43 R337 2008 A Passionate humanitarian, V.K.R.V. Rao. New Delhi: Academic Foundation in association with Institute for Social and Economic Change, 2008.
Quarto HB1469.S786 2006 SRS based abridged life tables 2002-06. New Delhi: Office of the Registrar General, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, 2008.
Quarto HC424.I5123 2008 Indraratna, A. D. V. de S. Development issues and concerns: selected papers from fifty years of Professor Indraratna. Colombo: A.D.V. de S. Indraratna Felicitation Committee, 2008.
HC424.R86 2008 Rupesinghe, Kumar. Development and conflict in Sri Lanka. Colombo: Foundation for Co-Existence, 2008.
Quarto HC424.Z9 P622723 2007 Gunewardena, Dileni. Absolute and relative consumption poverty in Sri Lanka: evidence from the Consumer Finance Survey, 2003-4. Colombo: Centre for Poverty Analysis, 2007.
HC424.Z9 P624 2008 Loganathan, Bhawani. An annotated bibliography on poverty and conflict in Sri Lanka. Colombo: Centre for Poverty Analysis, 2008.
HC435.N54 2009 Nilekani, Nandan. Imagining India: the idea of a nation renewed. New York: Penguin Press, 2009.
HC435.2.E53 2006 India's development: social and economic disparities. New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2008.
Quarto HC435.2.I536 2007 India independent: economics, politics, culture. New Delhi: Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust, 2007.
Quarto HC435.3.E3 2008 Economic census, 2005: all India report. New Delhi: Central Statistical Organisation, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Govt. of India, 2008.
HC435.3.F66 2008 Footprints of development and change: essays in memory of Professor V.K.R.V. Rao commemorating his birth centenary. New Delhi: Academic Foundation in association with Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore, 2008.
HC437.B5 S53 2008 Sharma, S. S. P. Growing rural-urban disparity in Bihar. Hyderabad: National Institute of Rural Development; New Delhi: Serials Publications, 2008.
Quarto HC437.K4 K477 2008 Kerala development report. New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2008.
HC437.N57 P36 2008 Pandey, Nishchal N. India's North-Eastern region: Insurgency, economic development, and linkages with South-East Asia. New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2008.
HC440.P6 I534 2007 India: some crucial questions. Darbhanga: Maharajadhiraj Kameshwar Singh Kalyani Foundation, 2007.
Quarto HC440.5.Z9 E44 2008 Pakistan. Planning Commission. Mid term review of Medium Term Development Framework, 2005-10. Islamabad: Planning Commission, Govt. of Pakistan, 2008.
HC440.8.Q37 2008 Quasem, Md. Abul. Development strategies and challenges ahead of Bangladesh. Dhaka: Palok Publishers, 2008.
Quarto HC440.8.S745 2006 State of the Bangladesh economy in, 2004-05, and outlook for 2005-06. Dhaka: Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2006.
HC440.8.Z65 S25 2008 Sajjadur Rasheed, K. B. Bangladesh: resource and environmental profile. Dhaka: A.H. Development Pub. House; Kolkata: Distributor, Paragon Enterprise, 2008.
HC440.8.Z9 I53 2007 Hossain, Md. Sharif. Income inequality in Bangladesh. Dhaka: Osder Publications, 2007.
Quarto HC440.8.Z9 P6392 2007 Unlocking the potential: national strategy for accelerated poverty reduction, extended up to June, 2008. Dhaka: General Economics Division, Planning Commission, Govt. of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, 2007.
HD60.5.I5 D45 2007 Business unusual: championing corporate social responsibility: excerpts from CEO Forum 2007: business and society: partnering for a sustainable future, New Delhi, 21 January 2007. New Delhi: TERI Press, The Energy and Resources Institute, c2007.
Quarto HD60.5.I5 I58 2008 Corporate social responsibility: towards a sustainable future. New Delhi: Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, 2008.
HD880.6.Z63 R69 2008 Roy, Prosanta K. Bangladesh dark facets of land rights & management with direction to agrarian reform. Dhaka: A.H. Development Pub. House, 2008.
HD1698.I4 W39 2007 Waterscapes: the cultural politics of a natural resource. New Delhi: Permanent Black, c2007.
HD1698.S75 W37 2008 Water first: issues and challenges for nations and communities in South Asia. Los Angeles: SAGE, 2008.
Quarto HD4875.S7 R36 2006 Ranaraja, Shyamali. Report on the survey on contract labour. Colombo: ILO, 2006.
Quarto HD5070.6.R46 2007 Report on pilot wage survey, 2007. Dhaka: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Planning Division, Ministry of Planning, 2007.
Quarto HD5820.6.A6 R48 2006 Report on measuring decent work indicators pilot survey--2005. Dhaka: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Planning Division, Ministry of Planning, 2006.
HD6189.J67 2007 Jose, Sunny. Women, paid work, and empowerment in India: a review of evidence and issues. New Delhi: Centre for Women's Development Studies, 2007.
HD6250.P182 C66 2008 Crofts, Andrew. The little hero: one boy's fight for freedom, Iqbal Masih's story. New Delhi: Vistas Pub., 2008.
Quarto HD7049.8.B36 2006 Bandaranaike, Anila Dias. Living conditions in the north and east--how different?: findings from the consumer finances and the socio-economic survey 03/04. Colombo: Centre for Poverty Analysis, 2006.
Quarto HD7049.8.H685 2007 Household income and expenditure survey, 2006/07: preliminary report. Colombo: Dept. of Census and Statistics, Ministry of Finance and Planning, 2007.
HD7287.96.B62 D537 2008 Shakur, Tasleem. Squatters of no hope?: an analysis of spontaneous settlements in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1971-1987. Dhaka: Horizon Publication, 2008.
HD7742.8.Z7 C657 2006 Ratnapriya, S. Common diseases among the working population and associated productivity losses in seven selected industrial units in the District of Colombo. Colombo: National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition, 2006.
HD8039.S42 S816 2008 De Silva, Priyantha. Through deep waters. Colombo: Priyantha de Silva, 2008.
HD8039.T182 S7237 2008 Gunetilleke, Neranjana. The estate workers' dilemma: tensions and changes in the tea and rubber plantations in Sri Lanka. Colombo: Centre for Poverty Analysis, 2008.
HD8039.T72 P184 2006 Hisam, Zeenat. Road transport workers in Pakistan, 2006. Karachi: Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research, 2006.
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HD9734.I42 G36 2008 Gangopadhyay, Shubhashish. Waiting to connect. New Delhi: LexisNexis Butterworths India, 2008.
Quarto HD9736.I52 O64 2007 Operational characteristics of unorganised manufacturing enterprises in India: NSS 62nd round, July 2005-June 2006. New Delhi: National Sample Survey Organisation, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Govt. of India, 2007.
Quarto HD9736.I52 U6652 2008 Unorganised manufacturing sector in India: employment, assets, and borrowings, NSS 62nd Round, July 2005-June 2006. New Delhi: National Sample Survey Organisation, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Govt. of India, 2008.
Quarto HD9736.I52 U6655 2008 Unorganised manufacturing sector in India: input, output, and value added: NSS 62nd round, July 2005-June 2006. New Delhi: National Sample Survey Organisation, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Govt. of India, 2008.
Quarto HF1418.3.B36 B36 2007 Bangladesh, piloting reform through the development and management of economic zones. Dhaka: World Bank Office 2007.
Quarto HF1590.15.B36 S78 2006 Studies on India-Bangladesh trade: trade policies and potential FTA. Dhaka: World Bank, 2006.
Quarto HF1590.15.B73 T75 2008 Trinity of the South: potential of India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) partnership. New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2008.
HF3770.3.Z5 S83 2008 Subasinghe, Punyasiri. South Asia integrates with the world economy: economic liberalization the South Asian episode: a study based on South Asian trade. Colombo: Godage International Publishers, 2008.
HF3785.C475 2007 Chakravarti, Ranabir. Trade and traders in early Indian society. New Delhi: Manohar, 2007.
Quarto HF5234.8.A3 E26 2007 Economic governance index, 2007: a measure of the local enabling environment for private enterprise in Sri Lanka: final report. Colombo: Asia Foundation, 2007.
HF5240.3.A3 B48 2007 Bhutan business directory & websites, 2007. Thimphu: Bhutan Times, 2007.
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HF5604.5.P47 A3 2008 Perera, Terrence. Sri Lankan memories: a collection of autobiographical reminiscences. Pannipitiya: Stamford Lake, 2008.
HF5813.I4 B5 2007 Bhatia, Tej K. Advertising & marketing in rural India: language, culture, and communication. New Delhi: Macmillan India, 2007.
HG178.33.B3 P37 2006 Participatory institutional assessment of partner NGOs. Dhaka: Income-III, CARE Bangladesh, 2006.
HM621.N39 2009 Nayar, Pramod K. Seeing stars: spectacle, society, and celebrity culture. New Delhi; Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications, 2009.
HN49.C6 I5818 2007 Proceedings of the International Workshop on Emerging Threats and Opportunities of Globalization for Rural Development: defining the D-8 future rural development agenda. Comilla: Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development, 2007.
HN670.2.Z9 M327 2008 Atal, Yogesh. Entering the global village: essays on the sociology of communication. Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2008.
HN670.8.Z9 S628 2007 Vaitheespara, Ravi. Theorizing the national crisis: Sanmugathasan, the left, and the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. Colombo: Social Scientists' Association, 2007.
HN670.9.Z9 C6 2007 Public policy and local development: opportunities and constraints. Kathmandu: International Geographical Union Commission on Geography and Public Policy, 2008.
HN683.5.T696 2008 Towards social development: an anthology of C.D. Deshmukh memorial lectures. Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2008.
HN690.3.A85 G76 2007 Gross national happiness and material welfare in Bhutan and Japan. Thimphu: Centre for Bhutan Studies, 2007.
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HQ77.8.L59 A3 2007b Living Smile Vidya. I am Vidya. Chennai: Oxygen Books, 2007.
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