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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Selected New Titles in Ames Library - November 2013

Below you can read a list of selected new titles added to the Ames Library of South Asia in October 2013. Or click here to download a copy.

We have two new titles with local connections this month:
Nagar, Richa. Eka aura nimasara: Sangatina atmamanthana aura andolana. Nai Dilli: Rajakamala Prakasana, 2012. HQ1236.5.I4 N34 2012

Dewan, Deepali. Raja Deen Dayal: artist-photographer in 19th-century India. New Delhi: Alkazi Collection of Photography in association with Mapin Pub., Ahmedabad, 2013. Quarto TR103.D49 2013

BD241.N38 2011 Indian hermeneutics: theory and application. Delhi: New Bharatiya Book Corp., 2013.
BL1112.52.E53 2012 Modern English translation of the Rig Veda samhitaa. Kathmandu: Kulachandra Gautam Smriti Sansthan, 2012.
BL1151.3.K86 2013 Kumar, P. Pratap. Hinduism and the diaspora: a South African narrative. Jaipur [India]: Rawat Publications, c2013.
BL1243.76.K43 S87 2012 Suresh, K. M. Vaikunthanatha or Lakshmana Temple at Khajuraho. Delhi: Rishi Publication, 2012.
BL1285.392.C53 S43 2011 Sen, Dineshchandra. Chaitanya and his age. Kolkata: Aruna Prakashan, 2011.
BL1287.26.B43 2011 Beck, Guy L. Vaishnava temple music in Vrindaban: the Radhavallabha songbook. Kirksville, Mo.: Blazing Sapphire Press, 2011.
BL2017.35.N39 2012 Nazer Singh. Modern Sikh studies and historiography, 1846-1947. New Delhi: K.K. Publications, 2012.
Quarto BQ239.I43 N833 2012 Agrawal, R. C. Buddhist antiquities of Nubra valley. Delhi: Sharada Pub. House, 2012.
BQ4040.T3313 2012 Tachikawa, Musashi. Essays in Buddhist theology. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, 2012.
BQ4090.P37 2012 Parmita Shekhar. Role of heretical teachers in making of the Buddha and his teachings: as in Pali Nikayas and Chinese Agamas. Delhi: Eastern Book Linkers, 2012.
BQ4570.C3 E48 2012 Eltschinger, Vincent. Caste and Buddhist philosophy: continuity of some Buddhist arguments against the realist interpretation of social denominations. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, 2012.
BQ6450.B58 S264 2011 Sangay Wangchuk, T. Journey across Singye Dzong [in eastern Bhutan]: a true life story. Thimphu: DSB Publication, 2011.
BR1155.W434 2013 Webster, John C. B. Historiography of Christianity in India. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2013.
BX4406.5.Z8 T66 2013 Tomas, Siriyak. The Mother and the Sister. New Delhi: Konark Publishers, c2013.
Quarto CN1173.K65 B43 2012 Bhattacharyya, A. K. Sanskrit inscriptions on Hindu temples of late medieval Calcutta and its foreign shrines. Kolkata: Punthi Pustak, 2012.
CT1506.P84 2012 The Puffin book of 100 great Indians. New Delhi: Puffin Books, 2012.
Quarto DS393.6.D85 2012 Dulal, Md. Abdur Rob. Heritage & panoramic beauty of Bangladesh. Dhaka: Pranto Prokashon, 2012.
DS395.7.K485 A3 2012 Khundker, Nasreen. An orange glow in the sky: memories of 1971. Dhaka: Writers.ink, 2012.
DS422.C64 S27 2012 Sanghvi, Vijay. Communal politics in India: rise and decline. New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications, 2012.
DS423.G432 2013 Girja Kumar. The Indus people: saraiki saga and sufi-sant renaissance. New Delhi: Vitasta Publishing, 2013.
DS425.P87 2012 Pushpendra Kumar. Sindhusabhyata evam vaidikasamyata. Delhi: Eastern Book Linkers, 2012.
Quarto DS430.W75 2012 Writing India: colonial ethnography in the nineteenth century. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.
DS432.B4 R69 2012 Are the Bengalis a non-martial race?. Kolkata: Nandita, 2012.
DS432.K187 K43 2012 Khatua, Nilanjan. Health, ecology and culture: an anthropological study among the three tribes of Central India. Kolkata: Anthropological Survey of India, Govt. of India, 2012.
DS432.K57 V33 2012 The Ramayan and other oral narratives of the Kunknas. Vadodara: Central Institute of Indian Languages, 2012.
DS432.L4 J43 2012 Jha, Vanya. Ethno-ornithology of Lepchas of Sikkim. New Delhi: Readworthy Publications, 2012.
DS432.M84 S63 2012 The South Asian sensibility: a Himal reader. New Delhi: Sage, 2013.
DS432.N3 T33 2012 Taboos, myths, and legends. Dimapur, India: Nagaland Institute of Development Studies 2012
DS432.S5 I53 2012 Indian diaspora: migration and development with focus on the state of Punjab. Chandigarh: Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development, 2012.
Quarto DS441.S48 2012 Sever, Adrian. Rajwadas: the Indian princely states, 1707-1950. Delhi: B.R. Pub. Corp., 2012.
DS448.I53 2011 India's foreign relations, 2011. New Delhi: Geetika Publishers in cooperation with Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs by Geetika Publishers, 2011.
DS450.S6 P33 2012 Padhi, Bishnupriya. Voyaging across times: reflections on Indo-South African cultural relations. New Delhi: Manak Publications, 2012.
DS451.H33 2012 Habib, Irfan. Post-Mauryan India, 200 BC - AD 300: a political and economic history. [Aligarh]: Aligarh Historians Society; New Delhi: Tulika Books, 2012.
DS475.2.T23 M58 2011 Memoir of Dwarkanath Tagore. Kolkata: Parul Prakashani, 2011.
DS479.P696 2012 Pramod Kumar K. G. Posing for posterity: royal Indian portraits. New Delhi: Lustre Press: Roli Books; [London]: I.B. Tauris, c2012.
DS480.842.R69 2012 Roy, Haimanti. Partitioned lives: migrants, refugees, citizens in India and Pakistan, 1947-65. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2012.]
DS481.G3 K36 2013 Kantak, Prema. Mahatma Gandhi and Prema Kantak: exploring a relationship, exploring history. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2013.
DS481.G3 R47 2013 Re-reading Hind Swaraj: modernity and subalterns. New Delhi: Routledge, 2013.
DS485.B515 V47 2012 Verma, Jawahar Lal. The quit India movement in Bihar & Jharkhand. Patna: Janaki Prakashan, 2012.
DS485.K25 A33 2012 Ahad, Abdul. Kashmir: triumphs and tragedies. Srinagar: Gulshan Books: Distributor, Sheikh Mohammad Usman & Sons, 2012.
DS485.M348353 G39 2012 Gazetteer of the Mandi State. Delhi: B.R. Pub. Corp., 2012.
DS485.M65 P38 2012 Pattanayak, Bijoy Krishna. The role of the masses in India's struggle for freedom: undivided Midnapur (1905-1944): a case study. Kolkata: Punthi Pustak, 2012.
DS485.P3 K37 2012 Kapur Singh. The true story: the state of the Sikhs before and after partition. Ludhiana: Lahore Books, 2012.
DS485.P793 M35 2012 Maini, K. D. Poonch, the battlefield of Kashmir: [a complete history of Poonch]. Srinagar: Gulshan Books: Distributor, Sheikh Mohammad Usman & Sons, 2012.
DS485.S65 G39 2012 Gazetteer of the Sirmur State. Delhi: B.R. Pub. Corp., 2012.
DS489.84.S25 2012 Samaranayake, Ajith. A collection of articles by Ajith Samaranayake. Colombo: Associated Newspapers of Ceylon, 2012.
DS493.53.G87 2012 Journalism & journeys. Kathmandu: Vajra Publications, 2012.
DS493.8.L35 2012 Lal, C. K. To be a Nepalese. Kathmandu: Martin Chautari, 2012.
DS528.2.R64 T6 2012 To host or to hurt: counter-narratives on Rohingya refugee issue in Bangladesh. Dhaka: Institute of Culture & Development Research, 2012.
G155.I4 J34 2012 Jafa, Navina. Performing heritage: art of exhibit walks. Los Angeles: Sage Publications Ltd, 2012.
G156.5.H47 I58 2012 Heritage and cultural routes: an anthology: 'global cultural routes: tourism and socio-economic viability'. New Delhi: Published by Shubhi Publications in association with Centre for Studies in Museology, University of Jammu, 2012.
G7652.I6P2 2011.V3 South India. Bangalore: Vasan Publications, [2011]
GN46.I4 D48 2012 Dimensions of anthropological research in India. Singh. Kolkata: Indian Anthropological Society, 2012.
GN635.I4 N38 2010 Tribal situation in India: a comparative perspective. New Delhi: Research India Press, 2013.
GN635.I4 S86 2012 Sundara Rao, Mopidevi. Socio-economic and living conditions of tribal women. Ambala City: Associated Publishers, 2012.
GN799.P4 G43 2012 Chandra, Amiya. Prehistoric art of India. New Delhi: Research India Press, 2012.
Quarto GN799.P4 V37 2012 Varma, Radhakant. Rock art of central India: north Vindhyan region: with special reference to Mirzapur and the adjoining regions in Uttar Pradesh and Baghelkhand in Madhya Pradesh. New Delhi: Aryan Books International, 2012.
Quarto GN851.L44 2012 Lee, Hoen Jai. Megalithic monuments in Asia. Delhi: Sharada Pub. House, 2012.
GN855.H56 H36 2012 Handa, Omacanda. Himalayan rock art. New Delhi: Pentagon Press, 2012.
GR305.7.B53 B43 2012 Bharath: an epic of the Dungri Bhils. Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages, 2012.
GR305.7.K45 N66 2012 Nonglait, G. Badaiasuklang L. Khasi folklorismus: a study of Khasi phawar, media and films. New Delhi: Academic Excellence, 2012.
Quarto GV697.S25 A35 2012 Sayeed-ur-Rabb, 1977-2012: a collection of newspaper articles & news selected by the Thikana Publications. Dhaka: Thikana Publications, 2012.
HB615.S558 2013 Singh, M. Kennedy. Socio-economic and cultural dimensions of entrepreneurship in North-East India. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2013.
HB3639.I53 2010 Population, reproductive and child health: perspectives and challenges. New Delhi: Serials Publications, 2012.
HC424.Z9 E5684 2012 Samarasinghe, Senaka Abhaya. Accelerated Mahaweli Development Programme: memoirs of a staffer. Colombo: Stamford Lake, 2012.
Quarto HC425.N472 2012 Nepal Economic Growth Agenda (NEGA): report, 2012. Kathmandu: Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industries: Samriddhi, the Prosperity Foundation, 2012.
HC427.95.T726 2012 Transformation and development: the political economy of transition in India and China. New Delhi; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.contents only ]--http://catdir.loc.gov/catdir/enhancements/fy1307/2013316089-t.html
HC430.6.S23 2012 SAARC: towards meaningful cooperation. Kathmandu: Centre for South Asian Studies, 2012.
HC435.2.F76 2012 From individual to community: issues in development studies: essays in memory of Malcolm Adiseshiah. New Delhi: Sage Pubns Pvt Ltd., 2012.
HC435.2.S666 2012 Srinivasa-Raghavan, T. C. A. On the Turnpike: Indian economy since 1947 & Indian economic service at 50. New Delhi: Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India: Academic Foundation, 2012.
HC435.3.S28 2013 Satyanarayana, G. Indian economy towards inclusive growth. New Delhi: New Century Publications, 2013.
HC435.3.S547 2013 Shyamroy, Bedprakash. State planning: a handbook. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2013.
HC435.3.S55 2013 Shinde, Rajendra Y. Economic development through Gram Swarojgar Yojana. Jaipur: ABD Publishers, c2013.
Quarto HC435.3.S86 2011 Millennium development goals: the Indian journey. New Delhi: Allied Publishers, c2011.
HC440.I4 I69 2011 Inventive Indians: 23 great stories of change. New Delhi: Published by Nimby Books in association with Westland, 2011.
Quarto HC440.P6 M55 2011 Millennium development goals and India: cases assessing performance, prospects and challenges. New Delhi: Allied Publishers, c2011.
HC440.8.R34 2012 Rahman, A. T. R. . Can Bangladesh be a middle income country within a decade?: a study in Bangladesh's growth prospects. Dhaka: The University Press, 2012.
Quarto HC440.8.S584 2012 The Sixth Five Year Plan of Bangladesh and performance evaluation of public sector enterprises: a case study of Kushtia Sugar Mills Limited. [Rajshahi: Rajshahi University, 2012].
HD929.T53 D48 2012 Development transitions: land, labor and social policy in Tibet. Kathmandu: Published by Himal Books for the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies and Social Science Baha, 2012.
HD1415.M346 2012 Mathew, Santhosh. WTO, agricultural subsidies, and the media: an analysis of reporting issues of global negotiations in the European and Indian. New Delhi: Heritage Publishers, 2012.
Quarto HD1698.B35 S445 2011 Sector development plan (FY 2011-25): water supply and sanitation sector in Bangladesh. Dhaka: Policy Support Unit, Local Govt. Division, Ministry of Local Govt., Rural Development and Cooperatives, Govt. of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, 2011.
HD1698.S64 D58 2012 Diverting the flow: gender equity and water in South Asia. New Delhi: Zubaan, 2012.
HD6072.2.I42 C446 2012 Prakasam, S. Domestic woman-workers in India: with special reference to Chandigarh. Delhi: Shipra Publications, 2012.
HD6190.S55 R69 2012 Roy, Mowsume Bose. Women in handicrafts industry: a study of Sikkim. New Delhi: Mittal Publications, 2012.
Quarto HD7287.6.I42 B668 2011 The chawls of Mumbai: galleries of life. Gurgaon: ImprintOne, c2011.
HD9685.I42 K86 2012 Kumar Alok. Electricity sector in India: policy and regulation. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2012.
HF3789.R33 S53 2013 Trade and commerce in Western Rajputana: a study of four princely states of Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Sirohi: 1818 -- 1900 A.D. Jaipur: Literary Circle, 2013.
HF6161.B4 A48 2012 Amul's India: based on 50 years of Amul advertising by DaCunha Communications. Noida: Collins Business, 2012.
HG187.I4 E26 2013 The economic and social issues of financial liberalization: evidence from emerging countries. Delhi: Bookwell, 2013.
HG221.B5725 2013 Bhardwaj, Brij. Black money: created through smuggling and counterfeiting to fund terrorism. New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications, 2013.
HG1235.P245 2012 Patel, I. G. Of economics, policy, and development: an intellectual journey. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2012.
HG1290.T53 B47 2012 Bertsch, Wolfgang. The paper currency of Tibet. Lalitpur: Thyaka Research Centre, 2012.
HG2039.I4 K36 2012 Kanda, Mohan. 'Not by others' hands': an anthology of a century of credit cooperatives in India: a tribute to the cooperative movement in the international year of cooperation, 2012. New Delhi: Global Research Publications, 2012.
HG2051.I52 H567 2012 Sharma, Devinder. Rural credit disparities in Himachal Pradesh. New Delhi: Kunal Books, 2012.
Quarto HG3270.8.A7 A14 2011 60th anniversary commemorative volume of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, 1950-2010. Colombo: Central Bank of Sri Lanka, 2011.
HG3284.B553 2011 Bhattacharyya, Hrishikes. Banking strategy, credit appraisal, and lending decisions: a risk-return framework. New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2011.
Quarto HG3290.6.A8 R35 2011 Khan, Md. Abdul Khaleque. Employment generation, poverty-reduction, and Sixth Five Year Plan, FY2011-FY 2015: role of Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank to implement the plan. [Dhaka, Bangladesh: Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank, 2011].
HN670.3.Z9 G56 2012 Globalisation and cultural practices in mountain areas: dynamics, dimensions, and implications. Gangtok: Sikkim University Press in association with Indus Pub. Co., New Delhi, 2012.
HN670.9.Z9 C6 2012 Working with the people: dalits, janajatis, women, children and elderly: empowering Himalayan communities, strengthening sustainable development and environment. Kathmandu: SEARCH-Nepal, 2012.
HN683.R44 2013 Reflections on history, society and social change in India. Darbhanga: Maharajadhiraja Kameshwar Singh Kalyani Foundation; Delhi: Daanish Books, 2013.
HN687.T69 2012 Towards just and equitable development: Durgabai Deshmukh memorial lectures. New Delhi: Konark Publishers in association with Council for Social Development, 2012.
HN690.W48 B439 2012 Bhattacharya, Manik. Decentralized participatory rural transformation: during left front government in West Bengal: an alternative to neo-liberal developmentalism. New Delhi: Shivalik Prakashan, 2012.
HN690.Z9 M26 2013 Social exclusion and inclusive development. New Delhi: Sunmarg Publishers & Distributors, 2013-
HN690.Z9 M3576 2012 Media and the new world order. Delhi: Wisdom Publications, 2012.
HN690.Z9 S62 2013 Internal conflicts: a four state analysis (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar). New Delhi: Vij Books India, c2013.
HN690.3.A8 K56 2012 Kinga, Sonam. Impact of reforms on Bhutanese social organization. Thimphu: Centre for Bhutan Studies, 2012.
HN690.6.M95 S54513 2012 Sikadara, Sunanda. A life long ago. New Delhi: Zubaan in collaboration with Penguin Books, 2012.
HQ792.B3 E27 2011 Early childhood development: a key to child rights. Dhaka: Early Concern: Manusher Jonno Foundation, 2011, c2010.
HQ1236.5.I4 A52 2012 Amer, Moamenla. Women's political status and engagement: a study of Nagaland. New Delhi: Akansha Pub. House, 2012.
HQ1236.5.I4 D49 2012 Dey, Paramita. Critical mass: women leadership in rural Assam. New Delhi: Northern Book Centre, 2012.
HQ1236.5.I4 N34 2012 Nagar, Richa. Eka aura nimasara: Sangatina atmamanthana aura andolana. Nai Dilli: Rajakamala Prakasana, 2012.
HQ1240.5.I4 E6678 2013 Empowerment of women in North East India: socio-economic perspectives. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2013.
HV11.8.I4 H93 2013 Hybridising theory and practice: social work towards meeting the challenges of global and local. New Delhi: Published for Dept. of Social Work, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University by Essential Books, 2013.
HV11.8.I4 S63 2012 Social work education in India. Bangalore: IBH Prakashana, 2012.
HV547.T36 2012 Tankha, Ajay. Banking on self-help groups: twenty years on. New Delhi: SAGE Publications, c2012.
HV887.N35 J43 2012 Jean-Christophe, Ryckmans. The street children of Nepal: "anthroposociological study of social, cultural and communicational practices". [Kathmandu]: CPCS International, 2012.
HV2093.M66 M66 2012 Monga, Preeti. The other senses: an inspiring true story of a visually impaired women and her road to success. New Delhi: Lustre Press: Roli Books, 2012.
HV6250.4.W65 C725 2012 Crime and women. New Delhi: Concept Pub. Co., 2012.
HV6541.I5 A37 2013 Agrawal, Sutapa. Active and passive elimination of girl child. New Delhi: Axis Books, 2013.
Quarto HV7434.N35 O57 2011 Onslow, Charlotte. Public security & justice in Nepal: building a constructive role for youth: lessons learned. Lalitpur: International Alert, 2011.
JQ98.A58 B85 2012 Building bridges and promoting people to people interaction in South Asia. Kathmandu: Centre for South Asian Studies, 2012.
JQ265.C38 2012 Caudhuri, Tridiba. Tridib Chaudhuri in parliament: a commemorative volume. New Delhi: Lok Sabha Secretariat, 2012.
JQ620.K4765 N35 2013 Nair, Ramchandran. Democracy and power: electoral politics in Kerala. New Delhi: Manak Publications, 2013.
Quarto JV8510.F67 2011 Foreign employment for economic growth. Kathmandu: Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation, 2011.
KNS2468.M873 2011 Muralidharan, Y. G. Lokpal: the law in the making. Bangalore: Navakarnataka Publications, 2011.
KNS4180.N39 2013 Nawal, Nitu. Domestic violence against women: legal protection, legislative and judicial aspects. New Delhi: Regal Publications, c2013.
KPS1760.S65 2012 The Sri Lankan Republic at 40: reflections on constitutional history, theory and practice. Colombo: Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2012.
Quarto LA1153.V773 2012 Vrsabhaprasadajaina. Status of growth and development of higher education in India. New Delhi: Association of Indian Universities, 2012.
LA1162.B75 2011 A brief account on the policy context regarding primary education in Nepal. Kathmandu: National Campaign for Education-Nepal, 2011.
Quarto LA1167.S43 2011 Second Primary Education Development Program: program completion report. [Dhaka?]: Second Primary Education Development Program, 2011.
LA2383.I42 N35 2011 Nair, K. R. G. Road not taken: memoirs of a university teacher in the newly emerging second world. Delhi: Book Age Publications, 2011.
Quarto LB1577.B4 A38 2011 Aktar, Md. Murshid. Context analysis of early primary grade Bangla language education. Dhaka: Room to Read, 2011.
LC157.N35 H68 2011 Household-based literacy survey, 2011: literacy survey in Makwanpur, Rupandehi, and Rasuwa. Kathmandu: UNESCO Office in Kathmandu, 2011.
N7300.K47 2011 Kerala green: an artists' camp for South Asian countries: Estuary Islands, Kerala, February 16-23, 2011. [New Delhi]: [Indian Council for Cultural Relations], [2011].
Quarto N7302.K53 2012 Khanna, Himani. Art and architecture of Post-Gupta period: central India. Delhi: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, 2012.
N7310.8.B3 C68 2011 The country of rising sadness. Dhaka, Bangladesh: Samdani, 2011.
N7483.B32 R53 2012 Bartholomew, Richard. Richard Bartholomew, the art critic. Noida: BART, 2012.
Quarto N8193.2.K75 2012 Krishan, Y. The Buddha image: its origin and development. New Delhi: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, 2012.
Folio NA1502.M53 2011 Michell, George. Mughal architecture & gardens. Mumbai: Shoestring Publisher, c2011.
Quarto NA1507.D4 I85 2012 Islamic architecture of Delhi. Delhi: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, 2012.
Quarto NA6008.S57 S53 2012 Sharma, A. K. Ancient temples of Sirpur. Delhi: B.R. Pub. Corp., 2012.
Quarto NA9252.D4 A23 2011 Akalank's Delhi Master Plan, 1962. New Delhi: Akalank Publications, 2011.
ND1005.P356 2011 Paintings and sculptures of 10 Indian contemporary artists. Ahmedabad: Nexus Art, 2011.
Quarto ND1337.I5 B43 2012 Bharti, Shalini. Female attire in miniature painting: with special reference of Rajasthan. Jaipur: Literary Circle, 2012.
Quarto ND2829.A4 T35 2013 Talim, M. V. Ajanta paintings: unidentified & misinterpreted. Delhi: Buddhist World Press, 2013.
Quarto P115.5.N4 M85 2011 Multilingual education in Nepal: hearsay and reality?: a report. Kathmandu: UNESCO, 2011.
P306.T73 2012 Translation, bilingualism, and pedagogy: possibilities, potentials, pitfalls. New Delhi: Creative Books, 2012.
Folio PK1718.I8 Z75 2011 Kazi Nazrul Islam, the rebel poet: a pictorial biography. Dhaka: Nazrul Institute, 2011.
PK1718.R3119 A2 2012 Ray, Satyajit. Classic Satyajit Ray. New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2012.
PK1825.P36 2011 Pandey, A. K. Inflections in diaspora Bhojpuri. Patna: Janaki Prakashan, 2011.
PK2659.D483 Z4613 2012 Dila, Lala Singha. Poet of the revolution: the memoirs and poems of Lal Singh Dil. New Delhi: Viking, 2012.
PK2837.D57 2012 Disanayaka, J. B. Encyclopaedia of Sinhala language and culture. [Kalubowila]: Sumitha Publishers; Colombo: Distributed by Vijitha Yapa Bookshop, 2012.
Quarto PK2903.W67 2012 Visvavara = Sanskrit for human survival: 15th World Sanskrit Conference, New Delhi, January, 2012. New Delhi: Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, 2012.
PK4503.G35 2012 Gair, James W. Dhamma samgaho: an introduction to Pali literature. Colombo: S. Godage & Brothers, 2012.
PK7031.M35 2013 Malik, Ghulam Rasool. Kashmiri culture and literature: some glimpses. Srinagar: Jaykay Books, 2013.
PL4001.M315 W46 2012 Who's who of Manipuri writers . Imphal: Writers' Forum Imphal, 2012.
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PL4758.9.C52375 A61 2012 Civakami. The taming of women. New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2012.
PN2884.M84 2013 Muffled voices: women in modern Indian theatre. New Delhi: Har-Anand Publications, 2013.
PR9420.9.H37 P83 2012 Haq, Kaiser. Published in the streets of Dhaka: collected poems: with new poems including "Ode on the lungi". Dhaka: The University Press, 2012.
PR9492.2.I53 2013 The Indian English novel today. New Delhi: Authorspress, 2013.
PR9492.515.P37 2012 Parsee voices in Indian fiction in English. Nagpur: Dattsons, 2012.
PR9495.7 T46 2013 Ten: the new Indian poets. New Delhi: Nirala Publications, 2013.
PR9570.N43 K37 2011 Karki, Manan. The memory of leaves. Kathmandu: Llareggub Press, 2011.
PS3608.O832 A53 2013 Hosseini, Khaled. And the mountains echoed. New York: Riverhead Books, 2013.
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R608.5.G66 A3 2012 Goonaratne, Walter R. Golden memories and silver tears. [Dehiwela, Sri Lanka?: Walter R. Goonaratne?], 2012.
RA564.5.A24 2012 Acharya, Sanghmitra. Youth in development discourse: policy issues and health needs for transition to adulthood in India and the Philippines. Delhi: Academic Publications: Distributor, Kiran Book Service, 2012.
SD646.O7 S27 2013 Sarap, Kailas. Participatory forest management in Odisha: implementation, outcomes and livelihood impacts. Delhi: Bookwell, 2013.
Quarto TD103.A1 M85 2012 Mukerjee, Aniruddhe. Sanitation sector financing in India. New Delhi: WaterAid; Delhi: India Wash Forum, 2012.
Quarto TR103.D49 2013 Dewan, Deepali. Raja Deen Dayal: artist-photographer in 19th-century India. New Delhi: Alkazi Collection of Photography in association with Mapin Pub., Ahmedabad, 2013.
TR647.L636 2011 Lockwood, Ian. Paths to the peak: ecology, landscape, and culture on Sri Lanka's sacred mountain: an exhibition of photographs. Colombo: Barefoot Gallery, [2011]
TT848.5.V55 2013 Vijaya Ramaswamy. The song of the loom: weaver folk traditions in South India. Delhi: Primus Books, 2013.
Quarto TT919.7.P182 H376 2012 Nayan, Sujeet. Techno-typological study of Harappan pottery: with special reference to Saraswati Valley. Patna: Janaki Prakashan, 2012.
TX724.5.B3 Z36 2012 Zaman, Niaz. Bosha bhat to biryani: the legacy of Bangladeshi cuisine. Dhaka: The University Press, 2012.
UA840.K823 2012 Kumar, Manoj. Resource optimisation through environmental leadership. New Delhi: KW Publishers in association with Centre for Air Power Studies, 2012.

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