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Friday, April 8, 2011

Information and a request from the American Institute of Indian Studies

I recently attended the annual board meeting of the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) Trustees on behalf of the U of MN, and I write to highlight a few aspects for scholars who work in India

Travel to India for study, research, conferences, etc.:
If you or any of your students are planning to travel to India, make sure that you do so using the correct visa (i.e. student visa, research visa, conference visa, etc.) and not on a tourist visa. Also note that if you enter India on a Tourist Visa and then leave the country, you will not be allowed back until 60 days have passed, with some exceptions. For more details, refer to the websites of the Indian Consulate (http://chicago.indianconsulate.com/) and the Indian Visa Center (https://indiavisa.travisaoutsourcing.com/).

What AIIS can do for faculty and students:

Research fellowships

Language programs
o the academic year language programs are particularly valuable for young scholars and fellowship support is available
Assistance for international learning
o AIIS has a unique capacity to assist with obtaining student visas.,
o AIIS can help undergraduates, scholars and other groups with opportunities for international learning.
o AIIS provides logistical support to Fellows, language students, members of its academic consortium, and to other scholars working in India.
• AIIS supports scholarly research centers in Art & Archaeology and Ethnomusicology, and engages in outreach by sponsoring lectures, exhibitions, and workshops. See the AIIS homepage for more information.

AIIS needs your help:
The AIIS will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2012. As the Institute embarks on its next 50 years, it seeks to sustain the high quality of its programs while supporting the growth of research, teaching, and learning about India. In the current fiscal environment, this requires building the Institute's support base. AIIS is seeking $6,000,000 in new philanthropic support, principally to serve as endowments for fellowships.
• Please give if you can, and/or suggest potential donors
• To learn more about the funding needs and priorities of AIIS as well as ways to give, please view The Journey That Matters.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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