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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

South Asia Courses Spring 2016

South Asian Topics

Contemporary Indian Dance 2 (DNCE 3312 Section 001): Ananya Chatterjea

Writing Self and the Nation: Modern Literature from Indian Subcontinent (ALL 3637W Section 001):  Suvadip Sinha

Survey of India: Languages, Literature, and Films (ALL 3673 Section 001):  Sungok Hong

Topics: Ghosts of India (ALL 3920 Section 001):  Suvadip Sinha

Topics: Caste, Race, and Indigeneity (GEOG 8980 Section 001): Richa Nagar

South Asian Languages

Beginning Hindi-Urdu (HNUR 1012, HNUR 4002): Sungok Hong

Intermediate Hindi-Urdu (HNUR 3022, HNUR 4004): Sungok Hong

Hindi-Urdu Teaching Tutorial (HNUR 3290): Sungok Hong

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