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Friday, May 3, 2013

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - May 2013

Below you can read a list of selected new titles added to the Ames Library of South Asia in April 2013. Or click here to download a copy.

BL1140.4.B436 B455 2013 The Bhagavata Purana: sacred text and living tradition. New York: Columbia University Press, 2013.
BP168.C75 2012 Critical ideologies: a debate on Takfeer & Khurooj. Islamabad: Narratives, 2012.
BQ4275.K6613 2011 Kon-sprul Blo-gros-mtha-yas. "Instructions for practising the view of other emptiness": a text of oral instructions by Jamgon Kongtrul. Kathmandu: Padma Karpo Translation Committee, 2011.
BQ7699.M34 P33 2011 Padma-dkar-po, Brug-chen IV. Drukchen Padma Karpo's collected works on mahamudra. Kathmandu: Padma Karpo Translation Committee, 2011.
BQ7699.M34 S42 2011 Sgam-po-pa. Gampopa teaches essence mahamudra: interviews with his heart disciples, Dusum Khyenpa and others. Kathmandu: Padma Karpo Translations, 2011.
BQ7950.M557 A3 2011 Mi-la-ras-pa. The theory and practice of other emptiness taught through Milarepa's songs: including teachings of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyatso. Kathmandu: Padma Karpo Translation Committee, 2011.
BV2020.M44 2011 Mission in Asia: paths and paradigms: XIII conference, the Fellowship of Indian Missiologists (FOIM). Talibuddin. Pune: Fellowship of Indian Missiologists & Asian Trading Corp., 2011.
CT1507.5.P37 I53 2011 An Indian family on the move: from princely India to global shores. Ahmedabad: Akshara Prakashan, 2011.
DS371.3.R83 2013 Rubin, Barnett R. Afghanistan from the Cold War through the War on Terror. Oxford [England]; New York: Oxford University Press, c2013.
Folio DS376.9.K464 2012 Khan, Riaz M. Pakistan: glimpses of vistas, history and culture. Islamabad: Imprintpublishing, 2012.
DS385.J5 H36 2012 Hamdani, Yasser Latif. Jinnah: myth and reality. Lahore: Vanguard Books, 2012.
DS389.P3429 2013 Pakistan foreign policy: evolution, development and strategies. Lahore, Pakistan: Peace Publication, 2013.
DS389.22.S53 A3 2012 Shaikh, Azizullah. Story untold: memoirs based on papers of Barrister Azizullah Shaikh. Karachi: Pakistan Study Centre, University of Karachi, 2012.
DS392.B23 B349 2012 Baloc, Hakim. Essays on Baluchi literature, language and culture. Quetta: Balucea Luvzank Publications, 2012.
DS392.2.K3 J86 2011 Jumbo Karachi guide. Karachi: Jumbo Informedia, 2011.
DS412.D36 2011 Daniell, Thomas. Oriental scenery: yesterday & today: an exhibition to celebrate India's architectural and topographical heritage. New Delhi: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts... [et al.], [2011]
DS448.M43 2013 Michael, Arndt. India's foreign policy and regional multilateralism. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
DS479.G66 2012 Gosvami, Arjuna. Indian freedom movement: in the eyes of intelligence branch. Kolkata: Knowledge Pub. House, 2012.
DS481.G3 D442313 2011 Desai, Narayan. Gandhi katha. Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad Management Association, 2011.
DS483.4.M36 2010 Mao, K. Nipuni. Rites of passage in North-East India. Shillong: DBCIC Publications, 2010.
DS485.B493 B93313 2012 Byanarji, Mamata. My unforgettable memories. New Delhi: Lotus Collection, 2012.
DS485.M68 M56 2010 Mishra, Raj Nath. A bird's eye-view on Mithila. Delhi: Meenu Publication, 2010.
G2281.E635 V2 2011 Vasan Publications (Firm) Travellers' atlas of India. Bangalore: Vasan Publications, [2011]
GR305.H35 2011 Haikam, Pauning. Zeme folktales. Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of India 2011.
GR305.5.M32 S27 2011 Sarmma, Bi. Jayantakumara. Folktales of Manipur. Imphal: Cultural Research Centre Manipur, 2011.
GV663.P25 M34 2010 Mahmood, Syed Khalid. Reflections: a collection of articles on sports. Karachi: Jumbo Publishing, 2010.
GV923.M314 2012 Mahmood, Syed Khalid. Asian glory: cricket world cup 2011. Karachi: Jumbo Publishing, 2012.
Quarto HC424.A1134 2012 60th anniversary oration series, 2010-2011. Colombo: Central Bank of Sri Lanka, 2012.
HC440.N3 S56 2012 Singh, Shivendra Narayan. Poverty alleviation programmes: progress, problems & prospects: a micro level study of Nawada district of Bihar. Varanasi: Manish Prakashan, 2012.
HC440.5.A485 N57 2012 Nisar, Ijaz. 100 Business leaders of Pakistan: exclusive interviews, success stories and case-studies of business leaders,.... Lahore: Manager Today Publications, 2012.
Quarto HC498.A73 2009 Arab world, 2009: paradise promised: manual on business and trade opportunities. New Delhi, India: Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, [2009]
Quarto HD1698.A3 S37 2010 Scoping strategic options for development of the Kabul River Basin: a multisectoral decision support system approach. Kabul: The World Bank, 2010.
Quarto HD6182.8.E35 E35 2011 Edirisinghe, Soma. Memoirs of a glorious life. [Colombo: Soma Edirisinghe, 2011]
HD6190.U8 D44 2011 Dheeraja, C. Gender and MGNREGS: a study of three poverty stricken states. Hyderabad: National Institute of Rural Development, 2011.
HD6250.N353 K373 2012 Castle, Eowyn. Poverty & child labour in Kathmandu. Kathmandu: Mandala Book Point, 2012.
HD7361.B45 G63 2012 Godha, K. Housing policy for small cities. New Delhi: Readers Paradise, c2012.
HE9715.I4 D67 2013 Doron, Assa. The great Indian phone book: how the cheap cell phone changes business, politics, and daily life. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2013.
Quarto HJ9568.A53 M86 2009 Municipal bodies in Andhra Pradesh: economic classification of finances 2006-07. Hyderabad: Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, [2009]
HM621.N34 2012 Nagendra, S. P. Society and culture. Jaipur: Rawat Publications, c2012.
HM651.C47 2010 Chowdhury, Dhiman. Knowledge, interactions & peace: a socio-philosophical analysis. Dhaka: Dhaka Viswavidyalay Prakashana Samstha, University of Dhaka, 2010.
HM1211.L37 2011 A large white crescent: readings in dialogue among civilizations: the Pakistani experience. Lahore: Apa Publications, 2011.
HQ806.N34 2011 Nagaswami, Vijay. 3's a crowd: understanding and surviving infidelity. Chennai: Westland, 2011.
JC599.A3 A34 2012 Afghanistan and Pakistan: human rights reports. New York: Nova Science Publishers, c2012.
JQ639.A5 H87 2012 Hussain, M. Sakhawat. Electoral reform in Bangladesh, 1972-2008. Dhaka: Palok Publishers, 2012.
JZ6009.S644 I53 2009 India-NATO dialogue: addressing international security and regional challenges. Delhi: Macmillan Publishers India, 2010.
KNS449.3.K65 2010 Koireng, T. Neishoning. Unwritten customary law of North East India. Shillong: DBCIC Publications, 2010.
KNS1466.A311995 K68 2012 Kothari, Jayna. The future of disability law in India: a critical analysis of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act 1995. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2012.
KPL1064.5.A955 2012 Ali, Yasmeen Aftab. A comparative analysis of media & media laws in Pakistan. Lahore: Sang-e-meel Publications, 2012.
LA1167.S65 2011 Snippets of success-2: a collection of case studies of Unique Project. Dhaka: Unique Project, Dhaka Ahsania Mission, 2011.
LB1727.N35 I53 2009 Independent technical review of Teacher Education Project, 2002-09: final report. Bhaktapur: Govt. of Nepal, Ministry of Education, National Center for Educational Development, 2009.
LB1727.N35 S96 2009 Synoptic report on achievement of consulting services for Teacher Education Project, 1840. Bhaktapur: Govt. of Nepal, Ministry of Education, National Center for Educational Development, 2009.
LB1727.N35 T43 2009 Teacher Education Project, loan No. 1840 (2002-2009): benefit monitoring and evaluation (BME) report. Bhaktapur: National Centre for Educational Development, Ministry of Education, Govt. of Nepal, 2009.
LC5808.S7 O64 2010 Open & distance learning in the 21st century: challenges & possibilities. [Colombo: Open University of Sri Lanka, 2010]
Quarto LC6089.S73 G8 2010 Gunawardena, Chandra. A tracer study of graduates/postgraduates of 2009, Open University of Sri Lanka. [Nugegoda]: Open University of Sri Lanka, 2010.
Quarto N7305.I43 2012 India: art now. Ishoj: ARKEN Museum of Modern Art; Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz, c2012.
N7310.S61 A4 2010 Solanki, Vrundavan. "Silent conversation": recent works. Ahmedabad: Marvel Art Gallery, 2010.
Folio N8195.3.V3 N37 2009 National Museum of India. Dasavatara: the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu = Vishnu ke dasa avatara. New Delhi: National Museum, c2009.
Quarto NB1005.T364 2010 Tangibles. Mumbai: Priyasri Art Gallery, [2010?]
Folio ND1010.M37 D37 2012 Dasa, Asoka Kumara. Wonders of nature: Ustad Mansur at the Mughal court. Mumbai: Marg Publications, 2012.
Quarto ND1010.W37 A4 2011 Waswo, Waswo X. Confessions of an evil orientalist. New Delhi: Gallery Espace Art, 2011.
ND1010.8.B33 K372 2012 Karigar, Mostafiz. Cycling in circle. Dhaka: Alliance Francaise de Dhaka, 2012.
Folio ND1337.I5 N345 2009 National Museum of India. Miniature paintings of Rajasthan = Rajasthana ki laghu-citrakala. New Delhi: National Museum, c2009.
Folio ND1337.I5 N376 2009 National Museum of India. Indian miniature paintings = Bharatiya laghu-citrakala. New Delhi: National Museum, c2009.
Folio NK3880.A34 2011 Akhund, Abdul Hamid. Tale of the tile: the ceramic traditions of Pakistan. Karachi, Pakistan: Mohatta Palace Museum, 2011.
PK1718.I8 Z786 2012 Nazrul in 21st century. Dhaka: Nazrul Institute, 2012.
PK1730.28.M7 J3913 2012 Mamuna, Munatasira. Joi Bangla: a novel. Dhaka: Adorn Publication, 2012.
PK2155.P368 2012 Parvez, Amjad. Symphony of reflections: book reviews. Lahore: Jahangir Book Depot, [2012]
PK2659.S462 A5613 2012 Singh, Gurdial. In the name of the blind Horse = Anne ghore da dan. Patiala: Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, 2012.
PK3791.B58 J43 2012 Jha, Navina Kumara. Bhavabhuti, a counterpoint. Delhi: J.P. Pub. House, 2012.
PL4001.G27 A24 2012 A.chik poetry: traditional and modern. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2012.
PL4659.S287 A2 2011 Sarvajna. Selected vacanas of Sarvajna. Hampi: Prasaranga, Kannada University, 2011.
PL4780.9.S3424 Z96 2012 Viswanatha: a literary legend. Hyderabad: Sister Nivedita Foundation, Viswanatha Sahitya Peetam, 2012.
PN86.K35 2012 Kalim, M. Siddiq. The realm of gold: humanitarianism over ages. Lahore: Pakistan Writers Cooperative Society, 2012.
PN6519.I39 K49 2010 Khyriem, Jecinta W. Proverbs of North-East India. Shillong: DBCIC Publications, 2010.
PR9492.5.C43 2012 Changing worlds, changing nations: the concept of nation in the transnational era. Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2012.
PR9499.3.N253 Z78 2012 Sarojini Naidu: her way with words. New Delhi: Niyogi Books, 2012.
PR9499.4.A94 M67 2010 Augustine, R. R. Graviour. The Morung and other stories. Shillong: DBCIC Publications, 2010.
RC309.5.B3 S635 2009 Socioeconomic divides in tuberculosis control: study of smear-positive TB prevalence, care seeking behaviour and role of informal healthcare providers. Dhaka: BRAC Centre, 2009.
Quarto RG965.B3 E93 2011 Evaluation of the Community Based Skilled Birth Attendant (CSBA) Programme-Bangladesh. Dhaka: Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 2011.
SD657.N4 N38 2009 Natural resources management: reviews and research in the Himalayan watersheds. Pokhara: Tribhuvan University, Institute of Forestry, 2009.
TR647.B768 2011 Broota, Rameshwar. This end to the other: recent photographs by Rameshwar Broota. New Delhi: Vadehra Art Gallery, 2011.
Quarto TX724.5.P18 L58 2012 Live @ 9 with chef Gulzar. Karachi: Masala TV: Hum Network, 2012.
UG1525.I4 S63 2012 Space security: need for global convergence. New Delhi: Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses: Pentagon Security International, 2012.

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